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Episode 13,733
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sonny hugs Justin as he returns outside the house with suitcases. Will smiles. Justin was with Adrienne and son Alexander but she wanted to stop off to see the real Jack … Real Jack is struggling with his tie when Adrienne appears in her hot pink jacket and a question about a birthday. He answers correctly and she happily hugs him … Eli flirts with Lani as she finishes her work on her computer. She smiles when he states they have to be somewhere … Mrs. Stefan DiMera is on the phone. It is about tomorrow’s procedure … Victor is annoyed when leopard dress Kristen proudly hands him a picture of his greatgrandchild, with Brady standing supportively at her side …Lani and Eli enter the swanky Bistro but she feels underdressed. He reminds her they are having their reception here next week so time to cake taste … Adrienne helps Jack with his tie and teases him. He chuckles and they hug again. She assures him she spoke on the phone with Jen who seems alright. Jack smiles they are celebrating at the Bistro tonight. Adrienne excitedly texts Justin so they can join the happy couple. Jack cringes … Justin asks Will how Gabi fares. He heard about the Stefan situation. The guys eventually get going. Justin now gets Adrienne’s summons and leaves Henderson with his bags ... Jen remembers young Jack and the way they were. She is pretty in pink at the square. Kinder gentler Kate calls her beautiful. Jen muses she would have missed her and is glad she got through. Lucas was also elated. She admits she and Jack are celebrating as Eve signed the divorce papers. She is a bit nervous but Kate believes they were meant to be. She is lucky he came back from the dead. They don't usually do that …

Gabi yells when someone knocks on her door assuming it is the maid. Will and Sonny tease her majesty and insist she come to the Bistro with them tonight. She needs food and fine French cuisine is on the menu. She agrees and leaves her open folder … Lani and Eli cake taste. She talks motif and more details. He admires her eyes. Jazz plays in the background … Jen arrives at the bistro and hugs Adrienne. Elegant Jack watches with a wave … Brady assures vicious Victor that Kayla confirmed the results. He now gets a call from the dedicated doc and steps away to listen. That leaves Kristen alone with Victor, who warns him not to insult Brady’s baby. He talks tough. She praises his rich imagination. Brady comes back with Kayla’s confirmation Kristen is having HIS baby. Victor fumes and frowns … Justin realizes Adrienne invited them along. He wants to leave Jack and Jen alone … Sonny and Will arrive at the busy Bistro and more happy hugs ensue … Eli thinks Lani is more delicious than any cake. He tantalizes her with sweet icing and kisses her lips. He likes it. She gets a long face and tells him to turn around. Widow in black Gabi is glaring … Sonny and Will let Adrienne know they are here with Gabi. Meanwhile Gabi reminds Lani and Eli that she and Stefan had no reception, now she has to select his funeral suit. Eli is sorry. She sarcastically states they deserve to be happy. Lani remembers how she made her kneel and declare she did not deserve to be happy. Will and Sonny approach. Will is upbeat about Julie’s new pacemaker. Gabi mentions Stefan’s top of the line heart, takes a taste of icing and leaves … Victor wants a drink. Brady wants the mother of his child to live at the mansion. Victor warns Brady about his job already being in jeopardy. Kristen suggests a new start. Too late. Here comes Kate in her elegant blue suit. She accepts Victor’s CEO job offer. Brady looks like he has been slapped a thousand times …

Eli feels for Gabi. Lani sighs they can pick a cake and go. Eli believes the girl will overcome. After all she helped Julie …As they enjoy their bistro table Justin apologizes to Jack for being Eve’s attorney. Jack would rather forget all about Eve. He alludes to wanting to be alone with Jen and Justin spells it out to Adrienne. Jack asks them to stay for dessert while he walks Jen home. Justin insists on picking up the dinner tab and tells Jen that Jack is a lucky guy. She feels lucky and leaves with the man she loves. Adrienne thinks Justin is absolutely fabulous. He admits he was after alone time with her and they kiss in bliss … Victor claims he was covering his bases when Brady berates him for firing him when he said he would not. Kristen assumed Kate was in at DiMera. Alas the board was not loyal. Kristen gushes she will go after the top job and seethes when Kate smugly states Tony already got it … Jen walks with Jack and refers to old times. He invites her for a nightcap and their eyes romantically lock …

Kristen gets cross. Kate calls her creepy for all her recent stunts and states her life is like one of Victor’s Greek plays. Woozy Kristen leans on Brady, who threatens to move out unless he can keep his job. Victor assures him he can stay as Titan CEO and suggests Kate take her leave. She hisses to go to hell … Jack escorts Jen to his room. She makes a joke and he apologizes for taking it too fast. She stares at him dreamily and smiles there is something about him. He asks if this is alright. More than alright. She has longed for this. Him too, his whole life. He takes her in his arms and they kiss …Eli is home with Lani, who is feeling down about Gabi’s sorrow. He offers to postpone the wedding if she would prefer it. She marvels she wants to marry him asap and puts her head on his shoulder … Gabi does not want to discuss Ari and the zoo and takes off. Will knows she wants to be alone. He asks if Sonny wants a glass of wine. He grins he would rather go home with him … Justin presents Adrienne with a ring box at their table. They feel wed in his head but he lawyer in him plans to make it official. He opens the ring box and asks her to marry him. She gets emotional …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion stylish Kate gives Victor a piece of her mind. She is done with backstabbing men like him and Shin … In their room Brady complains to Kristen about Victor’s lack of loyalty. Kristen thinks the love he will have for Brady’s child is the answer. He bids her goodnight but she asks him to stay a while as a friend. Maybe if they watch a movie together it will calm her nerves. He agrees and sits by her on the bed. Kristen smiles like a cat … Eli and Lani exchange I love yous. She decides they deserve to be happy … Back at DiMera mansion Gabi promises Stefan’s last suit justice! She takes the file in her hand and stares darkly … Stunned Sonny wonders what his dad is doing. He just asked Adrienne to marry him again. She cries tears of joy. Sonny hopes for a yes and smiles with Will when they kiss. The guys happily head home … Jack loves his Jennifer Rose Horton. She loves her Jack Deveraux and they lie down …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 23, 2019