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Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Episode 13,182
1390 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the chapel Chad puts away the diamond ring as his bride sits beside him. Quel nightmare! Abigail is worried about Sonny and Paul hearing Ben lie about Will. Why would he tell such a bold faced lie? ... At the station Ben sarcastically tells Sonny his speech was moving and points out Paul took the news well about Will. Sonny asks him to finish his story. Ben wants his lawyer. Sonny reminds him he was already convicted. Ben claims Will did not die. Sonny blasts him for his game. Ben warns he will not know the whole truth if he walks away now ... Kate anxiously asks Hope for an update over the phone. She suspects Clyde could have helped Ben escape. Hope has already contacted his prison. A hand on her shoulder makes Kate cry out ... John enters the pub with Marlena. He feels his honey is not as fine as she says. She weeps on his strong shoulder ... Back at the station Rafe and Hope discuss the drama. They both suspect Clyde could have been involved. Ben will not be returned to Bayview until they know he is secure. Rafe alludes to someone in Salem taking action against Ben for what he did ... Paul wants to storm in to see Ben but JJ stops him. Inside Sonny wants answers about Will. Ben calmly explains he will only cooperate when he gets what he wants ... Kate stands up and gets angry at Andre for surprising her ... Back at the church Abigail and Chad wonder what Ben is really up to this time. Chad was impressed when she went after him. She was fierce and feels better ... Hope wonders why Ben went to the church instead of going on the run. And why would he lie about Will to Sonny? ... Sonny questions why Ben did not bring up Will being alive at his trial. Ben talks timing. Sonny suspects he is after Abigail again. Negative and he knows Chad will suffer for marrying the madwoman. Sonny bites his lip when he refers to Will suffering. Ben sounds like he is speaking in circles ...

Rafe flirts with Hope and she gets a call from Abe. He requests a meeting with her and Rafe and it is important ... At DiMera mansion Andre apologizes. He can see Kate is stressed and is sympathetic. She tells him how wonderful Will was. Andre heard to know him was to love him. Kate gets choked up about how attentive he was, her Will. She regrets they had such little time. He was so much like Lucas. Andre is sorry Lucas fell off the wagon and asks about Ben. She shares what Hope said. Andre feels for her. Kate cries about the day they heard Will died. Andre assumes for a moment she had hope. Kate, however, considers the concept of hope cruel ... Abigail puts her head on Chad's shoulder and states she has become strong. The man she loves is impressed. She feels good about their future and wishes Sonny and Paul would get in touch ... At the station JJ insists it is not possible for Will to be alive. Paul listens ... Inside Sonny suggests Ben is lying but Ben suggests he believes him and that is why he is here ... Back at the pub Marlena confides to coffee drinking John that stranger things have happened in their world. What if Ben spoke the truth? John pauses ...

Busy Abe meets Rafe and Hope at the park, peeved about the bad publicity. Salemites now need to feel safe so he has had to choose a commissioner ... John tells sweetheart after all the things Stefano did anything is possible. Marlena dares to dream it could be true and suspects Kate is thinking the same thing ... Andre gets Kate a drink and she worries what this will do to Lucas when she tells him. Andre questions the wisdom of telling Lucas at this time ... Abigail wonders whether they should call Gabi ... Sonny looks down at Ben and gasps he strangled Ben and people saw the body. Ben notes things were not as they seemed. Will's whole story was never told ...

Andre advises Kate to wait until she has more to tell Lucas. She agrees. She wishes she knew where Lucas was as he has ignored her attempts at contact for days. She blames herself for his life falling apart. Andre offers to have some DiMera men search for him ... Marlena apologizes to John as she has not considered Paul. John points out he would be thrilled to have Will back but he does feel for Paul ... The blinds are presently down so Paul cannot see inside the room where Sonny is asking Ben for answers. Sonny wonders why emerge now after two years? Ben quips he could not let him get married as he was still married to Will. JJ has opened the door and stands there with Paul as a tear trickles down Sonny's frustrated face ... Abigail ends a call with Gabi, who is doing alright. They are relieved Arianna remains unaware. Chad praises Abigail for keeping a cool head in the face of adversity ... Abe reminds Hope and Rafe they both applied for a minefield. They agree they will respect one other and whatever he has decided. Hope waits with serious eyes. Rafe grins who is going to be the new head honcho? Later Hope hopes Rafe is alright with the decision. Of course he is, just as she is. They kiss and hug, still close partners ... Chad asks Abigail about her boxing skill and she admits Will taught her ... Paul explodes and accuses Ben of having nothing. He believes Will is as dead as two years ago. Sonny tries not to fall apart. Ben's eyes flicker for he knows more ... Marlena admits to John that she could not forget that perfect day when she married Will and Sonny, the soulmates who were going to have a wonderful life together like they have had. John agrees about the wonderful life they have been blessed to share together and romantically kisses her hand ...

Back at DiMera mansion Kate is grateful for Andre's support. They hug and he smiles. They almost kiss and he excuses himself to check in with Chad. Kate watches him walk away ... Chad wonders what is taking Sonny and Paul so long. Abigail calls JJ for an update. He lets her know Ben is still lying to Sonny ... Ben smugly states Sonny can feel in his heart that Will is out there. Paul tells Sonny not to be fooled. Sonny sighs he wasted his time. Ben warns they shall see. Paul urges Sonny not to let him ruin their happy day and suggests they get married. They exit the room together but it is not so simple ... JJ returns when Ben is alone. He asks for food. JJ wishes he had gotten the chair. Ben rests his head on the table and tells him he did not kill Will. JJ grabs him by the hair and rages what about Page and his other victims ... At the pub Abe announces to John and Marlena he has a new commissioner ... Hope ends a call with Kate after assuring her Clyde Weston is still behind bars. Back to Rafe, who has had poor Page on his mind, the sister he never got to know. But he promises to keep his head on straight for his new boss Commissioner Brady. They kiss ... Chad and Abigail are waiting at the church. He feels frisky and she suggests they practice. They kiss ... At the square Paul asks Sonny to stop walking and speak to him. Sonny whispers he cannot marry him today ... Ben insists to JJ he is innocent and blames Abigail for driving him to it. He taunts him about being with Eve, the mother of Paige and laughs about her not being alive. JJ draws his gun and aims it at his head, threatening to wipe him off the face of the earth. Ben stands and meets his glare, stepping close enough to make the gun touch his forehead. He now has the young cop exactly where he wants him ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 3