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Episode 13,738
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric and Nicole are clad in their Danny and Sandy Grease costumes. Eric heartily carries Holly to Maggie’s front door but George of the Jungle Xander opens … At the hospital Eli kisses his future missus, his world. He gushes tomorrow this time they will be wed and kisses her again. Tragic music plays as Lani remembers Gabi’s threat to deactivate Julie’s heart unless she dumps him at the altar. She blinks and Sarah brings her back to reality. She is sorry she is late to RSVP for the big day … Gabi runs into Rafe’s room, shocked to hear he ingested cyanide. Nurse Haley hovers. Gabi wonders who. Rafe suspects Jordan of trying to set up Ben again … Back in Rafe’s kitchen, Ben is desperate for clobbered JJ to wake up … Jordan senses Ciara is disappointed she is at her door. Ciara stammers she assumed she was Ari, who left her crown. She tries to shut the door but Jordan will not let it slide and sneers the poison was intended for her … Xander is on candy duty. Eric suggests he put some clothes on and calls him Sarah’s stalker. Xander boasts the girl is getting into him …Sarah assumes Lani’s long face is from worrying about Julie. She assures her she will be alright. Lani wonders about that pacemaker and starts to say … Rafe is worried about David. He asked JJ to check on him, but he has yet to hear and tries to get out of is bed. Gabi and Haley stop him … Ben is relieved that JJ is awake. He covers the injury at the back of his head. JJ complains someone clocked him from behind. Ben gasps Jordan …

Jordan deduces dangerous Ben decided to poison Ciara. She lies he also attacked JJ and feigns fear for what he might do to Ciara … Rafe is desperate to get to David. Gabi offers to get Eli to help instead. Rafe is somewhat satisfied … Xander boasts Maggie talked Sarah into staying for the wedding and he will be her date. Eric scoffs … Gabi interrupts Lani’s pacemaker talk with Sarah … JJ wants to see himself to the hospital and insists Ben go after Jordan and the baby. Meanwhile Jordan has David with her at Ciara’s door and suggests she check Ben’s jacket pockets. Ciara counters she can let her hold David and check the pockets herself. Jordan gets impatient … Eric suspects Xander strong armed Sarah. He denies it and gushes maybe she is gonna swing on his vine. Eric rages to shut up and stay away from her. Ponytail Nicole overhears … Sarah excuses herself. Gabi threatens Lani that if anyone does anything to Julie’s pace maker to replace it with another she will blow it up. She orders her to dump Eli at the altar. Eli appears and asks what is going on … Rafe ends a call, relieved about Ari and apologizes for letting Jordan near the little girl. He complains to Haley that Ari changed the cupcake flags so it seems Jordan was trying to off Ciara again …

Jordan notes there is no time so Ciara needs to run away from Ben with her and David. Tis the only way to be safe. Ciara plays along and then opens the door to … big Ben! … Gabi updates Eli on Rafe being poisoned and needing help with the investigation. JJ appears and updates them on Jordan attacking him from behind. She fled with David. Ben is out searching for her and fears Ciara was her real target. Lani and Eli are on their way … Jordan accuses Ben, who states they know about the switched cupcakes and that her tainted treat target was Ciara. He assures her he is here for her the way she helped him and asks to take care of her and the baby. Jordan pretends to pause and then pushes her way out. Ciara urges Ben to stop her … Xander brags it bothers Eric that Sarah will be his wedding date. Eric fumes she is fragile. Xander taunts it sounds like he still harbors feelings for her. Enter Sarah. Nicole looks nervous. Sarah wonders. Nicole notes they unexpectedly ran into Xander while anticipating Maggie. Xander heads into the foyer for more candy when Nicole leaves. She hates how he torments people. He taunts she is rattled for she saw how jealous Eric was about Sarah. He clearly still cares. Nicole snaps to stop trying to make her jealous. She is secure in his love for her but Xander thinks she is acting less than secure. He slyly suggests she say nothing about Sarah’s pregnancy to Eric cos she could lose him … Sarah informs Eric that Xander helped her through a tough time. He asks what tough time … Haley wants to get JJ’s head wound checked out. Rafe is horrified to hear what Jordan did …

Ciara is updating Lani and Eli when Ben returns home with baby David. Lani asks what happened to Jordan. Ben ominously replies she escaped … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander urges upset Nicole to realize they need each other. She gets testy when he tells her to acknowledge he needs her to help stop Eric and Sarah from having a future … Sarah gets miffed at Eric, who apologizes for being insensitive. She snaps she leaves Salem the day after Eli and Lani’s wedding, then storms out … At the hospital JJ gets texted Ben is at home with David and Ciara. Haley asks about Jordan. She is on the loose and should be considered dangerous … Rafe hates how he was hoodwinked. Gabi praises him for seeing only the best in people and for loving his sis even when she is undeserving. He suggests she see the good in herself. He sure does … Ben apologizes for losing Jordan. Lani is relieved the little lad is safe. He is relieved Ciara is safe, Lani and Eli leave with the baby. Ben promises Ciara he will never let anything bad happen to her and hugs her …

Back at the apartment with Eric, Nicole has put tired trick or treater Holly to bed. Eric offers her a candy. She says no thanks. He wants her to realize how wrong Xander was and gives her a chocolate kiss … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Tarzan Xander gets Sarah to giggle for a moment. She admits she feels sorry for herself and was hard on Eric just cos he loves Nicole more than her. Xander muses he must be mad for the fair Sarah is even more beautiful now that she is having a baby. He cannot wait to be her date tomorrow. She notes bride-to-be Lani did not look too happy today … At the hospital Lani runs into Gabi and asks how Rafe is. Gabi hisses he is alive unlike her hubby! She smiles about the scandal she will cause when she humiliates Eli. Lani reminds her Rafe almost lost his life. Gabi is grateful for that but has not forgotten about her husband with a hole where his heart used to be. This time tomorrow Eli will have a hole in his heart. She smugly goes. Lani gulps … Rafe is over the moon when Eli brings him baby David. He is so relieved he is alright. And Jordan? Eli assures him they have all units looking. Rafe sighs they have to stop her before she harms anyone else … Ben feels like a fool for ignoring the signs with his sister. Ciara states David is safe and makes him feel better with a passionate kiss. He asks what that was for. For loving and protecting her. Ben feels they should avoid the wedding tomorrow and vows to keep her safe … Meanwhile Jordan is having a meltdown outside since David was snatched from her. There shall be HELL to pay …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 30, 2019