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Thursday, October 25, 2018
Episode 13,453
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Glam Chloe has coffee for doting dad Lucas, who has rocked his baby to sleep. He gushes they bonded and Chloe agrees. She knows he will get full custody. Justin now texts Lucas to call about ... Bonnie stuffs her face with pancakes at the town square. Mad Mimi has no appetite but is relieved Belle is representing her interests. Bonnie is uneasy she told her the truth ... Kate hugs son Rex, who appears at her door. He gushes he has big news ... Hattie reads the Intruder tabloid from her bed and curses Marlena for making her stay in the hospital. She now reads something she likes, cackles and makes a call ... Kayla has checked on hidden patient Marlena and assures her she will be ready for release soon. Marlena tells her John has a plan to handle Hattie and it is already underway ... At the pub Roman marvels over John’s signed baseball card. John gives it to him as a gift. Roman wonders what he wants in return. John drawls there is this favor ... Rex explains he was with Roman last night. He gives his mom her fav mint chocolates and announces he is engaged. Kate assumes the worst ... Lawyer Belle arrives to escort Mimi to see the baby. Bonnie wants to come with. They disagree. Mimi wants no trouble so no Bonnie ... Lucas ends his Justin call with a sigh cos Bonnie’s lawyer is countersuing for full custody. Chloe hopes for the best. Lucas complains about the lawyer and how they are going after him for his alcoholism. Enter Mimi and Belle. Chloe cannot believe it ...

Kayla helps Marlena stand. They discuss Sami believing the mysterious patient she saved is EJ. Kristen and Xander are presumed dead from the explosion as well as Nicole. Marlena wishes she could be there for Eric but ... Kayla assures her John and Roman will handle Hattie together ... Back at the pub, John complains to Roman that Hattie refuses to return from whence she came. He suggests Roman could solve it ... Bonnie comes to see Hattie with booze and snacks. She wants to hear how she came to be Marlena again. Hattie wishes she could walk free like her. She read about her custody case against Lucas in the Intruder ... Chloe argues with Belle that Lucas would be best for the baby. Belle reasons the biological mother has rights. Mimi hastily adds the baby’s mama loves her. Chloe snaps she is not even here. Mimi holds her tongue but it is hard ... John asks Roman to sweep Hattie off her feet so she will want to be herself instead of Marlena. Roman gives him a what da hell look ... Hattie now knows Bonnie is passing her granddaughter off as her own so she can stay out of Statesville. She can relate. They discuss the gals they knew in the slammer. Bonnie wonders who sprung her. Hattie pauses ... Kate is suspicious that her son never mentioned he was seeing someone seriously. Now she wants to hear all about her. Rex states she is from Salem. Kate assumes it is Mimi and explodes. Rex denies it is Mimi ... Belle claims they did not want Bonnie to worsen the situation. She hands Lucas a court order giving Bonnie visitation and wants to take the baby to her now. Chloe curses as Lucas takes a closer look ... Marlena asks Kayla about Steve. Sadly she spoke to him only once. Marlena wonders why the arrest. His bionic eye was hijacked and had access to every ISA file Steve saw. Kayla suspects Stefan but so far there is no proof. Marlena is sorry to hear it. She now learns from Kayla that Abigail requested a session since she suspected her alters were back. Marlena asks her to arrange it. Kayla sighs Abigail is now refusing all help ...

Roman doubts Hattie would fall for his Romeo act. John offers to help. Roman believes it is a bad time given what his kids are going through. John sighs doc too wants to be with Eric and Sami but Hattie is out of control ... Bonnie thinks Hattie’s new hubby is a hunk. Hattie complains about him. Bonnie asks if she really thinks she can avoid returning to prison. Hattie claims she holds all the cards ... Kate and Rex discuss the niece he recently met, aka Lucas’ baby. He would love to have his own kids ... Belle promises she will prevent Bonnie from running with the baby. Lucas will consult with Justin. Mimi wants to hold her sister and picks up the pink bundle. Chloe notices she knows her though Mimi had claimed they hardly spent time together. Mimi notes it is natural as they are blood. Chloe keeps watching her like a hawk ... Roman wishes there was another way! John just wants to marry the right woman after an annulment. He needs Hattie gone. And so Roman agrees to romance the Hattie to save Jarlena. John is eternally grateful ... Bonnie remembers her and Hattie’s girls night at the Salem Inn. Hattie is relieved Angelica is gone. She gushes here is no guy for her except that Roman Brady. She wishes he would give them a shot. Bonnie admits she has a thing for Lucas and wishes they would raise Bonbon together. Alas it is only a dream. Hattie tells her not to give up on her dreams. They toast to making them all come true ...

Lucas has checked with Justin. He laments the visitation must be honored. Chloe glares at Mimi holding the baby. She then takes Belle aside and blasts her for representing Bonnie. She warns her if she uses Lucas’ past he will lose any chance he has. Belle shares her belief that the baby should know her real father ... Rex informs Kate he has no children in his near future. She regrets the distance between her and the twins. Rex understands. However he still feels close to her. She waits for the name of his fiancée ... Chloe gives worried Lucas a pep talk about winning. She has faith he will fight. Lucas decides to go strategize with Justin and thanks her for the support. She tells him they are a team. He kisses her, admits he could not bear to lose his baby, and leaves ... Outside Mimi gets an hour with baby Bonnie. She promises Belle she will bring her back ... Marlena thanks Kayla for all she has done. Kayla is happy to have her back. They hug. Marlena truly hopes John will fix things with Hattie so they will be able to marry. John appears and announces Roman agreed ... Roman catches Hattie with the empty booze bottle and snacks. She admits she had an unauthorized visitor and lies it was a delivery lady. Roman eyes her. She wonders why he even came. He bears her fav burger in a bag. She is grateful. He lies he wanted to do somethin nice for her. She suspects he has an ulterior motive. He claims he has missed her. Hattie is in heaven. He quips she kinda grew on him and calls her a pretty flower. She swoons and then gets sick from all the booze ... Kayla leaves to call back Jen. John asks doc how she is doing. She longs to leave! John notes the world needs his doc back. The nightmare of Hattie will leave their sphere soon. That's a fact. They embrace ... Kate leaves Roman a mad message about Rex’s fiancée. She fumes she was not expecting ... Chloe comes across Bonnie drinking alone at the square and snaps why is she not with her baby ...

Belle leaves Mimi alone with her pink daughter outside the pub. She pouts she should have told Rex the truth. Speak of the devil!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 25