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Episode 13,729
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will has flowers for Kate at the hospital when he runs into coffee drinking Lucas. Moments later Lucas catches her trying to sneak out in her stylish blue suit … Jack tenderly wakes Jen up in the morning, with good news about Julie’s heart seeming to be a success. He has coffee for Jen, who smiles and assumes Hope is with Julie. Not exactly… Stylish Hope admires a Gabi Chic handbag through a store window at the square. Abe calls her name and notes she seemed miles away … Kayla is positive about Julie’s vitals. Doug jokes he needs to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Julie wakes up and teases the old mare is right here … Gabi wakes up mourning Stefan all over again. Tears of torment flow as she puts on his jacket to feel his nearness. Then she gets back in bed … Lucas wonders what Kate is doing. Heading home, Will reasons Kayla has to sign her release. She insults the doc. Lani and Eli appear, ready to see Julie. Kate makes her great escape into the elevator, much to Lucas’ dismay. She already called a car and waves to give her best to Julie … Julie and Doug hold hands as she remembers her dream they were dancing. When she hears she needed a heart transplant she hopes it was not Kate’s. Kayla explains Kate recovered. Julie weakly wonders then whose … Gabi has ignored calls from Will, Sonny and Rafe. She cries her heart out, still missing Stefan …

Jen loves that Jack the life saver was at her side all night and brought good coffee. No regular roast for him! She appreciates his support. He is sorry he was not at her side before. She notes no more guilt and wants him to believe in his good heart. He takes her hand and admits he has to make something right. She assures him she will be alright and he departs as sweet music plays … Hope smiles she was thinking of Gabi. Abe asks if Julie is awake from her operation. Hope admits she left to clear her head and has been feeling strange from the stress. Abe watches her with concern. She tells him tis taking a toll … Doug updates Julie on how she came to have the heart of Stefan DiMera. When she hears Gabi gave him the heart she gasps she owes the girl her life … Knock knock! Tis Kate, who insists on seeing Gabi to make sure she is alright. She is sorry … Gabi accuses her of wanting Stefan gone. Kate denies it. Gabi screams this is all her fault cos of her war with Vivian. She cries it is unfair and Kate hugs her as she sobs like a lost child …Abe invites Hope to accompany him to the pub for breakfast. She gets a text from Jen that Julie woke up. Abe assumes she wants to go see her now. She snaps WHY sounding like Princess Gina, than morphs back into Hope, gushing she cannot wait … Jolly Jen joins Lucas and Will, who are still waiting to see Julie. Alas Lucas is returning to Europe today. The guys laugh about Kate leaving the hospital on her own terms …

Gabi is sorry. Kate understands her grief. Gabi blames Vivian. Kate argues her life must be hell for losing her son … Eli and Lani join Julie and Doug, happy to have the matriarch back. They discuss the kindness of Gabi. Lani goes silent. She has a bad feeling … Gabi complains to Kate that Lani put the public at risk when she went after Vivian. She should suffer too … Abe is having breakfast and coffee at the popular pub. Jack enters and recalls their unusual breakfasts when they were stranded on an island once a time. Abe is happy he got his memory back. Jack announces he owes him a huge apology … Kayla apologizes to Jen for not seeing how nutty Henry was before it was too late. Jen thinks all ended well and they did not even need Rolf’s serum. Kayla kicked Rolf out of the lab but he left behind a flash drive. Jen offers to return it to him and wonders what secrets are on it … Hope feels strange but keeps on walking past the pub … Julie refuses to let Lani and Eli postpone their wedding. Tis all arranged already! Doug agrees with her. She argues she will be there in spirit and their happiness will make her heart heal. Lani gazes at Eli … Gabi hisses about Lani getting what she deserves. Kate the revenge expert suggests she focus on her grief. Gabi decides to focus on Kate for the moment. Kate complains Shin gave her CEO position to Tony until she is recovered and he is not letting her back now. She suspects Tony will be in and she will be out. She is considering going back to Titan as CEO and swears Gabi to secrecy. Gabi wishes she would not. Kate suggests Mrs. Stefan DiMera get acquainted with the work Stefan was doing and speak to Shin cos she should be in charge. Gabi suddenly decides that is how she will keep Stefan’s dreams alive …

Back at the pub good man Abe thinks no apologies are necessary as they know Jack was not himself when he attacked him on the campaign trail. Jack offers him the mayor’s job to make amends … Kate meets Lucas and Will at the square, disappointed when Lucas declares he must depart. Will referees and makes them hug it out … Hope and Jen hop into Julie’s room, over the moon. Hope called Shawn and Belle with the beautiful news. Julie cracks a joke. Hope and Jen remind her how much they prayed. Doug is pleased their prayers were answered. Hope gets her rosary out and stares at it strangely for a few seconds before handing it back. Julie now wants a word with Gabi … Gabi is surrounded by Stefan’s papers and a file on visionary bionics when she gets a call from Julie via Doug’s phone. She asks her to come right away for a conversation … Abe was not expecting this. Jack admits he played dirty and decided to resign right away. Abe is flattered. However, that is not how it works. Jack refers to Salem’s Charter. He will convince the city council to appoint Abe interim mayor …

Hope ends a happy call with Ciara at the park and then gets a strange sensation in her head. She sits down. Kate asks if she is alright. She hisses not to touch her … Outside Julie’s room Eli hugs Lani and agrees with Julie’s request. He would rather wed sooner than later. Lani smiles. Everything is perfect. PERFECT snaps Gabi, who growls she has to plan a funeral …Kayla fears seeing Gabi will upset Julie, who insists she owes her a huge thank you. Doug will make sure she rests after. Julie gushes she is going to be fine. Dr. Kayla pauses and she notices. Doug does too … Abe admits he would appreciate Jack’s move. They stand up when Jen enters. Jack lets her know she is now looking at the future mayor of Salem. He hopes they are still friends. Abe welcomes him home and they hug … Hope covers by claiming she was stressed about Julie and scurries away. Kate senses something is amiss … Eli and Lani are sorry for Gabi’s loss. Eli thanks her for saving Julie. Gabi coldly came to speak to Julie and questions her gratitude. All of a sudden Kayla emerges and sighs no one can see Julie now. She needs more tests ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 17, 2019