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Friday, October 6, 2017
Episode 13,185
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad whirls around his beautiful Mrs. DiMera at the mansion. They kiss in bliss ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor hopes Brady is not losing his sobriety over a woman like Nicole ... At the square cafe Chloe informs Nicole that Eric left Salem on account of her. Both Eric and Brady entrusted her but Nicole deserves the truth! Nicole blinks and waits ... At the park Eli and Gabi are kissing on the lips. Ahem! Tis Rafe, who confronts the cad ... At the station Sonny and Paul appeal to Marlena to help them to get through to Ben and find out what he knows. The blonde pauses. Sonny feels her pain. She too wants the truth. Paul points out Will died and Ben is out to ruin things. Sonny, on the other hand, senses Will could be alive. Marlena agrees to try ... Brady sniffles and admits to Victor he does not wish to lose his sobriety. The Greek tycoon tells him to get hold of himself. He assumed he was alright. Brady babbles about Eric leaving town. Victor suggests he stop feeling guilty over getting what he wants ... Chloe claims she knows something big. Nicole knows Eric left cos of her. In his last letter he wrote it was a good time for him to go since things had worked out. Chloe believes he gave up Nicole. He left cos he LOVES her. Still. Eric spilled the beans to her! Nicole is at a loss. Chloe tells her he was torn. Nicole is confused and now finds out Brady knew ... Gabi and Rafe argue about her being with Eli. Rafe suggests she is stressed since Chad married Abigail. Gabi states it did not happen. Rafe replies they were actually wed an hour ago ... Chad asks Abigail if they can cancel their Australian honeymoon. She agrees it would be the wrong time. She loves what a good friend he is and feels for Sonny. Chad sighs Sonny and Paul seem to be in limbo ... John joins Marlena and is surprised to hear she will be helping Paul and Sonny. Paul steps away to tell him the latest and also so that Sonny and Marlena may speak alone. Marlena wants Sonny to know she was happy to hear he was marrying Paul. Sonny sighs he feels guilty cos Will is gone and he was too hard on him, abandoned him. Will died believing he no longer loved him. Marlena begs to differ. Will believed they would get back together. Sonny whispers he would give anything to tell him cos Will was the love of his life. He secretly hopes he will be able to tell him. Hope and an officer bring handcuffed Ben in, who grins the gang is here. John eyes him with the utmost suspicion ...

Ben taunts Will could have crashed the party. John holds back Paul and asks Marlena if she is sure. She is. John stands by Paul as Hope muses it is up to Marlena now. Marlena is soon with Ben in a room asking why he spoke of Will. He lays his head on the table and notes he had good news for Sonny that the real love of his life was alive. It was a big risk but Marlena questions his timing as the wedding was about to happen. He screams he is not a monster unless one considers what he did before. But he did not vanish after Bayview, he risked it all for Will's loved ones. He rages they were ingrates so to hell with them all! A cop opens the door and Marlena shoos him away. She is not finished with Ben yet ... Meanwhile Chad and Abigail marvel how they have come a long way baby. They kiss again ... Victor thinks Brady did what he had to, making Eric leave but Brady is a wreck. Victor wants him to be a man and move on cos he won! Brady admits he likes that part but feels badly about playing dirty ... Chloe comes clean to Nicole that she slipped up to Brady about Eric still being in love with Nicole. Nicole notes he did nothing. Chloe sighs he did something but Eric chose to leave town instead of firing her as ordered. Nicole appreciates Chloe's honesty. Chloe wonders what comes next ...

Back at the park Gabi says good for Chad and Abigail to Rafe. She assures him it matters not but Rafe refuses to stop protecting her and acts like Eli was taking advantage. Gabi asks to be left alone. But she wants Rafe to leave! He does and Eli offers to go as well. She apologizes for Rafe. Eli gets it. Is she alright about Abigail and Chad? ...Chad asks Mrs. DiMera if there is anything she would like to do. Head upstairs and spend the night together. Her wish is his command ... John is with Paul, who is convinced Will is dead. John wonders what if Ben speaks the truth ... Ben commends Marlena for keeping her cool. She suspects his rage stemmed from guilt and sits on the table. She whispers she watched him in the church and his face revealed his remorse and regret over harming Will. He denies it. She knows they were friends and Will was good to him. Ben calls himself a lost cause. Marlena asks him for some answers but Ben tells her not to waste her time. But he is willing to start. It seems on some level she has reached him ...

Nicole now feels like a fool. She asks Chloe to look after Holly and departs to do something. Chloe fears she will confront Brady for his deception ... Brady is on a biz call about marketing employees he wants back. Sonny storms in and blasts him for making unilateral decisions. Victor enters and he insists Victor remind him HE is CEO. But Brady refuses to give the power back. The Greek tycoon looks fed up ... Paul sincerely believes Ben is a psycho who will not succeed. He tells worried John he will not let Ben Weston ruin his and Sonny's relationship ... Marlena asks Ben how Will could be alive. He claims not to know. Did he see him alive? No. However he knows he survived. She asks how he knows. Did someone else tell him? Silence. She repeats the question and he replies YES. Who was it? A voice in his head? No it was someone very real. Someone who visited him. She asks who and his eyes fill with tears. Tears for fears ... Rafe returns to the station. Hope updates him on Marlena meeting with Ben. She also heard Abe's idea for his new partner. Eli Grant. Rafe assumes it is a bad joke. Marlena emerges from the room and admits to Paul and John she has enough. She thinks with a little assistance she will be able to finally make sense of Ben's story ...

Gabi assures Eli he is not taking advantage and lets him know he did not overstep ... Meanwhile Chad slowly unbuttons Abigail's gown as they give into their candlelight passion ... Gabi gushes she got through the day thanks to Eli and she liked his kiss. He agrees to take it slow and also liked the kiss. Time to walk her home ... Abigail and shirtless Chad bask in the afterglow. They vow to stay together forever and seal the deal with a kiss ... Paul is relieved and John praises Marlena for her hunch. Hope is inside with Ben now, probing him about his visitor in Bayview who may have had an alias. She now shows him a file and suggests it was his father. Big bad Clyde, who was photographed in a cap on the hospital surveillance camera ... Sonny and Brady rage to Victor about which one should be Titan CEO. He eyes them both ... There is a storm in the countryside. Eric opens his door to Nicole and their eyes lock, but will he let her come in from the rain?


All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 6