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Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Episode 13,183
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jen is taking care of Thomas assuring him of Abigail and Chad having a happy life. Andre appears and hopes so but he wonders. Jen explains the couple are waiting for word from Sonny. Sonny sadly returns to the church. Abigail and Chad notice Paul is not with him. In fact Paul is seated at the square staring into space. Lani sits with him and is sorry. She interviewed the staff at Bayview and lets him know Ben stole the keys to escape. Paul sighs Sonny almost snapped as Ben was speaking in circles. Perhaps JJ is having better luck with the loon. But JJ has his gun shoved against Ben's forehead at the police station. Ben dares him to commit murder ... Abe meets with the press at the park to proudly present new commissioner Hope Brady. The press want an update on Ben. Abe insists he is still in custody. Rafe murmurs to Hope he will miss her as his police partner but they are still romantic partners. He kisses her and smoothly suggests they celebrate ... Sonny informs Abigail and Chad that he pointed out to Paul today could not be their wedding day. He has to look into Ben's claim that Will lives. Chad asks what he would need but Sonny is at a loss ... JJ calls Ben the same scum as Clyde. Ben taunts his sister is a ho. JJ readies to shoot him and rages to shut up ... Jen appreciates Andre's unending support of Abigail. She wishes Kate would be the same. Andre assures her she is coming around but is concerned. Jen has no idea what will happen next ... Sonny suggests Abigail and Chad go ahead and marry. It would make him and Paul happy ... Lani tells Paul to give Sonny some time. She offers to call John but Paul wants time to process. She will stay in touch. Paul blinks away his tears of torment ... Hope returns to the station with Rafe amid the applause. Meanwhile JJ demands Ben explain why he lied about Will or he will send him away in a body bag. Hope and Rafe open the door in horror. Madam Commissioner orders JJ to stop ...

At the pub Abe tells Val the story of Hope from her humble rookie beginnings straight out of school. She is also squeaky clean whereas Rafe's family has recent felonies. However his FBI experience is an asset. Val asks about Eli's chances. Abe admits Rafe might have an issue if Eli becomes his partner ... JJ keeps raging and Hope tells him he is done. Rafe refers to her as the new commissioner. JJ is in big trouble. Hope will talk to him later. JJ runs into Lani when he exits the room and leads her away ... Ben talks police brutality. Hope threatens to send him back to Bayview. He starts to scream then whispers if she sends him back they will never hear the secret only he knows about Will ... Sonny sits beside Paul at the square and wonders. He apologizes but Paul does not blame him. He gets it though it is hard. Sonny looks ready to cry ... Abigail is unsure how to go on. She would rather not bring the guests back. Andre offers to try and reach Lucas and tells grateful Jen they are family now. They now see the happy couple and Abigail thinks all they need is each other and Jen and Andre as witnesses. But they still have a slight problem. Who can perform the ceremony? Andre offers to find a list. Abigail suggests City Hall. Jen insists on the church. Andre already found an online list. Father Luis now shows up as his sister is better. What a miracle! He is asked to marry the couple and answers with pleasure ... JJ complains to Lani about Hope giving him a hard time in front of crazy Ben. He only wanted to scare him and realizes he was wrong ... Rafe grabs Ben by the throat so Hope says back away. She asks Ben if he wants Rafe to accompany him to a cell. Pause. She points out to Ben if Will is alive he is innocent of that crime for which he was sentenced. More silence. She offers to remove the cuffs and suggests he start writing alluding to a deal ... Paul doubts Ben's claim. However he knows Sonny was hesitating with him before the wedding and before Ben. Sonny insists he loves him. Paul points out he loved Will with his heart and soul and wanted to believe Ben. He wishes what he said was true. Sonny is amazed and woefully wonders whether it could be true. It feels like he is losing Will all over again. Paul feels his pain. Sonny asks if it is too late or if he can wait until he has the answers he needs ...

Father Luis praises Chad and Abigail and their eternal love as Jen and Andre look on with admiration. Thomas starts to cry so he speeds it up ... Ben looks down at the paper and asks for a lawyer. Hope explains a lawyer would not want to rep him unless he provided the police with something. He has already been convicted and she could ship him anywhere. Time is running out. The tough cookie commissioner suggests he start talking or there will never be any deal ... Sonny wants to be convinced. Paul suggests then he exhume Will's body. Ominous music plays ... Back at the pub Abe updates Val on Rafe's issues with Eli cos he fired at quite close range as Raines was holding Gabi. Val is annoyed. Abe calls Rafe protective and a tad touchy. However he will put in a good word for Eli to Hope. Still he cannot guarantee smooth sailing ... Ben has been locked up. Hope admits to Rafe she had no intention of making a deal but she had to try for Lucas, Sami and Sonny's sake. Rafe asks about what JJ did. Hope knows there have to be consequences ... JJ defiantly declares to Lani he will not apologize for his temper today. He would not have hurt the prisoner. He now gets a call from Hope summoning him to the station ... Sonny is stunned. Paul talks DNA testing for the truth but Sonny is against it. Paul talks closure. This is the only way ... Abigail is holding Thomas. Chad calls her the only love of his life. Always. Luis stops the couple from kissing and the ceremony continues. Chad praises Abigail as strong. They gets to the I do's as a piano tinkles. Chad also wants her to have her engagement ring back. The first ring he gave her! They both smile I DO. Andre and Jen are smiling with stars in their eyes. Short but sweet ...

Hope paces alone in her office. Enter JJ, the once up and coming young star of the Salem P.D. She says to sit down and regrets this first decision for they are family and he is a great cop. Alas she cannot overlook what he did. He is therefore suspended without pay until further notice. JJ must now surrender his gun and his badge. She warns him to stay away from Ben and dismisses him. JJ now stands and walks out, stunned. Lani is waiting and goes after him. Hope admits her regret to Rafe ... Sonny deduces it must be done. Will has to be exhumed for the truth. Paul stands with him in solidarity ... Chad and Abigail place their rings on and are pronounced married. Jen holds Thomas and Andre makes bubbles as brotha kisses his bride. Happy ever after at last ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 4