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Episode 13,728
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chapel Gabi cries she begged God to return Stefan to her … Rafe catches up with Jordan at the square. She wants to support him and his grieving sister, then invites him to come on her and baby’s stroll. Here comes Ben to confront her about what she did to Ciara … At the Kiriakis castle Victor wonders why Ciara brought by her great report at night … Nicole admits to Xander she read the paper and is aware Sarah is preggers. Eric must be the father … Eric is upset about Sarah wanting to move and asks if it is cos of him. She soap stares and remembers her secret state. Then she gets herself coffee and admits she has feelings she finds it hard to fight. He regrets hurting her. She is happy he is with Nicole but it is hard seeing them together. Time to go elsewhere … Xander confirms Sarah confided she was with child but Eric might not be the fatha. Nicole repeats what Rolf said about Eric needing the news. Xander admits she is right and snaps to say nothing to Eric … Ciara just felt the need to see Victor given what happened with Julie. He cackles he will not croak … Ben thinks Jordan needs help. She hisses no one will take her from her son. Ben is certain she was driving the car and adds he is here about her stalking and spooking Ciara in the elevator. Rafe is all ears … Gabi weeps she always went to mass in her best dress when she had only one. Now she has many dresses but no love of her life. Sonny and Will arrive and are sorry. She sniffles Stefan’s heart is now in Julie. Will tells her for a few days it will be touch and go …

Victor gives Ciara a pep talk about fighter women in the family and brings up Jordan, what Ben said. She tells him about the scary run-in in the elevator as well … Rafe is suspicious. Ben warns him Ciara will be hurt unless he does something …Eric uses the G word. Grateful. Sarah sighs she would hate to spoil his happiness with Nicole … Xander sighs Sarah wants to leave Salem to get away from Eric and Nicole. He planned to use Eric to make her stay then realized it would backfire. Nicole scoffs. He warns her Sarah could steal Eric away so she snaps she and Eric are solid. He warns her if Eric knows then he and Sarah will have an eternal bond … Eric marvels at Sarah’s selflessness. She calls him kind and honest. He deserves his happily ever after so … He wishes she would stay but accepts her decision to go. She assures him they will be fine. He wonders why the “we” … Gabi gets upset when Sonny and Will give her a bag of Stefan’s belongings … Jordan wants Rafe to leave with her. He asks if she was following Ciara. She replies she wanted to reapply for her job, hence her hospital presence. Rafe gets a call with an ID on the driver …

Ciara assures Victor that Jordan did not attack her but still she worries. She gives him a hug and steps out to call Hope for a Julie update. After she goes the protective Greek patriarch gets on his phone and orders Jordan offed tonight. Ciara comes back, worried as she heard the transplant is taking a long time. He tries to make her feel better and alludes to wanting her safe … The car that almost hit Ciara belonged to a drunk driver who confessed! Ben does not buy it but Rafe does and goes on to tell him to keep his distance from his sister. Then he heads home with her … Sarah stammers she was referring to herself, Eric and everyone involved. He teases to keep in touch. She talks facebook. He laughs facebook is for baby pictures and such and smiles their relationship is deeper … Xander informs Nicole how close Eric and Sarah were. Furthermore, she can give him a family. If Eric finds out she is having a baby they will become a real family. Nicole wants Xander gone and hisses nothing will threaten her and Eric’s happiness. He knows she knows better and warns she would lose everything. He slyly suggests she misplace the envelope and hold onto the man she loves. She shows him the door and he departs after suggesting she say nothing for all their sakes … Sarah smiles and hugs Eric, agreeing they do have something deep. Then she woefully bids him goodbye. He goes on his way … Sweet Sonny and Will leave Gabi in her room, assuring her Ari will be well with the sitter. They exchange I love yous. Alone on the big bed Gabi breaks down … Ben calls Victor with an update on the cops claiming a drunk driver almost hit Ciara. He asks him to refrain from taking action against Jordan. Victor hangs up. Ciara is already home and wonders to whom Ben was speaking …

Home with Rafe and the baby, Jordan swears she would never harm Ciara. Rafe apologizes for ever doubting her. She smiles she will get dinner started and he takes the little man to bed. A bearded man knocks on the kitchen door and she opens it. He is pretending to be pizza delivery. Jordan notes she did not order any. Victor texts his goon to cancel the delivery. The fake pizza man apologizes for making a mistake and lets her keep the pizza … Ben changes the subject to being glad Ciara is back. He wanted to call her. She gushes about Victor appreciating her good work. He updates her on the drunk driver. He regrets accusing Jordan but Ciara things he was right to suspect her. She probes his call and he claims he was speaking to George in security. She thinks Stefan was lucky to have Ben as the best head of security. He sighs he deserved better. He hugs her when she shares that his heart was already taken for Julie … Gabi remembers Stefan sweetly putting his last present to her around her neck. They kissed like there was no tomorrow. Gabi sobs and screams her heart out …

Xander is a mess as he gets himself a drink muttering little missy should not run her mouth. Sarah has overheard and teases which little missy … Nicole leaves the envelope in a drawer. Eric comes home and wonders what is the matter. She needs to tell him something … As Victor gets texted the delivery was cancelled, he notes it is only for now. Meanwhile Jordan and Rafe eat the delicious free pizza. They toast with their sodas and she calls it her lucky day … Ciara snuggles with Ben, so sorry about Stefan. He calls her his world and kisses her. She pauses and wonders whether they will get good news about Julie, whether Stefan’s heart saved her … Gabi weeps why would Stefan give her his heart and then leave her! She looks in his last bag of belongings and hangs onto his wedding ring, crying like a baby … Xander makes up a story about worrying about a merger. Sarah admits she had no chance to quit yet but is still leaving Salem. Then she heads to bed. Xander quietly hopes Nicole will not spill the baby beans to Eric … Eric stops Nicole to say his news first. Sarah is leaving Salem. He calls it a closed chapter and wonders what she wanted to say. She decides it will keep and leads him to bed instead …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 16, 2019