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SATAN HITS SALEM AGAIN Starring John, Hattie, Andre, Hope, Gina, Abigail, Stefan, Kristen Dr. Rolf, gangster Doug and Julie, Angelica and more ...!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Episode 13,457
1320 words

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Now without further ado ...


Hattie has had a bad dream. John enters. She dreamt Marlena’s patients were bothering her. John suggests she go back to being herself but she refuses to return to Statesville. John orders her to get dressed so they can head home. He wheels her out. Hope and Eli arrive with something Hope wants them to see. Tis Kristen in a red dress with a bloody gash on her head, the sign of the devil. Hope suspiciously states someone smashed her head. She alludes to Marlena’s past. John reasons she was not found legally responsible since she was possessed. Hattie gets spooked. Hope asks Hattie for an alibi. She insists there was a guard at her door all night and she was in her room. Hope warns not to leave town and exits. John muses it is Marlena who is under suspicion. Hattie asks about that possession thing by the devil ... John escorts Hattie to DiMera mansion to meet with Abigail, who needs help. They are moving in! She demands overtime pay. Stefan opens the door and ominously alludes to the tough times. He is already aware of Kristen. They walk in and Hattie is blown away by the macabre majestic mansion. Abigail aka Stefan’s new wife now greets ‘Marlena.’ She asks to help prove she is being set up. Stefan suggests a session. John agrees and heads to the study with Stefan. Eerie music plays and the two women sit. Abigail admits her real worry is the baby. She fears Stefan and Chad are not the father. An alter might have slept with someone else. Hattie hides her astonishment. Abigail asks for hypnosis to see the father. Hattie stammers she forgot how so Abigail shows her by slowly stirring tea as seen in a movie. Many stirs later Abigail appears to be in a trance. Hattie asks about the night her baby was conceived. Abigail sees no face but ... Julie and Doug crash the almost party, dressed up like a couple of gangsters. Julie gives Abigail some spiked potion to drink. Hattie is confused. Julie calls it holistic for the baby. Abigail sips. Doug is against Abigail finding out who fathered her baby. Enter Eli. He is after a cocktail shaker that was missing from the club. T’was what killed Kristen and he acts suspicious of Abigail as t’was what killed Andre as well. Eli wants to see the secret room. Abigail has no objection. Julie gets worried. Hattie’s eyes widen. Julie membas all the murders that have happened at DiMera mansion. They now hear a man's voice. Shots are fired. They scream and hit the floor ... Eli emerges. John and Stefan come running. Eli admits he fired warning shots but saw no face. Something is very strange. Abigail suggests hypnosis. Doug protests but Eli agrees and so more tea is stirred by nervous Hattie ...

Eli is asked what was in the secret room. He explains he was in a tunnel. There was a door to the secret room and it was so cold he could see his breath in the dark. He opened the door and saw someone hiding in the corner. He gasps they wanted to destroy him. Julie hisses it had to be Gabi. Eli hyperventilates. John takes him home. Julie acts suspicious of Hattie’s hypnosis. All of a sudden Abigail goes into labor. The baby will not wait! Stefan insists the doctor deliver the baby. Water is boiled and Hattie later wakes up. Stefan states Julie delivered the baby. He has some calls to make. She mutters about Marlena’s strange life and enters the living room to congratulate the new mom lying on the sofa. She has yet to see her new son. Hattie sneaks a peek and is shocked by the sight of Andre’s face smiling up at her. She gasps he looks like Andre. Enter elegant Andre himself cooing he looks like the daddy. Abigail stands and soap stares. He lifts up his son. Abigail gasps but she killed him. Andre gushes he got brought back to life. Enter Dr. Rolf. Andre admires his son and muses he and Abigail made him and will raise him. Andre holds no grudge against her only Hattie, who set everything in motion. Hattie stammers Anna is to blame. Andre leers Hattie did the convincing and he will handle her. Hattie insists she is the real doc. Andre asks Dr. Rolf his opinion. He takes a closer look. Hattie offers to swear on bibles. Andre heads upstairs with his son and suggests Abigail do some reading. He hands her a book written by someone with a long name and notes the answers lie within. Abigail tries to go after him but is stopped by Rolf's gun ...

Here comes Hope out of breath. As per a psychic vision of Kristen’s killer the real culprit is ... Rolf zaps her into Princess Gina. She loves her crown! Abigail takes it all in stride. Hattie suggests they scram but Abigail stays for her son. Rolf blocks her path and talks party for the new baby. John comes back, less than thrilled to see Gina the temptress. He informs her he and Marlena are married. Rolf gives Gina the gun so she suggests she prepare to die, raises an eyebrow and takes aristocratic aim. John tries to talk her out of it but she was locked away in the castle waiting for John her lover to come for her. Hattie calls her pathetic for waiting for a prince. She suggests she love herself instead. Gina likes the sound of that and calls herself a princess of power. Hattie gets the gun. Gina now eyes Stefan until Abigail explains he is her husband. However she can have him. Stefan already knows Andre fathered the baby and does not mind. Doug and Julie come in and hear Hope is now Princess Gina. Doug informs Dr. Rolf that Andre wants him upstairs and also said the guests can go. Hattie heads out with John ... They sit alone at the pub. She hopes the night will become more normal but a familiar hooded villainess is already outside the window ...

Hattie wonders who really killed Kristen this time. John admits Eli only said an anagram would answer all questions. Hattie gets to thinking and remembers Andre giving Abigail a book by Jean Claude Xavier. She plays with the scrabble letters on the table as John drinks his beer. The name she comes up with shocks him ... Elsewhere alone Eli chants the answer is an anagram. Enter a woman in read. Tis Kristen. She laughs the killer thought that Susan dressed like her was her. She came face to face with the real murderess ... John reads the name Angelica Deveraux and declares she is dead. The woman in black from the window walks in and tells them not tonight. Satan’s voice now oozes from her lips as he warns Marlena he is back for her. Hattie is horrified beyond belief ...

Back at DiMera mansion Abigail wants her baby. Rolf allows a photo op. Abigail gets closer. Kristen comes in with Eli, who smiles only Susan Banks is dead. Doug and Julie let Abigail sneak a peek at her son. She lets out a blood curdling scream ... Satan is after Marlena’s soul. John does the demonic math. He possessed the body of Andre and now wants to repossess Marlena. Hattie denies she is her. John steps up and says the same but the demon bashes him to death with the cocktail shaker. Hattie claims she is no Marlena but the demon heard her swear she was and laughs as the possession begins. Hattie screams and wakes up in her bed. Enter John. She decides she is done being doc forever and demands a divorce. John praises the heavens and wishes her a Happy Halloween. Hattie's possessed red eyes blink back at him ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 31