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Episode 13,737
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack and Jen stroll at the town square. She thinks she should call the newspaper. He wants the world to see how in love they are and also seeks the latest scoop. She has IT working on accessing the dangerous data she knows must be on Rolf’s flash drive … Rolf takes off to track down Hope/Gina … Gina imagines her happy reunion with John, who then rejects her in her daydream. Marlena starts to contact the cops to nab the international forger … Ari joins her outside the door and points out they are both princesses … Ciara smells the vial that fell from Ben’s pocket. Meanwhile Haley informs Rafe that cyanide was detected in his blood. Rafe looks at Jordan and notes all he ate today was a cupcake. Why were the others not ill? Jordan pretends to be puzzled. JJ wonders. Rafe points out his place is perfectly baby proofed. However, Ciara was not feeling well. Jordan assures him she is alright. Rafe notices she is not worried about David … Ben comes back to Ciara, peeved that Stefano’s portrait is still missing. She is peeved about what she found in his pocket … Jack urges Jen to avoid Rolf. Jen wishes he would leave town. Speak of the devil. Rolf and Jen exchange words … Just after Gina takes off her tiara John opens the door with candy corn for Princess Ari. Sonny and Will arrive behind Ari. Gina takes a treat with a smile …

Ben swears to Ciara he never saw that near empty vial that ended up in his pocket … … Jordan regrets leaving Rafe, but he wants her to check on David, his first concern. JJ can see something running through Rafe’s mind. The dedicated detective admits it crossed his mind that Jordan is responsible … Jack wants Rolfski to scram. The mad scientist mentions his missing flash drive. Jack talks tough. Rolf leaves for a more pressing matter … Marlena admires Ari’s crown. The girl corrects it is a tiara. Gina/Hope stays behind. John and Marlena are happy she came by. Gina senses she interrupted something. Marlena asks to see her purse. “Hope” replies she has nothing to hide so Marlena mentions Haley saw her smoking. John peers at her. Gina thanks them for caring and hands the pack over. They are relieved. She flirtily smiles she has so much to live for … Outside Sonny, Will and Ari run into Rolf, who admires Ari’s outfit. She tells him Hope told her the crown was a tiara. He finds out where Hope was and heads in that direction as Sonny and Will usher their daughter away from the demento … JJ does not get why Jordan would wish to harm Rafe. Rafe refers to her past and how she suddenly asked Ben to come to the party. He asks JJ to check on David and any evidence. Then he calls Ciara. He wants a word with Ben so she puts him on speaker. They heard from Jordan. Rafe asks all about it, then admits he is relieved no one else was poisoned. Ben and Ciara are stunned he had cyanide in his system. Jordan said nothing about it. They all wonder why. Before Ciara can tell him about the vial Ben ends the call …

Jen and Jack admire Princess Ari at the square as Sonny takes her to trick and treat. Will appears and admits Rolf was eerie earlier … Gina realizes she interrupted John and Marlena’s romantic evening. She excuses herself and smiles when John says not to be a stranger. She runs into anxious Rolf out in the hall and boasts they both believed she was Hope Brady … JJ joins Haley at the hospital. There is something he has to take care of so he will see her at home a little later. They kiss and he gets in the elevator …Ben has to think. Ciara suggests Jordan was out to set him up again. Ben believed she was sincere. Smart Ciara points out it would not be the first time she tried to plant something on him. He counters they should not jump to conclusions. He will take the vial for testing. Meantime let no one in, especially not his sister. She adds except for Will and Sonny who are bringing Ari by on her trick or treat route. He agrees, repeats not to let Jordan in and leaves after they kiss …

Jack has a romantic surprise for Jen at the Salem Inn. Tis time to celebrate their engagement, alone at last. Jen gushes he has her tonight and he kisses her … Ben approaches nurse Haley at the hospital and hands her the vial, asking her to test it and see if it matches what was in Rafe’s system. She takes it to the lab and tells him Rafe’s room number … Salem patient Rafe leaves Will a voice mail to let him know they are alright and then gets interrupted by Ben. Rafe sighs his sister is more than a little suspicious. Ben suggests they wait for the facts. Rafe senses a secret. Ben updates him on what Ciara found. Rafe suspects what Ben already does – that Jordan still presents a clear and present danger … Jordan panics, goes to pack a few things, and leaves David downstairs … Will and Sonny arrive for Ari’s sweet treats from Ciara. She warns Will about the poisonous cupcake Rafe ate. T’was laced with cyanide and it might have been done by Jordan. They are waiting for something more. Will suddenly realizes what really happened … Jack has sparkling apple cider instead of champagne to toast to him and Jen. May they have a long life together filled with adventure, laughter and love. He promises to pamper her like royalty forever …

Rolf gets Gina back to the throne room and lectures her. She snaps she had to see John. He suggests if she must go out and about she should do so as Hope. She gets a cigarette and pouts as he promises she is destined for greatness in his plan. Alas all she wants is to be with John Black … John thinks it is good Hope came over and they offered support. Marlena notes she was not really herself. John smiles Ari actually stole the show … Will explains to Ciara that Ari switched the cupcakes sooo … She realizes the tainted treat was really for her … Ben admits to Rafe that Jordan is a threat. Rafe already asked JJ to check on David. They both fear for the boy’s safety and Ben gets going to stop his sister … JJ enters Rafe’s kitchen and starts to take David … until Jordan hits him on the head. She rages soon everyone will see that she is not the threat Ben is! And it will begin with Ciara. JJ is left lying unconscious on the kitchen floor … Jack admires Jen over the silver, roses and fake champagne. She loved the dinner. As he removes the tray she checks for an IT update on Rolf’s flash drive. No success! Jack suavely sits with her on the bed and gets frisky. She smiles she is all his and he likes the sound of that … Rolf urges Gina to be patient. She declares John needs her now for he is her destiny … John snuggles with Marlena, who wonders about Jordan’s bizarre about face with Ben … Haley is sorry to inform Salem patient Rafe that Ben’s vial contained the same kind of cyanide they found in his system .. Ben comes across JJ out cold on Jordan’s kitchen floor and frantically tries to wake him up … Will invites Ciara to stay with him and Sonny. She assured Ben she would keep the doors locked but first she feels Rafe needs checking up on. Will takes candy monsters Ari and Sonny back out to trick and treat. He whispers to Ciara to stay safe. Seconds later she finds Ari’s fallen crown and assumes the knock on the door is Will. She opens it only to find herself face to face with a furious Jordon …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 29, 2019