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Friday, October 26, 2018
Episode 13,454
1580 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ storms into DiMera mansion screaming for Stefan. Gabi tries to stop him but he suspects Abigail has been here all night ... At Horton house Chad and Jen inform Justin that Abigail is missing. Chad sighs an alter is back. Justin is sorry and wonders how to help. Chad wants her committed ... Lucas shows up at Kiriakis mansion seeking lawyer Justin. Maggie informs him he is not here. Lucas is livid about Belle representing Bonnie. Meanwhile Chloe confronts drinking Bonnie at the square. Why did Belle and Mimi lie about bringing the baby to her! ... Rex comes across Mimi and baby on a bench outside the pub. She worriedly wonders why he is back in Salem ... Bonnie claims she lost track of time after Mimi texted her about the baby. Chloe warns her the visitation is not endless. Bonnie takes another drink and starts to stagger away. Chloe sternly stops her ... Rex stammers he is in Salem for ... Mimi stammers she is in Salem to spend time with her little sister. Rex already knows whose baby that is. Mimi worriedly wonders ... Gabi states Abigail and Stefan were not at DiMera mansion for a while. She knows this for a fact. JJ suggests they split up and start searching. Gabi goes into the foyer and calls Kate. She is hoping Abigail will be committed today. JJ comes up behind her wonders who she called ... Justin solemnly states having someone committed is serious. Jen gasps they have got to help her girl. Justin notes they need to prove to the judge she is a danger to herself. Jen weeps about her hospital outburst. Chad continues with the tale of how she tried to take Thomas and is known to have attacked Gabi and Kate. He hands Justin a picture of the wound. Chad also has the statements from Gabi and Kate. Justin puts his glasses on and warns if they proceed it will be the point of no return ...

Lucas babbles to Maggie about having his baby on his mind. The redhead reasons she needs him but Lucas fears the father will not be favored. Maggie calls him the better parent despite his history. She knows Justin will do his best but he should be prepared for any outcome. Lucas nods ... Mimi hears how Rex ran into Lucas already. He gushes at the beautiful girl, asks to hold her and argues he is her uncle. Mimi hands her over with hesitation. She notices the baby is taken with him. He cannot wait to be a dad and then apologizes. Mimi is still sorry. He smiles they both messed up but have since matured. He cannot wait to be a dad. Mimi wants him to know ... She then stops and updates him on the custody suit. She suspects when her mom wins she will take off with the baby. Rex wishes the best for the baby and alludes to Lucas. Mimi gets the baby back. Rex apologizes for overstepping but he feels protective. He likes things being good between them again. She remembers their one night stand ... Lucas gushes he is head over heels with baby Bonnie. Maggie is happy for him. He thinks this is his chance and calls her a gift. Maggie wishes the best for him and reminds him he has Chloe and family and friends regardless of the outcome. He is grateful for them all and hugs Maggie tight ... Bonnie slurs her daughter is with her daughter cos she wanted them to bond. Chloe can smell all the drinks she has had on this day and calls her unfit. Bonnie counters Lucas is the boozer not her cos he passed out the night they were together. Chloe suspiciously asks how she came to be pregnant ... Chad feels there is no other way. Justin talks ramifications. Chad hangs his head, aware his Abigail will feel betrayed. Then he hands Justin the paperwork. Justin needs his signature. Jen sadly states this is best for her daughter and the baby. Chad sits and signs with a sniffle. Justin leaves him with a copy and exits to give the other one to a judge. Jen breaks downn ... Gabi lies to JJ she just called Rafe to find out if he had anything. JJ overheard her mentioning Abigail was getting committed. She acts innocent and he admits he wishes things would not have come to this. Enter silent Abigail with Stefan. Stefan snaps what are they doing here in his house ...

Bonnie laughs Lucas wanted round two. Chloe has heard enough. Bonnie turns and flirts with Lucas, who has just arrived. He demands to know where the hell his daughter is ... Mimi has put the baby back in the carriage. Rex reasons they were having a lot of fun and champagne that fateful night. He hopes he did not lead her on. Mimi is aware his girlfriend became his fiancée and assures him his secret is safe. He is grateful. She wonders where said fiancée is. En route to Salem ... JJ hugs his sister with a sigh of relief. Gabi lashes out at Stefan. Abigail accuses her of faking she cares. JJ will update the family on the fact that she is alright. Abigail waltzes into the other room. Stefan leers to make the call. JJ does just that. He calls Jen to tell her Abigail is with Stefan acting strangely. Jen and Chad are on their way ...

Lucas wants his child. Chloe chimes in Bonnie does not even know where she is. Bonnie claims the two daughters are with the lawyer. Chloe and Lucas can see she is not sober. Lucas stops her from leaving and rages to make Mimi bring his baby back right now! Bonnie gets mad and blurts out Bonnie does not even belong to him ... Mimi wishes Rex and his lady the best. He thanks her and admits he is glad they got together that night. They had a wonderful past and he considers that night closure. Then he praises the peanut who connects them. Mimi gasps she has gotta go. He tells both beautiful girls goodbye and then finds a bootie that was left behind ... At DiMera mansion concerned Stefan suggests Abigail eat. She has no appetite and wonders whether what they did was the right thing. Jen rushes in with Chad, who refuses to leave without his wife. Abigail walks away. JJ suggests he and Gabi give them privacy, tells his sis he is on her side and ushers Gabi out. Chad sits on one side of Abigail, Jen on the other. She coldly states she heard them wanting her committed and claims she is fine. Chad insists the alters are back and she needs to be taken care of. Ring ring! Tis Justin. The request was approved. He will contact Kayla and the psych ward will come and get the patient. Chad ends the call and is sorry to say to Abigail they had no choice. Stefan stands in silence and lets her handle her clan cos he knows and loves what is coming ...

Back at the square Bonnie covers by babbling she will win. Here comes Mimi with baby. She informs Bonnie that Belle got her regular visitation. Lucas has doubts about that. When they realize the baby is missing a sock and Bonnie makes light of her drinks, Lucas leaves with the baby and Chloe. So much for visitation ... JJ sits with Gabi at the park hating how betrayed his sister feels. She gushes he is a good brother but he has a bad feeling now that she is with Stefan, Gabi reasons the alter Gabby could have taken Thomas. They had to do something. JJ wonders why today Abigail is so calm and collected ... Abigail reads the document and haughtily refuses to be committed. Chad believes it is best and tells her she has no choice. She looks him squarely in the eye and states she does ... Chloe holds the baby at the club so Lucas can get a bottle. He is relieved at least maternal Mimi was with her. Chloe looks at the innocnt infant and starts to do the maternity math. Mimi was the one who panicked over Lucas leaving with the baby. Is she the mother?! Meanwhile Mimi blasts Bonnie. She could not bear to lose her baby and tells her that Rex is in town. He already loves his baby ... Holding the baby bootie in hand Rex gets a call from his fiancée, who is outside mama Maggie’s house. She will see him at the pub soon. They exchange I Love yous ... Maggie opens her door to daughter Sarah the successful doctor and happily hugs her ... JJ sighs he is sorry he almost searched Gabi’s purse. He believes the best of her and regrets his behavior. Gabi ominously replies she wants everyone to have the life they deserve. JJ calls her amazing for forgiving Abigail and they embrace. Then their faces get close and they both pull away. He gasps he is grateful for everything and excuses himself ...

Back at DiMera mansion Abigail declares only her husband could commit her. Chad notes that is him. Abigail begs to differ. Stefan notes he is now her husband and shows the wedding band on his finger. Jenny shuts her eyes. Chad looks from smug Stefan to Abigail, who returns his stare with icy blue eyes ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 26