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Episode 13,727
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate gets cut off by Shin and throws her phone. Here comes Victor with flowers. He heard about Viv’s viciousness. She sighs Tony was worse, stabbing her in the back … Anna wishes Tony had turned down Shin, She got their European tickets! He apologizes to darling but it matters not where the lovebirds are … At the square café John and Marlena mull over Hope’s strange behavior. He grumbles about Brady’s situation. Brady steps up and reminds him Kristen is having his baby … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander begs Kristen for Rolf’s number and blurts out he did something that could backfire … Rolf informs Nicole he bears important information for Eric only … John can understand Brady wants to do right by his kid. Marlena worries Kristen will try to take advantage. Brady assures them after the baby is born she will move out. John is flabbergasted when he finds out Brady moved her into the mansion. Marlena believes he was manipulated again … Xander comes clean to Kristen about what he asked Rolf to do … Nicole tries to blow off Rolf. He came not for her but for Eric! He gives her the evil eye when she replies he is not here … Eric runs into Sarah at the hospital while waiting to see someone from the center who had a panic attack. He perceives Sarah is pale and stressed. She replies she has a reason …

Anna sits by Tony and suggests Kate. He assumes she will be back at the helm after she is better and promises then the future shall be theirs. Anna sulks he spoke to Shin about all the details and never asked her … Kate fumes about Tony being temporary CEO. Victor has a proposition … Sarah speaks of her long surgery with Stefan’s heart. Eric suggests she head home but she has to speak to Kayla. She passes out and he catches her … Rolf barges in and announces he will wait for Eric. Nicole suggests he tell her whatever it is and she will pass it on. There are no secrets between them. Rolf got some big news back at the Kiriakis mansion …John puts his coffee cup down and stands up, Marlena at his side. She tries to make Brady see Kristen’s manipulations. John drawls she does want more. Brady shall resist. John reminds him of her history. Marlena wonders about Victor’s reaction. Brady frowns he threatened to fire him … Xander shares with Kristen that he wanted Eric to find out Sarah was having his baby so he would make her stay in Salem. But now he realizes it could cost him Sarah … Eric has water for Sarah, who admits she has not eaten a while. The faithful fellow goes to get her food … Nicole is shocked to hear that Brady has moved Kristen into the Kiriakis mansion. But that was not Rolf’s big news, that was just gossip. He hands her the envelope with something he claims to have stumbled upon …

Tony updates Anna on Kate’s condescending reaction. He wants to prove he can do this job that is in his DiMera blood. He plans to make Anna proud … Victor compliments Kate and invites her back to Titan. She cannot work under Brady so he offers to fire him … John assures Brady he is proud of him. He and Marlena are here. Brady must pick up prenatal vitamins and excuses himself … Xander gasps Eric could go from Nicole to Sarah if he knew she was having his baby. Kristen teases he did not think ahead. He gasps and if Sarah found out he had spilled her secret she would hate him until the end of time! He now growls at Kristen to give him Rolf’s number … Rolf refuses to let Nicole have the envelope but Eric will want to know what is inside. She promises to give it to him and not sneak a peek. He grunts and gives it to her. Nicole puts it down and ponders … Eric has yogurt for Sarah. She felt sad and stressed about Stefan’s life ending. He praises her patience and humanity, referring to how she helped him with Holly. She is happy he is back with Nicole now. He will always remember what they meant to one another and apologizes for their ending. She tells him timing is a strange thing and touches her tummy …

Nicole pours herself a glass of orange juice but her gaze returns to the secret letter from Rolf … Victor complains to Kate about Brady moving pregnant Kristen into the Kiriakis castle. He warned him there would be consequences! Now he cannot trust him cos Kristen has her claws in him … Kristen hisses to unhand her. Xander asks if she will help him. She lets him use her phone to reach Rolf, who answers and updates him on leaving the test results with Nicole Walker. Xander races off … Anna smiles she is already proud of her Tony. He wants to take care of her and hopes she will let him. She blushes and bats her eyes … Kate is tempted but believes she belongs at DiMera. Victor warns her Tony will not want to give up the reins of power. Kate sighs she knows there is Tony and Kristen and Gabi to contend with but … Victor argues there would be no battle involved at Titan. She would be in complete control …

Kristen closes her baby names book when Brady comes back and wonders what took so long. He ran into John and Marlena at the square. She is pleased to hear he spoke about the baby. He hands her a big bottle of prenatal vitamins and also has a calming lavender lotion. She thanks him for his sweetness but he keeps his distance … Nicole picks up the envelope … Sarah finishes her yogurt, giggles her gratitude and sends Eric back to Nicole to celebrate his birthday. He is surprised se remembered. She had made plans but has no resentment. He assures her things are good between them. She replies she is leaving Salem … Anna loves Tony the courtly DiMera. He points out the manners are part of him as is the DiMera legacy. She fears he will become a different DiMera if he is drawn in. He promises things will work for she matters most and it is all for her. She hugs him … Victor assures Kate her CEOship would be drama free and she will call the shots. He argues his is the better offer. She cordially thanks him and will need a few days. He gives her 24 hours …John walks with Marlena at the square and calls Kristen a danger for Brady to be around. Marlena worries she might have more plans … Brady bears a gift for Kristen – a Gabi Chic Shawl for the drafty house. She is pleased when he places it on her as asked. Eerie music plays. He will see her at dinner and sighs he must make some calls as his days as Titan CEO do seem to be numbered. She is sorry. He assures her it will be alright and walks away … Eric wants details. Sarah smiles she might move somewhere with nice weather like L.A. He realizes she has no job lined up. He argues she has family here and wonders whether she is leaving Salem because of him … Xander bangs at Nicole’s door and she opens. He wants the envelope back. Too late. She already sneaked a peek!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 15, 2019