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Monday, October 2, 2017
Episode 13,181
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Sonny and Paul's sweet wedding vows at the church as the guests gush and John films what would have been a magical moment. Chad and Abigail happily hold hands and wait. Marlena smiles at John's side. But there will be no happy ending today for Paul ... Sonny states he did see who Paul was first. But he was the one who knew how perfect they could be. Now here they are. He alludes to losing his love and feeling lost until Paul saved him. He gets emotional and lets him know there is no other living soul he would rather be with. Chad feels their vows will be a tough act to follow. Abigail removes her veil and gets philosophical about not knowing what comes next. That is when man in black Ben bursts into the church. The guests all gasp. Abigail falls against Chad in horror. Ben sarcastically states he is sorry he did not wear a tie. Chad glares daggers at him. Dangerous music plays. Abigail drops her bouquet and now sees no one in the room but herself and Ben in the darkness. She fears she is hallucinating again and weeps. Then she blinks and comes back. She asks Ben if he is a sign she is not worthy. She cries she cannot lose her son and the man she loves and picks up her white bridal bouquet. She tells Ben this is her second chance with Chad. She refuses to let him get to her and he grins. Now she blinks, back to reality, and walks toward him. She knows now he is real and he will not ruin her life. Before anyone can stop her she runs up and slugs him in the face. Big bad Ben falls back. Chad pulls Abigail away as JJ and Rafe restrain him. Gabi updates Eli on who he is. Abigail demands to know how he escaped. He taunts her and Chad explodes. Andre stops him from attacking the fiend. Ben now taunts Andre and John and Marlena. John plays it cool. But Ben has an important announcement to make ... Hope steps out with Rafe and Lani, having called for reinforcements. She returns and they start to remove Ben. Abigail asks why he is ruining her day. Ben declares he has news that Sonny will not want to miss. Sonny gives him a long stony look. Drums of doom play ...

Sonny steps forward and accuses Ben of stealing Arianna's father, killing his husband, young Page and torturing Abigail. He rages he even hired him and then he stole from him. Ben wants to speak but Sonny screams at him. He blames him for not having a chance to assure Will he loves him. He is filled with regret and remorse. Ben ruined their family! He calls him a monster and rages there is nothing he could say to make things right. Ben concedes there were many soap sins but he can fix the worst one. As JJ and Rafe drag him away he shouts WILL IS ALIVE. He swears it is true as John, Marlena, Chad, Paul and Kate are stunned into silence ... Sonny slowly approaches and Marlena asks why. John muses mind games. Gabi gasps to Eli she knows Will is not alive. But Sonny wonders. Kate screams Ben is sick. John has heard enough. The reinforcements have arrived and Ben will be taken to the station. Ben warns Sonny they will drug him and make his mind numb again. Sonny stops them and gives him 30 seconds to tell his story. Paul stands by his man. Chad and Paul are against Sonny listening to any talk from the loon. Ben decides he will only tell Sonny his story one to one. Justin and Paul are against him meeting with the maniac. Sonny agrees they are right and they hug as the madman is removed. Bonnie wanted to hear Ben. Victor is not impressed. Neither is Maggie, who calls him a psycho murderer. Brady and John support Paul. Kayla and Marlena discuss the dramatic development. Marlena had Will on her mind today. Many miss him. Kate complains to Andre ... Paul jokes to John and Brady this is a wedding that will not be forgotten. Chad says Will is alive in their hearts as Paul rejoins them. Chad and Abigail are ready to do the double wedding now that the interruption has been neutralized. Ben is heard screaming it is true as he is carted out by the cops, Sonny is not unaffected ...

Rafe sits Ben in an interrogation room as JJ accuses him of murdering Page. Ben claims he came to make restitution. At the window, Lani lets Hope know she is worried about JJ and asks about the suspect's Will claim. Hope intends to look into it. Ben taunts JJ about missing the wedding. JJ starts to snap so Rafe sends him out of the room before he attacks ... Back at the church Justin, the bride and groom are ready. Paul softly asks Sonny if he is alright. He whispers he will be. Paul takes him by the hand. Justin announces it is Abigail's turn to keep going with her vows. She sighs about the surprises in life. But united they stand divided they fall. She smiles about their love story, their fateful first meeting. Sonny remembers when he met Will. He smiles with a tear in his eye. Abigail refers to her and Chad's first date, their first kiss. Sonny remembers them both with Will and a tragic tear trickles down his cheek. Abigail finishes by smiling she found her soul mate. The one she was meant to be with. Sonny remembers being with Will once upon a time when they made love for the first time. His heart beaks as Abigail keeps going about good times with their family. He remembers holding the baby, and Will's visiting family. Abigail gushes it was their love that got her and Chad back together. Sonny weeps and remembers the first time he told Will he loved him. Paul asks if he is alright. No. Chad and Abigail notice. Sonny gasps he cannot and walks away. Paul comes after him. Sonny states he cannot in good faith marry again until he knows why Ben believes Will is alive. He has to know the truth. Abigail and Chad approach. Sonny repeats he is sorry and leaves the church. Paul is right behind him ...

Kate is sorry. Justin hears how Paul and Sonny left. He is worried about his son but believes Paul will help him. He offers to finish marrying Chad and Abigail. It is their decision ... Doug feels for Sonny. Julie understands his reluctance as she would also want answers ... Brady confides to Nicole he does not think this will end well ... Maggie makes fake Adrienne go check on her son. Justin notes Paul and Sonny are no longer in the church. Theo wonders about Abigail and Chad. They have an announcement. They are postponing the wedding to support Sonny and Paul in this trying time ... Sonny arrives at the station asking to see Ben. He begs Rafe and Hope to let him meet with the murderer. Paul worriedly watches from the window as he is led into the room. Ben raises his head. Sonny stares down at him with loathing, though he knows he needs to let him speak. He needs to know what he knows about Will ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 2