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Episode 13,732
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rolf rages to Kayla he shall hunt Ms. Horton down for his flash drive … Jen ends her kiss with Jack gushing he got Eve's divorce. Time for a new chapter … Nurse Haley has missed EMT JJ on the night shifts. They kiss in bliss … Ciara comes home to Ben, complaining Harold claimed Mrs. DiMera could not be disturbed. She feels bad for Gabi and mentions Tony moving into the mansion. Ben is baffled. Ciara assumed he took Stefano’s portrait … Woman in black Gina welcomes Stefano’s portrait to his new home … Jordan rejoins Rafe in the kitchen, back with groceries for dinner. But first she plans to bake cupcakes for David’s birthday party. Rafe is pleasantly surprised to hear she invited Ben and Ciara … Ciara is pleasantly surprised Ben is trying to build his nephew a toy chest. However, she cannot attend his party …Jack explains to Jen he has to one more thing on his list … Kayla accuses Rolf of threats against Jen. He reasons the reporter might be after his secrets … Ben is disappointed. Ciara admits being around Jordan makes her uneasy and vice versa. Ben replies sis specifically asked for her and this means much to him. He apologizes for accepting for her. Ciara smiles she will go for him … Rafe sips his coffee, impressed with Jordan’s new attitude … Jack interrupts JJ and Haley and apologizes … Roman serves Hope at the pub but is perplexed when she orders a glass of good champagne. She fibs it is for celebrating Julie and clutches her neck again … At the square Rolf demands his flash drive back from perky Jen, who smiles she does not have it. He eyes her and disagrees …

Jack stammers he wanted to speak to Haley but can come back. She is listening. He apologizes to her officially and announces he must make things right. He hates he hurt her and JJ by betraying their trust. JJ knew it was Eve pulling the strings but Jack owns it. He was consumed with power and went back to being the Jack of 1987. He swears he will never be him ever again, with help from Jen … Jen smugly states she lost the flash drive. Raging Rolf reaches for her handbag. He thunders she owes him for reviving Jack. She broke their promise of a lab space! Jen agrees with Kayla kicking him out. He growls his life’s work will not be stopped by her or anyone and points his crooked finger … Hope-Gina spits out the champagne, believing it went bad. Roman reminds her she was always more wine cooler anyway. Enter Kayla, who wonders why she was a no show at the hospital. Hope fibs she was busy with Ciara and then felt unwell … Ciara helps Ben with the toy chest. Alas the instructions are in Chinese but Ciara is no stranger to Mandarin. Ben is a step ahead and boasts he could even put things together with a pocket knife with a little help from Clyde. But papa was a bad man. Ciara is sorry. Ben is sorrier for Jordan. He had hoped that cos she had a good career and was not Clyde’s bio daughter she could escape the curse. He wanted a better life for David. Ciara believes he has one now. Ben agrees like him and gets closer … Jordan hopes she is not making the cupcakes too sweet but Rafe teases her son will love it and licks the chocolate spatula. He chuckles how his sis Ari used to spike their cupcakes with kalua. Jordan muses every family has its own secret ingredient. As Rafe turns to the sink she gets a tiny bottle from her pocket, smiles slyly and sprinkles white powder into one of the cupcake holders with a wicked grin …

Jack announces his plan to make a donation in Haley’s name to an organization that supports immigrants … but he has to find a job first. JJ and Haley are touched. Jack regains his composure and smiles he will see them later. JJ calls his girl generous cos she forgave his father. She hopes to have him in her life a long time. JJ too and they get back to kissing … Kayla checks Hope for a fever. There is none. Hope changes the subject to Julie’s pace maker. Kayla notes it is not a dramatic procedure and is happening tomorrow. She has information on the technology to share and searches in her handbag, first removing a pack of cigarettes she confiscated from a patient … Jen looks Rolf right back in the eye and alludes to his evil plans. He denies there are any and grabs her handbag. He does not see Jen is hiding the flash drive behind her back. He reasons his research could be worth millions and stops her from leaving. Jack the hero arrives and growls to unhand his wife … Roman wonders about Rolf. Kayla is miffed he made a vague threat about Jennifer having his flash drive. Hope deduce Jen does not want to give it back cos it could be about a crazy experiment …

Rolf accuses Jen of keeping his valuable flash drive. She lies she lost it. Jack defends her and makes the mad scientist leave. Jen throws her arms around him in gratitude. … JJ locks the door to make some music with Haley … Ciara helps Ben by handing him the parts. He teases her family is perfect with her grandparents even having a town square plaque. Ciara tells him she used to be a trouble maker as per Claire and then pricks her finger. Ben kisses it better. Then he puts his arms around her and they get distracted with a kiss … Back in the kitchen Jordan has completed her cupcakes. She will now add the names. Rafe notices she has an extra and suggests she add the name of baby David’s father. Jordan freaks …

After the lovin JJ and Haley have their respective shifts waiting but agree to meet back in this hospital room a little later … Jen whispers to Jack she really has Rolf’s flash drive and the mad scientist is up to something. She will take it to the Spectator IT department tomorrow to gain access. Jack has plans for before that … When Kayla and Roman step away to take a look at the pub chowder of the day, Hope turns back and takes the cigarettes from the table … Jordan snaps no way! The guy was never a father to David anyway! Rafe apologizes. She apologizes for overreacting. Rafe suggests they give a cupcake to Ari, who loves little David. Jordan agrees. The guest list for the perfect party is complete. She puts the name flags on their respective cupcakes … Ciara puts the toy duck Ben tried to give David before into the chest. He thinks they can focus on the future now that all is well. She is all for it … Jack wants a dinner date with Jen and suggests the bistro. Time to celebrate the next chapter. Jen marvels what does he mean? He wants to meet at 8 o’clock at the restaurant. She will be there. Jack walks off looking like the happiest man in the world ... Roman wonders where the cigarettes went. Outside the pub Hope starts to light up … Meanwhile Rolf addresses Stefan’s portrait pleased the phoenix shall see all the excitement he has planned … Haley greets smoking Hope, who does not recognize her for a second. She denies she smokes, crushes the cigarette under her designer shoe and haughtily walks away …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 22, 2019