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Episode 13,724
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Victor refuses to welcome Kristen at the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie arrives and toys with her hair … Eli explains to Lani how livid Gabi is. She would never want to save Julie’s life. Doug overhears and gasps they got another donor? Meanwhile sorry Sonny and Will join Gabi in Stefan’s room. She gets he is gone and Sonny gives her a hug. Now she needs to … Rolf injects Hope in the arm. She gasps what the hell? Rolf leers she will soon learn what he did …Lani and Eli deny it but Doug heard them mention a donor. He demands the truth. Eli updates him on braindead Stefan being a possibility. He marvels it would be a miracle but they are sorry to say Gabi said no … Grieving Gabi sits on Stefan’s bed. The weeping widow has to disconnect him from life support and let him have a proper burial. Will wishes she would wait …Victor assumes stylish Maggie supports his no. Maggie asks Brady to explain. Kristen is having a high risk pregnancy. Victor scowls. Maggie argues Brady is thinking of his baby. Victor thinks Brady is being fooled again. Brady complains crazy Rolf was about to move in with Kristen … In the lab Hope gasps she must get to Kayla and falls to the floor. Rolf wickedly wishes her sweet dreams … Victor questions whether Brady is really the father. Kristen insists she only slept with him. Brady believes her and points out they must wait a while for a paternity test. Maggie warns Victor not to argue anymore. Glowing Kristen claims she has to be low stress. Vic quips to go easy on the psychotic episodes. Kristen notes Rolf is no stranger. Brady would rather be near the baby. Victor warns him not to be taken in. Brady gets testy, calls it temporary and wants to take her to her new room. Vic threatens to fire him …

Eli sighs he spoke to Gabi, who turned him down. Doug hears Gabi was against Julie having her husband’s heart given their history … Will appeals to Gabi for Julie. She snaps what about her and her husband! She also accuses Sonny of hating him and calls Stefan kind. He took a bullet for Vivian. She wishes they were on her side! Sonny and Will assure her they are. She screams they are lying. Will calls this the last chance for Julie. Gabi believes Julie will blame her for Nick forever. No Stefan heart! Will warns that means two funerals tomorrow and if she allows Julie to perish … Rolf rages at Hope for taking revenge on the great Stefano. However unlike the phoenix who rose from the ashes, she shall not … Brady is appalled Victor would throw him out but the Greek tycoon means it … Gabi gasps that sounds like a guilt trip. Sonny denies it and warns her her decision would be a permanent one. Will points out one day Ari will find out and they raised her to be sweet and forgiving. Gabi declares she is different. Will calls her a good mom. Sonny promises they will respect her decision but would not want her to wake up with regret … Rolf has sleeping Hope on a lab chair. He calls her a pet project and laughs wickedly, approaching with his scalpel …

Maggie tries to cover but Victor means it. Brady quits as CEO and gets going upstairs with Kristen …Sonny argues Gabi might feel differently about her decision. Gabi wishes they would drop it. Will notes once Stefan is off the machines it is the point of no return. She gets upset and the guys let her know they love her either way. They hug her and head out. She whimpers at Stefan’s side … Eli wishes to Lani he had been able to convince Gabi. She suggest they focus on the future. Matter of fact Rafe offered to help. Will and Sonny emerge and Will admits they had no luck … Doug comes into Stefan’s room. Gabi looks up at him … Kristen thanks Brady and apologizes for creating conflict between him and Victor again. Brady claims he quit not for her but for the baby. She is relieved he removed her from that stressful room and hugs him, marveling how much him standing up to Victor meant … Lani lets Sonny and Will know that Rafe is en route. She offers to get them the update on Julie they are waiting for so they can go to Ari. Compassionate Rafe arrives. They thank him and leave. Rafe will do his best but has low expectations … Rolf wipes blood from his scalpel and cackles that step went well. Now for the next one …

Doug is not there to make a demand to but let Gabi know how sorry he is for her losing the love of her life. He finds himself facing the same thing. She listens as he breaks down about understanding her reason for refusing. He calls her their only hope and her tears flow. Doug promises not to judge her for only God can judge. Gabi looks down at sleeping Stefan. Sad music plays … Maggie warns Victor he will not find anyone as good as Brady who wants to be CEO. He even praised his timing when DiMera was in dire straits. He growls he does not want Kristen to get her claws into him. The wise redhead reminds him of his own words. Keep friends close but enemies closer. Victor quietly considers … Brady sternly makes Kristen stop and leaves the bedroom … Will and Sonny discuss Gabi’s situation at the square. Lani calls with Kayla’s latest on Julie. Alas no chance. Will sighs to Sonny she has little time. Sonny prays Rafe will work his magic … Gabi bitterly calls Rafe the big guns and screams to leave her alone.

Victor tries to call Sonny but Maggie reminds him he would never accept his CEO offer. Brady appears to return his company access card. The Greek tycoon growls to keep it. He can be CEO for now. However, his life will blow up with Kristen DiMera … Kristen poses on the bed and purrs she will get Brady back beside her soon … Pleased Rolf picks up Hope’s fallen rosary and states he is a precise scientist. But the body of his work is not always within his control. He thinks Hope would say sometimes one must have faith! Meanwhile Eli enters the chapel and finds her fast asleep on a pew. She slowly opens her eyes …Gabi summons Lani to Stefan’s room to announce she is giving her husband’s heart to Julie. Lani starts to thank her. But sneaky Gabi has a condition attached …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 10, 2019