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Episode 13,731
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack and Jen get a Julie update from Kayla. The doc awaits Hope so they can all discuss Julie’s pacemaker …Hope sneaks out the DiMera secret passage with Stefano’s portrait … Kristen walks and talks with Brady at the square. The mood is light … until Brady reveals he made a paternity test appointment … Nicole informs inquisitive Eric that Xander was speaking to her about Sarah … At the lavish Kiriakis mansion Maggie is surprised by Sarah’s extreme reaction to her notion of not leaving Salem … Brady assures bewildered Kristen he believes her but others are warning him. He must know this baby is his. She agrees and they walk away together … Maggie wonders. Sarah sighs it would be too hard seeing Eric and Nicole. A part of him will always be with her. Maggie assumes she means he is in her heart. Sarah is about to come clean when Dr. Rolf greets the ladies. He is seeking Xander … Nicole thinks Eric needs to know. Xander is unable to stop her … Jen gushes to Jack there is good news about Julie. He updates her on his good news about Abe being interim mayor until the next election. But he feels badly about what he did to Jen. Jen believes the world is theirs now. Eve appears, snarling about the divorce Jack asked of her … Xander suggests Nicole stop for all their sakes. Nicole fibs smitten Xander asked her to put in a good word for him to Sarah. Eric warns him to stay away for her and kicks him out … Rolf complains about being kicked out of the lab but boasts Xander has promised him a new lab for his projects. Maggie wonders why he did that. Rolf remembers delivering Sarah’s test results to Nicole, which were intended for Eric and alludes to being useful. The redhead pulls rank, decides she will have to discuss this with Victor and orders him out. She was talking to her daughter. Rolf apologizes, asks to let Xander know he was here and alludes to his projects again. Sarah and Maggie smell something sinister …

Hope is on the move outside the DiMera crypt with Stefano’s portrait … Jen and Eve exchange words. Jack asks for the divorce papers. She hands them over unsigned and warns she never will. Jen snaps she still lost. Eve announces she is a fighter who will not give him his divorce. Jen argues with her about the past. Eve vows to destroy Jen. Jack ushers her away … Hope returns to the square with only her handbag in hand. Jen complains about evil Eve and assumes Hope spoke with Kayla. Hope wonders why she would. Jen gives her a long look … Nicole promises Eric she will not play along with Xander and acts vague. Eric senses a secret and asks if Xander is back to his blackmailing ways … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Maggie presses Sarah, who is cryptic as ever, and begs her to stay. Enter elegant Xander. Sarah snaps how he could let loonie Rolf have a Titan lab … After Kayla gets her sample at the hospital Kristen gets a cramp and gasps about the baby. Brady looks worried. Kayla gets her to calm down with deep breaths. Kristen gets better and then gets another cramp. Kayla suggests an ultrasound. Brady holds hyperventilating Kristen’s shoulders …

Nicole promises Eric that Xander has nothing against her and kisses him. He hates secrets still and gushes nothing would ever change his feelings for her. She sits with him on the sofa. She wants to say … Xander points out Rolf’s projects could have potential given all he brought back from the dead. His discoveries would bring Titan attention. Sarah has seen his notes and warns he is not normal. Maggie warns Xander he has always been Stefano DiMera’s dangerous mad scientist … Jen babbles about writing an article about Julie’s cutting edge pacemaker but Hope-Gina does not seem to be interested. Jen assumes she was somewhere important. Hope-Gina updates her on a drunk driver almost hitting Ciara (not Jordan). Jen now deduces Hope was with Ciara. Hope touches her neck. Jen asks if she is alright. Rolf steps up and ominously states he too wants to know … Outside Jack stops with Eve and orders her to sigh right here right now. She sneers she is no subservient wife. He warns her he caught her covering up for Claire and threatens to send her to the slammer for obstruction of justice … Reporter Jen haughtily sends Rolf on his way. He fumes about her not needing his serum and Kayla casting him out. He boasts he will be able to continue his groundbreaking projects at another lab and leaves. Jen suddenly takes out his flash drive and whispers she will be able to figure out what he is up to … Maggie blows off Xander and wants to continue her conversation with Sarah, who sighs she cannot be around Eric and Nicole. Xander also wishes she would stay but respects the strong indie woman’s decision. Heartbroken Maggie hugs her, lets her know she loves her and goes. Sarah thanks Xander for his support. He laments he will miss her so much …

Nicole wants Eric to know … how deep is her love. He smiles he knows and understands why she had to stay away. It was for Holly’s sake. He assures her she made the right choice. She hugs him …Kristen is worried. Kayla finds the baby with the ultrasound. Brady says wow and watches his child. Kayla, however, cannot seem to find the heartbeat. Brady’s eyes fill with dread… Eve counter attacks by warning Jack he said nothing and was therefore a part of her cover-up. He refuses to give up the fair Jen and talks tough …Hope whispers where did Jen find that flash drive? She got it from Kayla and has a bad feeling about Rolf’s next high risk experiment. He is Stefano’s official mad scientist. Confused Hope momentarily forgets about having to see Kayla, and goes on her way … Kayla finally finds the heartbeat and Brady and Kristen breathe a sigh of relief. He clutches her hand … Sarah feels she has to leave. Xander murmurs he will keep an eye on mama Maggie. He asks her to return the favor by attending Eli and Lani’s wedding with him. She laughs no date. He believes he deserves something for keeping her secret. She teases that sounds like blackmail … Hope happily looks at Stefano’s portrait …

Xander teases tis gratitude and would love a night out to treat Sarah like his queen. She seems mesmerized for a moment then accepts. He thinks after their date she will decide to stay … Eric vows to keep Nicole safe from harm. She notes the only thing that would hurt is losing him again. They kiss in a bliss and she smiles. Then they head for the bedroom … Kayla presents the proud parents with baby’s first photo. She assures Brady the baby is alright. Kristen tenderly touches his face. Brady sighs. She insists this was meant to be … At the square Jenny is at her computer but access is denied to Rolf’s secret files. Here comes Jack with the signed divorce papers. She throws her arms around him. This is them now. They can really be together. They kiss in bliss … Rolf comes to Kayla for the flash drive he left in the lab. She gave it to Jen to hand over. Rolf notes she said nothing and he just saw her. Then he darkly wonders … Hope as Gina has just hung up Stefano’s portrait and smiles strangely ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 21, 2019