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Episode 13,739
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


John and Marlena just watched a spooky film about a woman possessed by the devil. John misses his horror movie buddy Claire and wonders whether he was wrong to show her so many. Marlena believes she will get better at Bayview … EMT JJ waits for Haley, who smiles he is alright and free to go home. He cannot wait for a Halloween party but Haley is upset Jordan attempted to off him … Maggie is horrified to hear about Jordan from Victor … Ciara is looking out the window as Ben ends a call with Eli. His sis gave them all the slip and no one knows where oh where she went. They are about to go to bed when they hear a crashing sound outside … Nurse Jordan comes to give surprised Claire her meds at Bayview in her foxy Halloween costume … JJ gets frisky with Haley after locking the door of the hospital staff room … Ben has his gun drawn when he opens the door. Will gasps holy crap and apologizes for accidentally knocking over their potted plant. He came for Ari’s crown. Ben gets a text from Victor they must talk and asks Will to stay with Ciara. He fibs a guard had a question but he will hurry. He asks his sweetheart to keep the door locked and his gun close. She gasps to be safe. He kisses her and goes … Jordan wants to break Claire out of Bayview and fibs she just wants a friend. They can cause some Halloween trouble together … Marlena agrees with John’s idea to visit Claire tomorrow. Knock knock! She gasps when she opens the door to a masked slasher with a knife and familiar mask. Bad memories … John shouts to get back and shuts the door. Tony laughs tis him but John and Marlena are plenty mad. That was the kind of costume Andre the slasher donned once upon a deadly time. Tony knew not. They realize he was not around and he comes in wondering if they are up for a nightcap. Anna is home with a headache. John graciously goes to get him one. Marlena sits with Tony on the sofa and he tells her he killed Anna, he is really Andre and he has unfinished business …

Will invites Ciara to come stay at Vic’s house with him and Sonny. She thinks she is safer steering clear of Kristen. Will reminds her of Ben’s necktie past and warns he could off her in her sleep. She talks love. Will talks violence as he experienced it first hand at Ben’s hands … Victor growls to Ben his men are out searching for Jordan with orders to off her. But the redhead overhears and snaps like hell … Haley and JJ are horrified when Jordan comes in with crazy Claire. JJ gives Jordan the info she wants as Rafe was released. Claire cuts Haley’s throat. Jordan then offs upset JJ so they can be together. Jordan and Claire go their separate ways, each on a different Halloween mission … Andre informs John and Marlena that he was just resurrected by Rolf. He warns John he has an accomplice under his mind control and Marlena whacks John on the head. Andre marvels the Salem stalker lives and places his hockey mask to her smiling face … Jordan interrupts Rafe with David in his kitchen. He sighs she needs help. She smiles she needs to be with him and baby to heal. She still loooooves Rafe … Maggie gets mad about Victor issuing hits again. Ben lets him know he will look after Ciara and leaves. Maggie decides Jordan does deserve to be offed for insulting her delicious lemon bars. Here comes Claire, cackling like a Salem witch ….

Ciara assures Will she will be alright but he would rather stay with her than watch Friday the 13th flicks with Sonny. Ciara grabs her gun when Marlena appears with a hockey mask. She came by to check on Ben. Ciara steps away to make her tea. Will admits being at Ben’s home makes him uneasy. Marlena gets the necktie and proceeds to choke him. Will falls to the floor. Ciara drops the tea and gasps what did she do. Marlena casts her a devil may care glance … Rafe sighs Jordan’s misdeeds kind of complicate things. She reminds him she helped him walk again and smiles not to turn her in. How about a fresh start. They could run away together with David and live happily ever after. Rafe cannot resist her deadly kiss … Ben comes home to dead Will and Marlena accuses him of killing her grandson again! He takes off to track down Ciara. Marlena gets out her gun and sighs it is not her night …

Ciara races to John’s door and cries Marlena is mad. But John is dead on the floor. Ciara grabs the baseball bat and runs out … Claire claims to curious Maggie she was cured and released. She tells Victor she is ready for the Titan exec program. Alas he gave Ciara the last spot. Claire snaps and rants about Ciara always getting everything. Maggie offers her some lemon squares and she snaps she hates them. Maggie slaps her so Claire counters she knows she is dying for one and injects her. She flops like a ragdoll and expires. Victor laments he cannot live without her. Claire decides to inject him as well … Jordan gives Rafe a doctor disguise to match her nurse outfit. He sighs he does not feel well. She purrs she poisoned him with her lipstick. That was their last kiss. She pushes him over … Andre admires Marlena’s work and suggests she off Eric next. Marlena pulls a gun and shoots laughing Andre dead instead … Ciara runs to the station for help, horrified to find Claire waiting with a wicked smile …

Marlena discovers Haley and JJ in each other’s dead arms at the hospital and wonders who the other serial killer is … Ben finds Rafe dead in his kitchen. He panics Jordan must have Ciara … Claire lists all of the people she offed tonight and claims she came to confess. Ciara holds up the baseball bat as Claire threatens her. Jordan suddenly stabs Ciara from behind for soul sister Claire. They later bury her at the cemetery. Marlena arrives and assures the amateurs they are safe with her. But she is the real Salem stalker. She is proud of her granddaughter and tells the two gals to dig deeper. She has more bodies in her trunk. They are the Charlie’s Angels of Death! Here comes Ben screaming for Ciara. He finds his lost love and holds her lifeless form. Which beech did this??? Then he strangles Jordan. Marlena welcomes the necktie killer back to the club. Shirtless Ben wakes up with a start. T’was the worst nightmare! Ciara assures him it was not real and he would never do such things. Ben soap stares ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 31, 2019