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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Episode 13,456
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Roman helps Hattie with her hangover. She cannot drink his homemade curse! He coaxes her and tells her to trust in him. Hattie downs it ... Phone Jen agrees with Chad that Abigail made a mistake marrying Stefan the devil. She arrives at the Kiriakis door expecting to find Justin but sees Eric instead. She smiles she is happy for him and Nicole. He gasps his Nicole is gone ... After the lovin Eve promises Brady they will overcome this tough time together ... Claire comes across Ben at the square and reminds him of her idea to break up Tripp and Ciara. Ben would rather not lie to Ciara. Ciara appears with Tripp and wants to know what lie. Ben stands. Tripp and Ciara await his explanation. Claire covers by claiming Ben did not get the café job, given his history. Tripp is not surprised and sneers he does have blood on his hands ... Roman updates John on Hattie’s hangover. John updates him on doc. He hopes he will finish his mission. Roman grins in agreement and laughs he will owe him big time ... Eve strokes Brady’s head and blames Kristen for everything. He admits he went beyond the call of duty to dupe her. Eve wonders. Ominous music plays. He confesses they did the deed ... Claire defends Ben, who notes Tripp does not like him. Tripp confirms it, steals a kiss from Ciara and steps away to start his shift. Ciara is sorry about that. Ben sighs no one will hire him in Salem. Claire begs to differ and asks Ciara to assist ... Inside Eric updates Jen on the horror of the warehouse and those who did not survive. She weeps and wishes she had told him about Nicole’s truth earlier. He insists she is not to blame but brother Brady is ...

Eve screams at Brady for sleeping with her enemy! He argues he was trying to help Sami find out whether EJ was alive. Eve accuses him of harboring feelings for Kristen ... Hattie is all smiles with Roman her self-declared champion. Any more such magic? He murmurs he knows how to make her feel better and looks forward to her leaving the hospital. She grabs him but he stops her. Now would not be the right time to make mad passionate love ... Eric explains how he found the recording of Nicole’s confession. Brady made her confess and then made her leave town, which was how Xander came to keep her and Holly captive. He even stopped him from saving her ... Eve notes Nicole as well as Kristen were lost to that fire and suspects Brady is sad for her as well. He laments he did love Kristen once. Eve now no longer believes in them because everything was a lie. Brady is still a believer but Eve announces she is moving on. She slips out of bed. He points out they work together. She updates him on Stefan’s letter which said Basic Black is gone, just like they are ... Ciara agrees Ben should be able to rebuild his life. Claire cutely suggests Ciara help with an idea. Ciara admits she already has an idea. Ben invites her to lunch. Ciara accepts. Server Tripp emerges, less than thrilled to see his girl going off with Ben ...

At the station Commissioner Hope is confident they will be able to get the goods on Ben. Rafe is hard at work and admits to Hope he might have something to help her case. Hope soap stares ... Claire asks Tripp for more iced tea. He wants to know where Ciara and Ben went. She smiles Ciara swore her to secrecy but ... she wants to help Ben get a job ... Ben and Ciara enter the pub. He points out her family would never hire him. The girl in the black leather jacket claims a lot of people love her like Uncle Roman. Ben reminds her what he did to Roman’s grandson Will. Ciara looks around and knows he will hear her out. Alas no Roman ... Back in Hattie’s room, Romeo Roman plays the I cannot sleep with a married woman excuse, referring to his catholic roots. But he wants her so badly! First she must divorce John ... Brady cannot believe Stefan is selling Basic Black and hears from Eve that the board came up with the idea. Brady wants to fight. Eve sighs nothing can be fixed. Furthermore, she is moving on as there is nothing for her in Salem anymore. She woefully recalls she waited for Brady but there is no happily ever after in the cards. She leaves the key and states she will send for her stuff from NYC. He is sorry. She weeps as is she and walks out ... Jen asks Eric about Holly. He weeps she wants to see mommy. How to say she is gone for good? They cry together and Jen offers to help. He sighs a soulful sigh and excuses himself to check on Holly. She is sorry ... Roman wants all of Hattie, mind, body and soul but ... John bursts in and fumes doc is furious. He promises to keep her out of prison if she signs. Roman tells his sweetheart they will be able to be together. She wants a pen. John obliges and waits with bated breath. Hattie tears it up like a loon and states she is not stupid. Then she throws the pieces in the air and blasts them both for trying to con her. She asks if Roman has any feelings for her at all. He does so she dares him to prove it and beckons him into her bed. Put out or get out! John shakes his head in horror. Roman apologizes to John. He calls Hattie outta control. She kicks him out and growls they could have been good. Exit Roman. John makes light of it. Hattie hisses tell Marlena they are now married until death do they part. John raises his head and gives her a hawkish look ...

Back at the square Claire argues Ciara likes bad boys better and Ben is her project. Tripp wonders how it could be cos the cops found the proof against him. Claire counters it was clearly planted ... Rafe ends a call and updates Hope on the hardware store where the accelerant in question was bought. One can in three months was sold - to a young man. Hope raises an eyebrow ... Back at the pub Ben admits to Ciara his bad past felt like a horror movie he was watching. She knows he is different now. He thanks her for making him feel solid again. He hadn't felt solid since he was a lad of seven. Ciara wonders what happened back then. Papa Clyde had a man hanging in the barn torturing him with a farm tool! Clyde made him watch him kill him. He was mad as he owed him money. On his birthday he watched Clyde carry and hide the body in the woods. That was the last time he felt safe. That day he never got to give him his gift. A necktie. He starts to sweat. Ciara is close to tears. She takes his hand as he trembles ... John drawls Hattie will have to be Marlena every hour of every day. It will be a prison of her own making ...

Eric is crying on a bench outside the pub. Roman finds his boy and holds him, sorry he lost the woman he loved ... Brady sits all alone in his black shirt ... Eve runs into Jen at the square and announces she is leaving. It is all Jen’s fault that Nicole died and they both lost their men. Jen is sincerely sorry for any pain she caused. Eve hisses she will come back one day and make her sorry. Jenny blinks ... Rafe explains the customer paid cash but the clerk might recognize him. Hope holds up their picture of Ben. She believes it will be a slam dunk ... Ben takes Ciara’s face in his hand and leans in for a kiss. She gasps she cannot cos she is with Tripp and takes off ... Claire wonders who would hate Ben enough. Tripp makes a comment so she asks what he knows. He excuses himself but she stops him and deduces he was the one who planted the damning proof. Tripp does not deny it ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 30