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Monday, October 29, 2018
Episode 13,455
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Maggie hugs daughter Sarah at her door. Tis quite a surprise. Another hug ensues ... The English patient is being tended to by Dr. Kayla. Sami watches from the window with supportive Eric. She hopes he is EJ but fears he might not even survive ... At DiMera mansion Chad finds out Stefan and Abigail tied the knot. Stefan tells him there shall be no committing her! Abigail returns Chad’s soap stare. She defiantly denies she is Gabby. Chad looks like he has been slapped a thousand times ... Sarah praises the palace where Maggie dwells. The redhead missed her when she went off with doctors without borders. But she is impressed. Sarah also had fun in her Nashville days but that was then this is now. Now she is focused. Maggie gets emotional about her doc daughter. Sarah gushes she has big personal plans and shows off her engagement ring ... Rex looks at a pic of his fiancée on his phone. Brady walks into the pub and sits down with a sigh. Rex reminds him who he is. Been a while. Rex offers to buy him a beer. Brady likes the sound of that ... Maggie wonders how Sarah met her fiancé Rex aka Roman and Kate’s son. In the supply closet when she was doing her residency hiding from an attitudinal doctor. Rex made her feel better and bought her pizza. There was a second date and the rest is history. Maggie has her fav tea and cookies and teases she must have sensed she would come. She goes to the kitchen ... Beer drinking Rex tells almost beer drinking Brady to talk to him. Brady admits a woman he was involved with once died. He has regrets about not doing right by her. Rex says to celebrate her life. Brady decides no toast, no drinking, welcomes Rex home and woefully walks out ...

Sami ask after Holly. Eric sighs she is in a hospital playroom but she wants to know where mommy is. Sami suggests Eric ask Marlena for advice. Eric feels guilty as soap sin for not getting to go back in for Nicole. Sami notes there was no way out of the inferno. Eric now has the necklace he gave Nicole for protection. Sami suggests he keep it so he will be able to grieve and look after Holly as Nicole asked. It was her final wish, after all. They stand up when Kayla emerges, confirming the transfer went smoothly and the Salem patient is critical but stable. Sami cannot see him, his burns are extensive and he is sleeping. The road to recovery will be long. Eric now has to go get Holly. Sami is here for him. He hugs his twin and tells her to stay where she needs to be now ... Rex comes up behind Sarah and kisses her. He could not wait to see her! All went well with the family. They snuggle on the sofa, marveling how right it feels to be back in their town. Good people, good places. He sighs he just saw Brady but he lost someone and it seems to haunt him ...

Brady nervously knocks on Eve’s door. She is not happy to see him but lets him in when he asks ... Back at DiMera mansion Stefan smugly shows Chad and Jen the perfect paperwork of his preposterous marriage. Abigail credits Stefan with saving her from them. Chad exclaims all Stefan wants is her alter. Stefan smiles slightly. Abigail announces she came up with the idea. Stefan suggests Jen and Chad leaves so she can rest. Chad refuses ... Kayla informs Sami that the Salem patient is mostly burned and at risk of complications. Sami hopes there is hope. She finds out it will be long before she can recognize him. Sami feels lost in limbo and begs for something. Kayla is sorry to say she cannot rush. Even the fingerprints cannot be done. Sami talks DNA. She needs to know. Is the man in that bed the man she loved and lost ... Brady wants a word but Eve remembers how he blamed her and left her with the Basic Black problems. Stefan owns their company and suspected he left town with Kristen. She did not want to believe it. Brady confirms he did just that of his own accord. Eve gets upset. Brady blurts out Nicole is dead ...

Maggie happily hugs Rex, who flatters her. He refers to the old Salem stalker story. Sarah insists the whole story was not true anyway. Maggie must now answer her door to morose Eric, who gasps he bears news. The redhead hopes he found Nicole and Holly. He did and he returned with Holly. The redhead hopes mother and daughter are both moving back. Silence. She is sorry she did not reveal their whereabouts. Eric laments Nicole cannot ever come home. She is gone. The redhead breaks down ... Eve reels from the news. Brady reasons he was trying to make amends by uncovering Kristen’s plan. He updates her on the details. Alas no one knows for sure how Xander was connected to Kristen cos the burning warehouse left no survivors except for Holly cos Brady got her out. He also got Eric out when he refused to leave Nicole by hitting him on the head and dragging him from the inferno that then blew up. Eve praises him for saving him. But Brady blames himself for the whole fiasco. Eve knows he tried. He believes it all began with his blackmail. He now has Nicole's blood on his hands forever ...

Sami suggests a blood sample for DNA. Kayla will need a sample from a DiMera to check it against. All of a sudden the nurse requests Kayla right away. Sami follows ... Eve blames Xander and Kristen for all the destruction. Brady cries he is here to apologize for being hard on her. He was unfair. He turns to go. She stops him and insists he is not bad. He refers to his bad history with her even though he loved her. She silences him with a tight hug ... Eric escorts shaky Maggie to a seat. She gasps to stunned Sarah and Rex that Nicole perished. Sarah just spoke to Nicole and asks what happened. Eric updates them on the fire, the fact that Nicole did not make it but Holly did. She is outside playing with the other kids, unaware of her mother's fate. Maggie runs out to see her. Sarah comes with. Rex is sorry for brother Eric’s loss ... Chad snaps at Abigail that Stefan is no savior! He will get Gabby back! Abigail is not afraid and insists she is in control of her own destiny. She orders her mother and ex-husband out. Stefan warns he will get a custody lawyer if they try to come between Abigail, her first son and the next one that is coming. His new family is a dream come true. He taunts Chad. Jen watches in stunned silence ... The patient had a drop in blood pressure but is stable. Sami asks Kayla if she can stay. Just a little longer though she may not touch him. Once they are alone Sami lets EJ know she is here ... Stefan suggests Chad leave him and his wife before he gets security. Chad argues this is not over. Stefan disagrees. Chad mutters they are making a mistake and exits. Jen blinks at her daughter and goes after him. Stefan is sorry for Abigail’s upset. She adds she appreciates his assistance ... Eric admits to brother Rex he knows not how he can care for Holly as he feels like he is falling apart. Rex assures him Maggie et al are on his side. Eric laments he lost the love of his life. Rex lets him know he can count on him. Eric bitterly notes at least he has one brother ... Brady complains to Eve that everyone in Salem hates him. She tenderly tells him not her cos she still loves him. Brady kisses her on the lips and takes her to the bed ... Sami emotionally informs her maybe EJ he is home and she is going to get him the best care. She begs him to fight his way back to her and their children and declares she will do whatever it takes. But the Salem patient sleeps on ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 29