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Episode 13,736
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Outside the pub as John pauses to send an email Marlena spies the cigarette and wonders who littered. Haley explains it was Ciara’s mom … Rolf is pleased Princess Gina is back … Ciara assures Ben she is alright and they happily discuss David’s birthday party. She loved Jordan’s cupcakes which much have had a secret ingredient … Much to Jordan’s horror Rafe collapses in the kitchen … As Julie gasps over her racing heart, Eli at her side, Gabi proves her point to Lani, who wants her to stop. Gabi blackmails her to dump Eli at the altar or Julie’s heart blows … Stylish Marlena states Hope does not smoke. Haley admits she also seemed confused. John hawkishly listens. Haley has to head back to work. John notes the lipstick on the cigarette does not look like something Hope would wear … Gina fixes her red lipstick and greets Stefano’s portrait. She asks Rolf how he fares. He seems to be awol but Rolf assures her the phoenix always rises. He even survived Hope’s shooting. Gina smugly smiles and wonders about her doppelganger … Ciara updates Ben on her mom’s strange neck pain. He suspects stress. She wants to invite her over. Ben kisses her and agrees. She also wants them to dine at the pub tonight so she can have chowder … Jordan worries what if Rafe consumed the wrong cupcake, implores him to wake up and calls 911. She is frantic …

Lani is unable to reason with vengeful Gabi. Beep beep beep beep! Lani and Gabi watch jumpy Julie and upset Eli through the window Gabi decides to end her demonstration. Nurse Haley assures anxious Eli she seems to have stabilized. Julie breathes a sigh of relief …Jordan jabbers to unconscious Rafe that the cupcake was supposed to be for Ciara … As John and Marlena look at their pub menus, she cannot shake her concern about Hope. John recounts her admitting she heard voices in the chapel when no one was there. Marlena thinks she is overwhelmed. He mutters she also misplaced Julie’s rosary … Rolf admits Hope is … around. Gina is most miffed the commoner tried to take her place. Her royal highness is here now… Lani starts to tell off Gabi but Eli comes out. Gabi pretends to be concerned about Julie’s pacemaker …EMT JJ and his partner are on the job in Rafe’s kitchen. Jordan hopes he was not poisoned … Man in black John and woman in red Marlena discuss all the drama of Hope’s life. Ciara’s driver turned out to be a drunk, not Jordan. Marlena wishes stressed Hope had reached out to her instead of smoking. Ciara enters with Ben and overhears the smoking story … Gina gets a silver cigarette case from Rolf and orders him to give her a light. He convinces her to have a toast with champagne instead. As per Rolf, soon she and Stefano shall rule over Salem together. Gina drinks to that and gets back on her throne, suggesting she alone rule Salem. This time she would rather work with John, whom she yearns to see again …

John updates Ciara. Marlena asks Hope’s daughter how her mom seemed and agrees with John’s suggestion Ciara and Ben join them at their table. The talk turns to Julie … Eli is grateful to Gabi also for forgiving his fiancée. Gabi asks to attend the wedding. Lani stares in silence as he invites her. Now he must step back for a word with the doctor. Lani insists to angry girl Gabi that what happened to Stefan was an accident. Eli will not believe her if she tries to break up with him. Gabi hisses if she is not convincing Julie is going going gone … Princess Gina pouts John was the love of her life but Stefano took him away. She prayed for years. Rolf assures her John is alive und in Salem. She cannot wait to see him … Ciara is hungry and ready for dessert! Marlena is surprised to hear she and Ben attended David’s party. As John solemnly listens she advises Ben not to get too attached too fast as Jordan could change her mind. Ben, however, believes she is better … Groggy Rafe wakes up as JJ is taking him to the ambulance. Jordan wants him to stay and then decides to follow after she calls the sitter … Lani sympathetically suggests Gabi get help from Marlena and focus on her future with Ari. Gabi snaps she offed the stepfather Ari now misses much. She bitterly notes Lani’s life is no struggle. Lani reminds her she lost a son. Not enough. Gabi has decided she deserves to lose Eli. Eli reappears and asks Gabi to go see Julie, who would like to thank her. Gabi ominously adds there are also others involved in saving Julie. Lani soap stares …

Gina wants to go to John. Rolf stops her, warning she is still wanted for forgery and more, not to mention John is married to Marlena. The mad scientist has big plans! She sends him to fetch her some tea and chocolates. Once alone she ominously informs Stefano’s portrait that she has plans of her own and Marlena Evans must not stand in her way! Ominous music plays … Home for dessert. John surprises Marlena with champagne, strawberries and cream. Marlena is still bewildered by Jordan’s about-face with Ben. John asks if she suspects Jordan is playing him. She knows she was very dangerous before. John gets it and then refers to Ben changing. She agrees he turned his life around. They both believe Ciara helped … Back at the pub, Ciara wants a sundae of her own and kisses Ben. Jordan calls asking about Ciara. He smiles she feels fine now and thanks her for the celebration. Jordan ends the call and wonders what went wrong. She walks into Rafe’s room. JJ is at his side as they await the test results. Jordan argues Rafe seems better and should be allowed to leave. Rafe will await the results regardless …

Julie reaches out with an olive branch to Gabi as Eli and Lani stand by the matriarch in her room. She has high praise for the widow’s not so random act of kindness and is sorry she lost Stefan. Gabi brings up her recent heartrate. All is well now. Julie insists she wants Eli and Lani wed as scheduled and thanks Gabi again. She owes her her life! Gabi smirks she gives her too much credit. Lani gives her a suspicious glance. Once Gabi and Lani are back by the nurse’s station. Lani warns her she cannot do this. Gabi threatens she can make Julie gone in 30 seconds. Lani reasons she and Eli already lost a son and if she leaves him at the altar he will be destroyed. Gabi hisses she took her husband Stefan away so now she will take hers. Lani looks ready to cry … Ben and Ciara kiss when they get home. She coos she will be waiting when he steps out to do his last security round. Tonight Halloween is coming. When he is gone she finds the mysterious vial in his jacket pocket … JJ is somewhat surprised to hear that Rafe was celebrating a birthday attended by Ben. Haley walks in with the test results. The doctor will be here soon. It seems Rafe was poisoned! Jordan looks guilty as soap sin … Rolf returns to an empty throne room … John and Marlena are passionately smooching on the sofa. Someone arrives outside their door. Tis Princess Gina wearing her trademark tiara …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 28, 2019