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Thursday, October 4, 2018
Episode 13,437
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chloe leaves another message for Lucas. Eric enters the club and starts to ask something, then sees she is upset. She is worried about Bonnie but asks what he needs. To contact Nicole! He is desperate. Alas Chloe has nothing on Nicole ... As she sits at the square café with Victor, Maggie remembers lying to Eric about not knowing where Nicole was, then calling her about it. Back to reality. Victor grumbles about the bad martini and complains their home is too chaotic with noisy Susan sponging. He also hates Gabi being there and keeps grumbling about the strangers at the Kiriakis castle ... Chad gets upset when Gabi claims Stefan said he has seen signs of Gabby. Meanwhile Abigail wants Stefan to leave but he is staying until he speaks to Gabby ... At the hospital Sami resists arrest. Eli explains Stefan made a complaint she broke into the mansion to find Kristen. Sami snaps he should be searching for Kristen. Eli cuffs her for not respecting the judge’s order ... Miraculous Marlena remembers. John wonders. She has had a fuzzy flashback. Before the shot there was something. He suggests she focus ... Chad demands Gabi update him on what exactly Stefan said about his wife. Gabi acts indignant Stefan went to see Abigail. He claimed she summoned him, then acted confused when he came. Chad believes she did intend to text JJ. Gabi states Stefan ... so Chad stops her. He angrily gathers Stefan believed Gabby texted him ... Stefan thinks Gabby texted him earlier and tells Abigail. She denies it but he declares Gabby is coming out cos she wants HIM.

Sami blasts Eli for missing the boat as she believes Kristen locked her in the secret room. She offers Eli information on how to get down to the tunnels and tells him to check it out. She needs to be free to find Marlena. Eli is bewildered ... John thinks Marlena going back and telling the story of what she sees will help cos that is how she does it with her patients! Marlena recounts Kristen stating Sami should shoot John, how Sami pointed the gun. All eyes were on Sami and Eric jumped her to stop her. Then in a split second she saw another gun faaaaar behind ... Eric updates Chloe on Brady blackmailing Nicole but does not say what it was about. He needs to find her ... Victor perceives Maggie is preoccupied and assumes it is about all the house guests. She sighs it is something else. She lied to Eric she knew not where Nicole was. The Greek gets surprised. The redhead explains Nicole gives her updates on Holly but only as long as she does not reveal her whereabouts. Victor respects his wife, the woman of her word. He calls it a white lie but she feels for Eric. Brady made her leave him. She wonders why and asks Victor for his input. He cannot lie and admits he knows the whole sordid story ... Eli reminds Sami that Marlena is in her room. Sami warns the charges will not stick since she did not even pull the trigger and agrees to do things his way ... Marlena informs John she saw someone behind the bushes across the square with a gun. The shot came from far away. She cries her daughter did not do it ...

Back at the club, Chloe hears all about Jen and Eric breaking up. She is sorry and wonders what this all means for him and Nicole. Eric pauses ... Maggie is appalled by what Brady did, having heard the whole sinister story from Victor. He delighted in destroying his brother! He also updates her on why Nicole knifed Deimos and admits he had to stay silent since Brady obstructed justice. They both wonder whether Eric is aware of Victor’s involvement. He growls if so, he is gonna get in big trouble ... Chad sighs Abigail might fear she has had a setback. Gabi pretends to blame Stefan. Chad hates how he brags about her being pregnant with his baby and plans to be there for her. But Stefan could be right about one thing. Gabby could be back ... Abigail accuses Stefan of wanting Gabby back. He claims he wants to help Abigail as he cares only about her emotional health for their baby’s sake. When he starts to call Chad she stops him and confesses she is missing time again. He suspected as much ... Marlena wishes she would remember the real shooter’s face. John takes out the gun Kristen left behind. Marlena states she said it was the one she gave to Sami. John can take it to the police lab. She urges him to go now. He assures her he has an ISA guard outside, kisses her and goes ... Gabi condescendingly praises Abigail. Chad complains she conceived when she was an alter. He feels Gabby might fight to come back to give birth. And Stefan is making things worse. He sighs him moving out must have been hard for her to deal with and vows to get to the bottom of things ... Abigail tells Stefan how she was asleep and missed the picnic. All she recalls is waking up. He asks if she did not want to go. She wanted to. He notes Gabby would not want her to get back with Chad. She explains she was on her way to a shrink today. He wants to come with ...

John finds furious Sami at the station in a room and comes clean about having Hattie replace doc so the directive would not kill her. Sami is overwhelmed. He gushes she came out of the coma and Sami hugs him. She notes he must not want her near her mom but John knows she was not the one who shot her ... Gabi talks Chad out of calling confused Abigail. She suggests he look for clues that Gabby could be back instead and remembers planting the dark wig. Chad will head to the house while Abigail is at her appointment. Gabi sweetly suggests she watch Thomas so he thanks her and walks out ... Abigail refuses to let Stefan come and accuses him of wanting to see Gabby. He promises not to tell Chad anything and she realizes that is a threat ... Eric implores Chloe to help him. Alas she knows nothing about Nicole now. He sighs Maggie knew nothing either ... Maggie feels for poor Eric. Victor urges her to keep out of the mess and say nothing to no one. She admits she already called Nicole, who asked her not to reveal her whereabouts to Eric. But she sounded scared. Perhaps she should tell Eric. Victor agrees to support her whatever she should decide ... Chad enters the dark Horton house and looks around. No one is home so he heads upstairs ...

Eli arrives and confirms that the gun Sami was holding could not have fired the shot. John and Sami are elated ... Meanwhile Marlena keeps striving to remember ... Abigail arrives at the hospital with Stefan, who suggests she speak with Marlena, who is now recovering. If Gabby is back they will deal with it together ... Chad enters the tidy pretty bedroom and starts to search. After opening a few drawers, he crouches down and comes across the dark wig under the bed ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor is furious to find Gabi in his living room for she does not have the run of his house. She snaps to speak to Sonny so he leaves to do just that. She sulks no one is going to be able to bring her down cos she is unstoppable ... Chloe's messages to Nicole are always ignored. Eric assumes all is lost and she has a new phone. Maggie appears and announces she lied, she does know where Nicole is and she is going to help him!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 4