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Episode 13,726
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric ends a happy birthday call, surprised by Nicole in her bathrobe. She shows off her new negligee. They passionately kiss … Anna and Tony toast their glasses and she marvels how marvelous their time alone has been. She wants him to have … the engagement ring she originally gave Roman. She asks him to propose. Tony pauses. Alas he cannot … Roman bears a balloon and flowers for Kate who is wearing stylish pajamas in her hospital bed. He wonders why she also got flowers from Rolf … At the Kiriakis castle, Rolf is asked by Xander to hand Eric the results of Sarah’s paternity test. He warns it might backfire but smitten Xander believes nothing would ever make Eric leave Nicole … Eric and Nicole are kissing on the couch. Knock knock. Marlena calling and she gets the spare key. The couple jump up in a hurry … Roman muses Rolf might have helped revive Kate. She just wishes he had not revived Viv … Hope stares into space holding Julie’s rosary and remembers hearing Rolf’s distinct voice … Anna is miffed Tony does not want to wed. He is just refusing the used ring and teases to be patient. She smiles they are living in sin and they get back on the bed. Smooch … Marlena is just as surprised as Nicole and Eric and wishes her son a happy birthday … Roman updates Kate on Gabi agreeing to give Julie Stefan’s heart. Kate questions how Gabi could fall for Stefan. Roman wonders how Julie will feel with the DiMera heart … John approaches Hope. He heard about Julie and asks if she is alright …

Roman assures Kate that Julie could not be changed even by Stefan’s heart. Kate wants to get back to biz. He suspects she is worried about losing power at DiMera. She laughs when she learns competitor Kristen is busy with Brady. Brady might get fired by furious Vic, which would free up Titan for her to run too… Now dressed Anna announces she is returning items at the town square. Tony suspects she is hard on cash but she coos she has enough for the both of them. The proud DiMera declares he must be the breadwinner. Anna teases him, gives him a kiss and goes on her way. He now gets a call … Hope explains she is exhausted but things look better for Julie. Now they only need pray. John picks up the rosary she has dropped yet again. She admits she heard a voice in the chapel but saw no one there. John teases it could have been God and she gives him a hug … Rolf believes Sarah is a nobody but Xander begs to differ. He asks Rolf to name his price …

Marlena stammers sorry, hands Eric his birthday cake and starts to go. Nicole insists she stay and goes to get some clothes on. Marlena updates Eric on Julie’s new heart. She brings up Sarah, who still seems to harbor feelings for him. Marlena is not sold on his new happily ever after. She wonders whether he is really over her as Nicole listens in her black outfit and glam earrings ... John admires the rosary Julie got on a cruise. Hope refers to Rolf finding it last time. John wonders why he would be at a hospital chapel. Hope updates him on his lab though Jack now has his memory back and Kayla wants him gone. John has his doubts about the not so good doctor’s reason for lurking around longer … Xander orders Rolf to say he only saw the envelope lying around when he came to see Kristen. He must keep his name out of it. He offers big money but Rolf wants something else … Eric admits to Marlena he spoke to Sarah recently about a misunderstanding he had that she was preggers. Nicole comes back to celebrate. Marlena politely takes her leave. Nicole admits she overheard … Anna meets Roman at the town square café. She is taking back her proposal and puts the ring on the table … Tony enters Kate’s room. He regrets he arrived too late to say goodbye to Stefan, whom he did not get to know. He refers to the drama at DiMera with Kristen and adds he was surprised to hear from Shin. He asked him to replace Kate as DiMera CEO. Kate snaps over her dead body …

Anna gushes about her romantic reconciliation with Tony. She suggests Roman sell the ring and keep the cash for his troubles. He grins he is just relieved they got back together. She is just relieved he has turned his back on the DiMeras and their dastardly business … Kate will not give up her control on the company. Tony notes he never had any interest in running the old empire and grins like a devil when she tells him to call Shin now to turn him down … Rolf needs a new lab. Xander gets worried. Rolf reveals he is hard at work on a secret project … John is highly suspicious of Rolf and reminds forgiving Hope of his history. Here comes Marlena, sorry for interrupting. John notes it was nothing more than a bad trip down memory lane … Nicole sits down in her little black dress. Eric admits Marlena was pro-Sarah but knows Nicole is the love of his life. She woefully states Sarah could give him a child unlike her. He assures her he loves Holly like his own and points out he used to be a priest. She asks if Sarah was with child would he leave her?? Eric soap stares …

Over coffee Anna updates Roman on her wedding plans with Tony. They have been busy early honeymooning but have the same dreams … Tony tells Kate about Anna’s expensive tastes. Kate quips she is rich. He would rather earn his own way. Kate questions his qualifications. He replies with sly sarcasm and airily leaves … Marlena notices Hope is pale. John asks when she last ate. Last night. Marlena invites her to supper with them … Xander fears Rolf will create a disaster. He promises his plans are of the good variety and claims the clock is ticking. Xander agrees to the new lab with his list of requirements. They shake on the deal as eerie music plays … Eric points out to Nicole that Sarah is not preggers. She laments he could leave her the same way he left Sarah … He insists Nicole is his one and only and kisses her… Xander imagines Sarah staying in Salem, announcing she was back with Eric … At the square Rolf runs into hawkish John, Marlena and Hope and tries to keep going. Hope stops him. She thanks him for returning her rosary. He stammers that is all? Indeed. Rolf takes off. Hope laments she lost her appetite and also takes off to go home, turning down John’s offer of a ride. John and Marlena have a bad feeling … Power hungry Kate is on a call with Shin insisting no need for Tony but it is too late … Tony comes back to Anna, who has booked their flights to Paris. He gushes he cannot go yet cos he got a job here in Salem. He will be able to buy her engagement ring. When he declares he will be running DiMera, she pushes him away … Xander realizes his plan could backfire with Sarah and decides to stop Rolf. He texts him but tis too late. Nicole opens Eric's door to mad messenger Rolf, who says an ominous helloooooooooo ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 14, 2019