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Thursday, October 5, 2017
Episode 13,184
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lucas staggers into what would have been a wedding reception and helps himself to the champagne, whistling. Helloooooooo. Chloe now sees the sign says Doug's Place and fumes. She walks in and Lucas wonders where the party is ... At the square Brady notes to Nicole that Ben said a sick lie about Will that ruined Sonny and Paul's happily ever after. She pouts about it too as she pushes the baby carriage ... Eric is trying to prepare for a storm in the country when Roman calls. It is about Will ... At the park Gabi cannot comprehend why crazy Ben would lie Will is alive. Eli wonders whether it just might be true ... At the Kiriakis mansion as Paul watches Sonny informs Justin they would like Will's body exhumed for closure. Alas the legal eagle cannot help ... Back at the new improved albeit empty club Lucas refuses to give Chloe his bottle and threatens to chicken dance. He also refuses her offer to escort him home. Lucas babbles until Chloe announces the wedding did not even happen ... Justin disagrees with the idea and tells Sonny since he and Will were legally separated he has no right to dig up his remains. Sonny's handsome hopeful face falls. He forgot there was paperwork filed. Now what? Justin notes there would need to be compelling evidence but they only have Ben's word. Paul mutters about him being a madman. Sonny asks who would be Will's next of kin. Mama Sami and Papa Lucas. Sonny looks at Paul ... Lucas wants an explanation and turns down Chloe's coffee. He suspects Sonny dropped Paul the way he did Will. Chloe tells him they are still together just not married but Abigail and Chad did marry after the mayhem. Ben showed up and stopped their wedding. Lucas wonders how. By claiming Will was alive. Chloe now has his full attention ...

Brady ends a call with a curse, complaining how hard it is to hire back Sonny's fires. Some were put off by Sonny's attitude. Nicole tells him to try and work with him. Brady scoffs. Nicole notes what a hard time Sonny must be having and assures Brady she is on his side. Always. He is the only one that she wants. He hugs her and scowls ... Eric asks Roman whether Sami knows. Roman notes no one has had a reason to tell her so far and reminds him he is here. He just wanted him to know. Eric gasps to take care. Roman says the same to his son ... Nicole knows something is bugging Brady. He feigns fatigue. She notes how his wedding speech was about fighting for love and felt he was referring to them. Brady blinks and remembers his run-in with Eric about him wanting Nicole. Back to reality. Nicole senses he has something to say ... Gabi gasps she found Will and he was not alive. Flashback to her finding his lifeless form at the apartment and screaming. She cries she could not save her best friend, her baby's father and they never even got to say goodbye. Ben robbed them! Eli is sympathetic. She cries her daughter used to cry at night for Will but now knows he will not be back. Eli consoles her and calls her a great mom. She states she would have slugged Ben if Abigail had not beaten her to it. But now the grief is here again and they all know Will is never coming back. She breaks down on his shoulder ... Lucas rages about Ben and tries to sober up. It cannot be! He takes off to get straight answers. Chloe tries to follow him ... Brady does not want to lose Nicole and gives her a needy kiss. Then he apologizes for being a bore. Nicole loves him for better for worse. He loves her too and appreciates her understanding. Now he is off to deal with the Titan fires and kisses her before walking away. Nicole watches him and remembers almost kissing Eric at the center. Felt like old times. The baby fusses and Nicole believes she sees Eric from behind. He has not left her mind and he never will. But that was not him! She picks up her pink baby and admits she misses Eric. Perhaps it is best he left. Now she, Holly, Tate and Brady can be a happy family. But she is not smiling ...

Back at the park bench, Gabi complains to Eli about growing up without a father and how she had a sister called Page, who was taken too soon when Ben killed her. Eli is so sorry. She wishes Ari still had Will for family means everything. She mentions Eli's dad and he laments the loss of his biological father. He found out his mom was twice a parent compared to others and suspects Ari will say the same about her ... Justin excuses himself to go to Adrienne and assures Sonny he is on his side. Sonny cannot give up and tells Paul he has to do whatever it takes to find out the truth about Will. He needs to see if Will is the body in his grave. Lucas walks in and grumbles what is the meaning of people saying his late son is alive ... Eli holds Gabi's hands and notes he had no chance to dance with her at the reception. She muses she cannot move in the tight dress. He offers to walk her home but she teases she has training in self-defense thanks to him. He suggests another lesson and takes her arms. Their eyes lock. Practice makes perfect ... Chloe admires pretty Holly who is sitting with Nicole at the square. They discuss the wedding drama and Chloe updates her on boozing Lucas taking the news badly. Nicole sighs at least Brady is sober. Chloe looks down and she deduces Brady too has fallen off the wagon ... Brady sits at the pub and asks Roman for a club soda. But deep down he really wants a stiff one ...

Lucas is upset about when happened but knows Sonny loved Will. Sonny explains why he and Paul want him exhumed. He asks for his father's approval. Lucas, however, refuses to let him remove his son's remains ... Eli tells Gabi to try the new move on him so she throws him to the ground with gusto. Oops ... Brady remembers overhearing Eric and Nicole having a moment and needs a drink even more. Roman gives him a club soda and brings up Ben. Brady is sorry about what went down. Roman wishes he had been there to beat him to a pulp and wonders how he got out of Bayview. Brady believes it was an inside job and feels for Paul and Sonny. Roman praises Paul and Brady grins he is a good guy. Roman now wonders why other brother Eric left Salem so suddenly for the farm ... Chloe fibs she only saw Brady drinking water and asks Nicole how things are. Nicole notes Eric quit the Horton Center and left town ... Lucas blasts Sonny for trying to get his hopes up but his son is dead. He saw him at the morgue and no booze will ever wipe the image from his memory. Sonny is sorry. Lucas refuses to fail Will in death the way he did in life and demands he be left in peace Then he storms out. Sonny soap stares at Paul ...

Lucas cries outside the Kiriakis door, heartbroken. Inside Paul offers to go after him. Sonny sighs he is right and they should accept Will is gone. Paul has an idea. He knows someone else who might be on their side ... Eli gets up as Gabi apologizes. He likes her strength and they share a kiss ... Brady lies he knows not why Eric left but wishes him the best. Roman excuses himself to the back. Brady spies a bottle on an empty table and pours some hard stuff in his glass. Then he downs it and walks out ... Eric notices the box of Nicole's pictures again and tears himself away, walking into another room. Back at the Salem Square, clueless Nicole notes how odd it was that Eric left without a word. Chloe blurts out it was because of HER.


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 5