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Episode 13,730
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jordan opens Rafe’s kitchen door to Ben, who hands her a toy that David dropped. She wants to shut the door but he wants to talk … Hope and Ciara are both elated that Julie the fighter will be fine! Mom and daughter hug … Lani and Eli are baffled. Kayla just looked at the latest lab work. Gabi gasps Julie cannot reject Stefan’s heart … Eric admires Nicole in her red dress and gives her a kiss. He smiles he knows she still has something to tell him. She remembers Sarah’s secret and Xander’s visit … At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah is stunned to see Maggie with Xander looking ever so solemn. Mother is mad she kept a secret. Sarah wrings her hands, wondering whether HE told. Maggie admits he did. Sarah starts to tell him off. Maggie is peeved she is planning to leave Salem. Xander gives Sarah a soft look …Nicole sits and stammers Rolf came by. She wrings her hands. Eric can see she is upset but why? …. Kayla assures Gabi there was no rejection of Stefan’s heart. However her resting heart rate post-transplant is a little low and it must get better. Eli fears the worst. Kayla explains the condition can be treated. Eli asks how. Lani suggests they discuss in private. Gabi demands to hear as she also wants Stefan’s heart to go on …

Sarah feels silly. Maggie asks about her plans. Alas she has none so far. Her mother suspects she is going away on account of Eric … Eric the good suspects something serious has Nicole so rattled. She remembers Xander warning her he would bond with Sarah if he knew. She pretends she was perturbed about Kristen being preggers with Brady’s baby and being moved into the Kiriakis mansion … Jordan steps outside. In front of the fall leaves, Ben apologizes for being wrong about her trying to run over Ciara …. Ciara has a cup of tea for Hope, who suddenly clutches the back of her head in confusion … Nicole believes she is partly to blame by making a deal with the she devil. Eric reasons she had no choice. She babbles about poor Brady, whom she knows would never turn a back on a woman who was having his child. He is like Eric … Sarah states she wants to become a specialist in a big city. Today she gives Kayla her notice since Julie is stable. The redhead reasons Kayla needs time for a replacement. Xander agrees. Maggie hopes Sarah is staying for Eli and Lani’s wedding in two weeks. Xander waits with bated breath … Eli sides with Gabi staying to listen and asks Kayla what comes next. She wants to put in a pacemaker asap or ….

Ciara has water and painkillers for Hope. The sharp pain comes and goes quickly. Ciara wants to call Kayla. Hope wants no hospital again for her stress. She asks how her daughter is doing. Ciara updates her on Jordan not being the driver of the culpable car that almost hit her … Jordan insists to Ben she is better, no more darkness that Clyde left her in. She fought her way back for her baby. Ben fought his what back from the darkness thanks to Ciara and begs her to accept he is better … Kayla explains the simple way of putting in a pacemaker that would not involve any stress of surgery. She just needs family approval. Eli steps away with the good doctor. Gabi stops Lani … Sarah sighs she will stay for the wedding. Maggie hugs her as Xander grins. Once Maggie goes Sarah shuts the door and tells Xander off for letting Maggie knows she was leaving. He drawls he would do anything to keep her here and gets closer. She gasps she is still going. He teases things can happen in two weeks … Eric is proud of brother Brady and decides to tell him. He kisses Nicole and leaves … Ciara believes things will be better for Ben now. He was super protective and she confesses she is afraid he could kill someone who harmed her. Hope muses when loved ones are threatened it might make a person lose their mind … Jordan thinks there is still some spooky Clyde in Ben when he gets mad. He knows he needs his meds and only explodes when someone threatens Ciara. He will always be grateful how Jordan got him away from Clyde. They used to be so close … Jordan invites him to come over with Ciara tomorrow for David’s first birthday. They can have a small party together. Ben her baby brother is touched. She tearily tells him it could be their new start …

Hope recalls how hard she was on Ben just like he now is with Jordan. She also remembers how she went after Stefano because of Bo. Ciara points out he survived. Hope is glad about that but admits she still harbors regrets … Gabi gives Lani a hard time and calls her the beech who offed her husband … Xander visits Nicole and lets her know they have two weeks to do something … Maggie gets herself a cup of coffee. Eric rushes in announcing he knows about the baby. Stunned Sarah drops her breakfast tray of fruit and toast … Xander warns Nicole she would lose Eric. He is not ready to lose Sarah … Eric explains he heard from Rolf that Kristen has a bun in the oven and Brady moved her in. Maggie cleans the mess. Eric apologizes for upsetting Sarah, and hears she is staying in Salem for the family wedding. That means two weeks more though she is not happy about having Kristen at the house. He asks about Brady. She will let him know he stopped by when she sees him. Eric breathes thanks … Hope is about to leave when she gets another pain in her head. Ciara offers her a ride home Hope gets a glint in her eye, decides she has an errand to take care of, and departs …

Eli returns before Lani can repeat her explanation about what happened with Vivian to Gabi. Mrs. DiMera asks him to keep her posted on Julie’s procedure. He thanks her profusely again and she goes … Ben comes home after ending a call to Gabi, agreeing to stay on as head of DiMera security. He sees the painkillers. Ciara admits Hope needed one but it did not seem to work … Hope ominously approaches the portrait of Stefano the great and powerful … Eli praises Gabi to Lani, who is not smiling … Gabi promises Stefan’s picture she will make his enemies pay. Meanwhile she will run DiMera and keep his legacy alive. She flashes back to Kayla referring to the electrical impulses to the heart. Kayla planned to contact the manufacturer. Gabi now opens her file on Visionary Bionics and makes a call. She leaves a message to call Mrs. Stefan DiMera right away … Ciara snuggles on the sofa with Ben. He grins it went well with Jordan … In the kitchen Jordan smirks she will make tomorrow’s party one no one will forget … Sarah gets emotional when she finds Arianna’s pink doll on the sofa. Maggie insists she is hiding something … Nicole insists she will tell Eric the whole truth, much to Xander’s dismay. Eric comes home and growls why the hell is he here … Kayla calls Hope to meet her. Hope agrees after she takes care of something. Then she smiles strangely and slips into the secret DiMera tunnel with Stefano’s portrait …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, October 18, 2019