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Episode 13,725
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sarah helps herself to coffee as shirtless Xander approaches. She is most miffed about seeing Kristen upstairs. He coos Brady wants to look after Kristen the way he wants to look after her. He hopes she decided to stay in Salem …Rolf talks to himself while holding Hope’s fallen rosary. His plan is perfect for his special patient. Kayla has overheard his mention of a patient and wants a name … Eli enters the hospital chapel and wakes Hope up. She sits up and holds her head. Then she gives him a strange look. Even stranger music plays … Doug assures his sleeping sweetheart he is here. Here come supportive Jen and Jack who share that JJ is going to appeal to Gabi … Lani wonders what Gabi’s condition is … Hope holds her sore arm and admits to Eli she is fatigued. She feels the lost time … Rolf warns Kayla against eavesdropping. She repeats the question. He remembers what he did to Hope and lies he was referring to Jack since he finished the serum. He is mad to hear Jen’s love brought him back and announces he will interview Mr. Deveraux and conduct experiments. Kayla kicks him out of the lab instead … Doug updates Jack and Jen on his discussion with Gabi … Gabi knows Lani loves Eli. She just lost the love of her own life! Lani wonders where this is going. Gabi the queen of fashion and fury makes her beg … Xander gets his shirt on. Sarah considered his claim he would go back to his wicked ways if she went away and calls it blackmail. She suggests he think of Eric and Nicole, what it would mean. He reminds her mama Maggie is here. Sarah insists going away is best for her and baby. Xander argues it would not be hard to have a nice life in the Kiriakis castle. He pokes fun at her supreme selflessness. She gets very testy …

Rolf reminds Kayla he has a deal with Jack and Jennifer. Kayla, however, pulls rank. He reluctantly agrees to leave. Kayla now notices Julie’s rosary that Hope picked up for the fading flower and demands an explanation … Hope deduces she fell asleep and had some kind of dream. Eli updates her on Gabi refusing to help. Even Rafe could not get through … Jen is so sorry. Doug nods. He assured Gabi he would not judge her. She and Julie had bad blood on account of Nick. Jen is mad Gabi seems to want the last laugh. Jack notes now is not the time. Doug believes in the Lord saying to love thy neighbor. He hopes for Julie to slip away in peace. Jen hugs him. Julie’s machine goes haywire … Raging Gabi orders Lani to beg her for forgiveness and repeat she is the one calling the shots. Lani does as asked. Gabi has to go on for Ari but she will grieve Stefan for all the days of her life. Lani begs her not to punish Eli for her actions. Gabi orders her to kneel down so she does and begs her for Doug and Julie. Gabi agrees. Lani is grateful. Gabi decides they are not done … Doug cries noooooo and asks Jen to fetch the doctor …Hope sits with Eli and sighs she came to this place to pray. Eli is sorry to inform her Doug knows about Gabi’s refusal. They stand and she sways. Then she wonders where Julie’s rosary is. It was in her hand. Jen enters. Tis time to say goodbye … The candles flicker … Rolf fibs to Kayla he found that talisman on the floor and wanted to take it to lost and found. Kayla gets the text about Julie slipping away and takes off. Rolf deduces it is too late …

Back at the elegant Kiriakis mansion Xander believes he knows wot is best for Sarah. She snaps he can do nothing to change her mind so he grabs her in a passionate kiss and she kisses him back … She stops and he murmurs there is something between them. She claims to know her mind and calls him an ape. Then she storms out to the hospital to tell Kayla she is quitting. He gazes after her, grinning she does not want to go … Gabi accuses Lani of having no remorse. Lani assures her she will live with what she did for the rest of her life. Gabi makes her say she does not deserve to be happy. Then she lets her go give the others the good news …Jen calls Julie the Horton warrior to Jack, who holds her. Doug weeps to Hope about the alarm. Kayla comes. Tis time to say goodbye. All of a sudden Lani rushes out announcing Gabi agreed. Eli hugs her and Doug thanks God for another miracle as Hope hugs him … Xander holds Sarah’s framed picture. Rolf arrives to see Kristen. Xander warns him Victa will not be happy to see Stefano’s henchman in the house. Rolf notices his happy mood and notes he usually kidnaps women instead of mooning. Xander gets his coffee. Rolf refers to fallout from Sarah not ending her pregnancy. Xander admits she wants to leave town. Rolf argues only Eric could convince her to stay … but he would have to find out he was the baby daddy. Xander gets to thinking ...

Kayla orders arrived Sarah to get scrubbed stat cos they have a transplant waiting … Jen marvels about the miracle to Hope, who touches her hair in slow motion. Jen senses she is not quite herself … Eli is impressed Lani was able to get Gabi to change her mind. Meanwhile Gabi lies beside Stefan and admits she could have killed Lani but Arianna cannot grow up in a town where everyone hates her mother. Mrs. DiMera now whispers she will make it her life’s mission to get revenge on Lani … Jen sits Hope down. Hope slowly states she is just stressed. Jen assures her it will go well for Julie. However, Hope feels strangely distant … Eli will never forget what Lani did and embraces her. She sighs Gabi was in such pain … Sympathetic Sarah gets Gabi to sign the papers. This is her last moment alone with a living breathing Stefan. She sobs he was so alive and this is not right … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Xander holds Sarah’s test results in hand. Her Romeo decides to make sure Eric finds out about her pregnancy so she does not leave town. But it cannot come from him directly … Gabi remembers her romance with Stefan and woefully states they were supposed to be forever … Sarah warns her time is almost up. Gabi sobs with her head on his heart … Doug assures somewhat stabilized Julie her new heart is imminent … Hope is stunned when Kayla gives her Julie’s rosary, which Rolf said he found somewhere … Xander asks Dr. Rolf to deliver this envelope to Eric. The mad scientist peers at him ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, October 11, 2019