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Monday, October 9, 2017
Episode 13,186
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve wants a dance with Kayla at the empty pub. They slow dance to loving the woman she is ... At the loft Tripp is playing a game while listening to Claire's sweet song. She arrives with Theo all smiles he knows the words. He praises her voice, then asks about the wedding. Claire casually states it was crashed by a killer ... Hope shows Ben the photo of Clyde cos they know he visited his son while on the run. Ben plays it cool. She wonders what he said. Was it about Will? ... Victor wants bickering Brady and Sonny to stop and warns they will not use anything against Titan ... Nicole comes in from the rain and confronts Eric. She refuses to let his wet self run away from Salem because of her ... Brady insists Titan needs one strong leader and disagrees it could be Sonny. Sonny reminds Brady he helped Nicole kidnap a kid. And so it goes. Sonny reminds Vic that he stayed at the company to run things while Brady ran off with Nicole. Victor gives Brady a long look ... Eric places a blanket around Nicole and she gets him to confess he left cos he loves her. In fact he never stopped. They soap stare with longing ... Brady states Nicole's daughter was snatched from her, hence his need to help her. Enter Paul with news for Sonny on Marlena and Ben. Sonny stands and waits with bated breath ... Ben tells Hope he remembers little about Clyde. Hope has an idea cos she knows Marlena helped him. Ben still believes he strangled Will. Hope suggests Clyde told him otherwise. What did he say about Will? Ben pauses ...

The song ends at the pub. Kayla sighs and sits at a table. Steve sits too. He asks this baby in the pink sweater what is on her mind. Their visit with Joe tomorrow, whether to tell him about the crashed wedding. Steve says he is tough and would want the truth. Kayla agrees to be open with him and sadly recalls Steve was not so open with her about Tripp ... Claire updates Tripp on Ben the loon suggesting to Sonny that Will was alive. Claire sure hopes it is true. Theo believes Hope will be able to find out ... Ben admits Clyde gave a name that made him assume he was sister Jordan. Clyde claimed he wanted to see his son. Ben wondered why. To tell him he would get him out and help him get his son. Hope asks Ben to continue and reminds him Chad is the father of Thomas. Ben screams to stop trying to make him feel even more miserable. She gets back to the Will story ... Thunder booms outside. Inside Nicole whispers he loves her? Eric whispers he does and is sorry for the inconvenience. He could not bring himself to fire her as Brady wanted. Nicole notes so he sacrificed his own life but the center needs him! She gasps how important he is, how special. He is sorry but stands firm. He shall not return. She offers to leave instead. He bellows he could not bear to see her in Salem with Brady. She suggests he ignore her. Impossible! She begs him to stay and weeps how wrong this is. He blinks back tears of torment as the thunder continues and whispers how much he loves her ... Sonny is surprised Clyde went to see Ben and seemed to say something about Will ... Hope slowly asks Ben to tell her exactly what happened ... Ben remembers questioning whether he would be the best father for Thomas. He referred to killing three in cold blood. Clyde had whispered only two ... Hope asks about that and Ben recalls Clyde claiming he had killed Page and Serena but NOT Will. BOOM!

Back at the loft Tripp asks Theo to play but he is not interested. Claire is in the other room. Theo asks if Tripp did not attend the wedding cos Claire was his date and he wants her. Tripp tells him he is not immature and will only say he was trying to help Claire when he acted interested. He gushes how great she is and notes she is Theo's girlfriend. He steps away and Claire emerges, agreeing with what he said. She thanks Tripp for helping them ... Steve is bewildered. Kayla accuses him of avoiding discussing Tripp. He explains he does not want to make her sad since the only son he shares with her is locked up. Kayla wants to know why Tripp avoided the wedding. She suspects Steve asked him to stay away. He admits he was trying not to upset her. Kayla is furious he considers her fragile. Steve tells her Tripp thought of it on his own. Kayla is mad he makes it sound like she does not want his son around and tells him to stop it ... Hope sadly states Will's body was found and he was buried at St Luke's cemetery. She asks Ben to continue regardless. He remembers telling Clyde and crying he had to kill him with the necktie cos he was onto him. Clyde claimed things were not as they seemed. But then their time was up and he had to leave. He promised to tell Ben more when he got him out. Back to the now. Ben laments that was the last time he saw Clyde ... Victor suggests Sonny head to the station with Paul for more information. He reminds him family is not the enemy. Sonny scoffs and Brady scoffs about Sonny scoffing. Speaking of family. Once the pair depart Brady grumbles his family Nicole should have been home by now ...

Eric assures Nicole he will survive. She cries she was a fool to let him go for Lucas all those years ago. The money changed nothing in her heart and she regretted it! She now wonders whether he stayed away from Salem all those years to escape her. More thunder comes crashing down around them as the rain passionately pours and their eyes meet ... Hope emerges at the station and updates Sonny and Paul on what Ben said about Clyde. Paul suspects Clyde was trying to make Ben believe he had not killed Will but Sonny and Hope note he would not have only singled out Will ... Brady sends Nicole another message and assures doubtful Victor that she is simply running late due to the weather ... Nicole remembers how Eric ran off to Africa, then became a priest. He was always on her mind. He says the same of her and sadly adds he knows his love is not returned. The tormented pair soap stare for a long moment in time ... Steve apologizes to his baby. She loves that he wants to protect her. However now it is hard to open her heart to Tripp. He gets it. She gets this is bigger than the both of them cos Tripp counts just as much as Joe. Steve promises not to second guess his sweetness again. He feels lucky and she gushes he is. Then they kiss and she whispers she too is lucky ... Theo appreciates they have a good friend in Tripp, who smiles and leaves them alone. Claire feels frisky. Theo kisses her ...

Brady paces and sniffles at the Kiriakis mansion as he waits for Nicole. Victor suggests she is with Eric. Brady snaps he left town and stares into space ... Eric woefully hopes Nicole sees where he is coming from. She wonders why Brady wanted to make him leave. Eric explains he loves her but Nicole talks respect. She recounts how many times Eric has saved her, how he saved her and Holly from Xander. Where would she be without him? They get closer and she breathes he is her best friend. He breathes he will always hold her close to his heart when he has gone. She whispers what if she does not want him to go and his eyes flicker ... Claire and Theo get romantic at the loft and head for the bedroom ... Sonny wants to see Ben but Hope stops him. She suspects that is all he has. Paul asks if Clyde knows more. Hope suggests they find out what he has to say. Paul wonders what if he refuses to talk to them but Sonny knows someone he will listen to ... Brady angrily wonders where Nicole is ... Eric gasps to go and takes Nicole's face in his hands. He warns he will do something they both regret. She gasps like what and returns his HOT PASSIONATE KISS.


All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 9