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Episode 13,735
1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Will and Sonny are surprised the doc cancelled Ari’s appointment but even more surprised by Ari’s refusal to return to David’s first birthday party. She whispers his mommy got mad at her … Meanwhile Jordan has cupcakes for the gang. Rafe is holding baby David. She smiles when she hands Ciara her treat and remembers the powder she put in it. Then she slyly suggests she start … Rolf has the macabre room ready with a throne. He promises Stefano’s portrait it shall be soon … Julie jokes to Doug she is a cyborg. Doug laughs as Hope stares into space. Eli arrives with yellow flowers. Julie will be back on her feet soon, though not for the wedding and insists Eli and Lani wed as planned … Outside the room Gabi leers she looks forward to Lani dumping groom Eli at the altar. Stunned Lani states she loves Eli so she would not do that. Gabi orders her to do as she says … Will and Sonny sit at the town square café with Ari and Will asks their daughter for details. She sighs Jordan was mad she gave David the wrong cupcake. Will notes she must have been nervous and praises her for trying to help. Sonny agrees she is a great helper and reasons David might have been getting a cupcake for a baby … Ben loves his sister’s chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and thanks her for all the special birthdays. But when Ciara prepares to take a bite of hers he seems to stop her… Eli updates Julie on the wedding cake planning and more. Julie is having fun. When Doug notes she looks well to Hope, Hope coldly admires herself in her compact … Julie wishes Eli the perfect wedding … Lani tells Gabi to go home and rest. Gabi hisses she is still a grieving widow, gets herself coffee, and tells her she will feel her pain when she breaks Eli’s heart …

Ben insists they sing happy birthday. Ciara records. Jordan wickedly makes a wish and blows out her son’s candle … Sonny and Will discuss Jordan being bad for Arianna. Gabi is still grieving so their daughter needs them. Will notes one cannot be too careful in Salem. Dr. Rolf approaches eerily greeting the gentlemen … Hope sighs to Doug she has not been sleeping well. He can relate. Julie overhears and sends him home … Gabi orders Lani to do as told for she owes her! She shall make her pay. Lani grimaces getting even is her MO. Gabi gloats she holds all the cards … Rolf smiles he was shopping und saw Sonny and Will. He wanted to say hello so Wilhelm could thank him for saving his life. Will fumes he also helped Susan keep him away from his family. He warns him to steer clear of his loved ones. Rolf promises all his projects are now legit. Woman in red Hope arrives and announces that is a lie …Ciara takes a bite and it tastes like she died and went to heaven … Eli praises Doug and Julie as his perfect marriage role models. Julie loves that and asks him to get Gabi to visit her. She owes her … Lani counters there is nothing Gabi can do. Gabi gets sarcastic about graciously giving Julie Stefan’s heart. Lani argues Julie has the heart already and she cannot take it back. Gabi boasts she sure can and Julie would end up d-e-a-d …

Rolf refers to himself as law abiding. Hope hisses she heard about his diabolical lab. He denies any wrongdoing and heads off to shop, after craftily complimenting her lipstick shade. She gets tense … Eli explains Stefan’s service was today. Julie feels for generous Gabi. Eli was impressed by her concern for the matriarch. Julie feels she was unfair with the girl and calls her a guardian angel … Lani warns Gabi to explain her not so subtle threat. Vengeful Gabi gloats she found out DiMera owns Visionary Bionics. They delivered Julie’s pacemaker after she ordered something added. Being Stefan’s widow makes her powerful. She could destroy Julie’s heart in a Salem second … Ben and Rafe notice Ciara does not look well. She admits she does not feel well. Jordan watches and waits. Ben wants to take the dizzy girl home. She wants him to stay … Will and Sonny are happy to hear from Hope that Julie is doing well. Will states Stefan’s heart was an answer to a prayer. Hope suddenly remembers praying for Gabi to help Julie when she was in the chapel. She also remembers Rolf appearing announcing he was the answer to her prayers. She smirks a la Gina and tells the bewildered guys she has somewhere to go …

Eli blames Vivian for causing Stefan’s demise. Hopefully Gabi understands Lani was just doing her job. Julie has felt the wrath of Gabi and sure hopes so … Gabi boasts the company also made the app that controls the technology, just like the bionic eye. She warns Lani she has the power to slow Julie’s heart to a stop … Jordan sweetly suggests Ciara stay and lie down in the living room. Ciara is sorry and would rather head home. Ben insists on taking her. Jordan gets his coat and slips the poison vial in the pocket. Ben thanks his sister again and they depart. Jordan smiles a wicked smile … Eli gushes he and Lani are in a good place. He has never been so close to someone! Julie talks soulmate. He agrees Lani is just that … Lani cannot believe that Gabi would do in Julie. Gabi recounts what happened to Nick, who wound up dead. She was unfairly accused and locked up, much to Julie’s joy. Lani reminds her she also used to date Eli. Gabi reminds her she misunderstood her life saving moment with JJ and then slept with Eli, which was what really broke them up. This is for the best. Lani refuses to play. Gabi gets her app ready and rages the world will soon have one less hateful beech …

Woman in red Hope wonders how the room was decorated like this as Stefano’s portrait watches. She stands by the throne … Rolf almost voice activates his satellite and then reasons his system is operational. Let the final transformation begin … Hope is about to call Marlena when she gets a zapping pain in the back of her head and falls to the floor … Julie wants Eli to proceed with his wedding plans and makes him promise pictures … Gabi stands at Julie’s window and shows Lani she means business. Beep beep beep! Julie blanches and clutches her heart. Gabi quips now does she believe her … Ben tends to tired Ciara, who is in bed now feeling better … Sonny hugs Will and heads to the dry cleaner. Will returns to cupcake Arianna to clean her up. She confesses she switched the cupcakes so the girls got the most frosting but don’t tell David’s mean mommy … Jordan is standing in the kitchen with Rafe. All of a sudden he collapses … Gina wakes up to Rolf. He sits her on her throne and hands her his gift – the tiara. She coos how exquisite and places it on her head. He bows to her royal highness. She smiles just call her Princess Gina. Unworldly music plays …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, October 25, 2019