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Episode 13,734
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Smitten Ciara watches shirtless Ben stir in bed. He slept well because his clan comes together today … Jordan smiles at her special cupcake for Ciara. Rafe arrives with Arianna for the party … Brady wakes up with Kristen cozying up to him … Jen dreams of her night with Jack and opens her baby blues to an empty bed. Where oh where could he be … Eli wakes up Lani, who gushes she feels good. They cuddle and he teases her about their cake night. Then they kiss … Widow Gabi gingerly approaches Stefan’s casket and cries. She imagines him standing before her with a smile and dares to dream he is real, surrounded by red roses. When she tries to hug him he vanishes and appears elsewhere. Much to her heartbreak he confirms he is not alive and came to say his last goodbye … Eli calls Kayla as Lani listens. Julie’s state of the art procedure is soon as the pacemaker arrived. They still have a few hours. Lani romantically suggests they remain in bed. Eli reminds her they must attend Stefan’s funeral …. Brady demands an explanation. Kristen coos they fell asleep watching a film. It felt so right. He fumes never again and stomps to the shower … Bathrobe Jenny is happy to see Jack, who has returned with coffee and breakfast. She marvels last night was like a dream. He marvels it was real beyond his imagination. He gives her a sweet kiss. Then he takes out a blueberry scone. Her fave. Then kiwi with strawberry and a coffee just the way she likes it. She hungrily opens the scone and gasps at what he has hidden inside. “Jaaaaack!”

In the kitchen Jordan curses. Rafe can see she is tense. She tells him she is anxious about the party. He thinks they should change it to the pub. She refuses cos she has it all planned … Ben would understand if Ciara did not attend the birthday party. She insists on going wherever he goes and they kiss … Suited Will pours morning coffee at the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny whispers Brady spent the night with Kristen. Brady emerges and Will warns him against getting too close. Brady explains they accidentally fell asleep together and asks the guys to give her a break cos she is carrying his child. Kristen has overheard and walks in with a smile and a stylish dress. Any decaf? … Eli insists the family owes Gabi for the sacrifice she made for Julie. Lani reluctantly agrees. She hides the fact that she feels haunted … Stefan is sorry he had to go. Gabi blames Lani and vows revenge … Jen stammers this is the ring Jack gave her before she lost him. T’was in her bedroom! Jack remembered where she kept the spare key. He takes it, does a little dance and gets down on his knee. Jen munches her blueberry scone and loves the simplicity. She is over being surprised. He seconds that. Will Jennifer Horton the love of his life marry him? Her eyes sparkle …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will promises Kristen he and Sonny will not add to her stress. Sonny announces they are headed to Stefan’s funeral. Brady is surprised. Will states Gabi needs their support. Brady gets it and they go. Kristen thanks him for being on her side … Back in his kitchen Rafe probes. Devil in a blue dress Jordan makes up a story about Clyde being mean on a birthday. Rafe reasons that was then this is now. He gives her a pep talk and wants a cupcake. She gasps not now! He sighs he has to attend Stefan’s service for Gabi. Jordan wickedly smiles she will be fine … Gabi complains she has to leave Stefan in the cold dark ground. Lani deserves her dreams destroyed! Eli and Lani appear. The weeping widow glares daggers … Jen is overwhelmed. Jack praises her for never giving up. She never would! He reasons he is free and the divorce paperwork is done. Jen rejoices. 100 times YES and then she kisses his handsome face … Eli came to tell Gabi how grateful Julie’s clan is. She greets Rafe with a hug. Ciara and Ben arrive. They are sorry. Ben believes he owes Stefan and wishes he could have stopped the tragedy. So does Gabi. Then she sighs no one else will come cos Stefan was not well liked. She herself hated him until she loved him. He loved her and her daughter. She wants everyone to see … All of a sudden she grabs screaming Lani and shoves her into the dug grave. Vicious Gabi grins victoriously … Eli interrupts her daydream. The stylish widow politely asks each attendee to place a flower in Stefan’s memory. She hands Lani the first rose. Eli follows, then Ciara, who hugs the grieving girl and Ben, whom she thanks. Sonny leaves a rose with Will and sweetly hugs the young widow. She cries on brother Rafe when he leaves a rose and embraces her. Then she leaves the last one for the lost love of her life. She lays her head on his casket and then stands back up glaring …

Jordan panics when Arianna lets her know she gave the cupcake she had set aside for Ciara to baby David. She gets it back as sleeping David did not eat it. Ari apologizes. Jordan smiles no problem but they are not eating the cupcakes until the end of the party. Here come the guests bearing gifts. Rafe can see something is the matter with Arianna … Eli and Lani arrive at the hospital, where Jen lets them know Julie’s procedure was a success. Lani spies the ring and wishes Jack and Jen the best of happiness, along with Eli. Jack and Jen are beaming … Jordan is holding birthday boy David. Ari wants to help open the presents. Rafe assists. Jordan admires the toy chest from Ben. He believes this is a new beginning for their family. Then he holds the birthday boy and sits for a picture taken by Ciara. He loves being Uncle Ben. No one knows what evil Jordan has in store … Grieving Gabi asks Sonny and Will to pick up Arianna and notes she needs more time. They hug her in sympathy. Will gets a text from Jen about Julie’s successful procedure. Gabi is glad Stefan’s heart will go on and assures Sonny she wants to be alone with her late husband. Exit Sonny and Will. Gabi promises Stefan she will make Lani pay. He appears again and asks what she has planned. She just wants justice for him …

Later on … Brady holds Kristen’s hand as she pats Stefan’s casket. She heard what a true DiMera her brother was! He deserved better. She is sorry she did not know him better and swears she will never forget him. Then she places a rose with the others. Brady holds her … Will picks up Ari as she has a doctor appointment. Jordan hands her cupcake to Sonny, who points out they will arrange a playdate soon. The trio take their leave. Ciara admires the cupcakes. Jordan now serves up the murder she baked with a sugary smile and gushes they are gonna love them … Jack and Jen head off to share their news with Kayla. Eli invites Lani to see Julie with him but she has to make a few calls. Eli leaves as Gabi arrives. Lani praises her for making this possible for Julie. Gabi leers she is looking forward to her wedding and demands an invite so she can watch her dump Eli at the altar. Mad Mrs. DiMera means it too …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 24, 2019