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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Episode 13,452
1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Julie is elated when Eli enters the elegant club. He asks her to give his friend Sheila a job ... Lani tries to work at the station unhappily remembering how happy Eli was with Sheila. Abe arrives and complains Eli parked in his spot. The mayor is not amused. Sheila appears and announces she was the parker ... JJ gingerly starts to open Gabi’s bag. She walks in and demands to know what he is doing ... Colorful Kate is confronted for lying about Abigail at the hospital. Jen arrives ... Stefan dreams of Gabby, the alter he loved and lost, singing to him, suggesting he get up. She lives on in his mind. Tragic music plays as he calls her name. She calls him cute when asleep. He murmurs he missed her and she tells him she texted him. But Abigail keeps burying her. Stefan dreams of the day she will return. She suggests he do something and holds his hand, reminding him they made a baby ... Kate denies that she did anything to Abigail and Gabi drugged her. Chad listens as Kate explains she was attacked by the alter in the dark wig. Jen rushes to her daughter’s side. Kate exclaims it was the same alter who left her locked in the DiMera tunnel to die. Chad blinks like he believes her ... Abe reminds Sheila of the rules. She reasons she was returning Eli’s car is all and the lot was full ... Julie finds out Eli only considers Sheila a friend. She worries he might get close to Gabi the bad news beech again ...… JJ hands back the bag and stammers he came to see how Gabi was. She wants an explanation for what he was really doing. Her eyes flash with anger ...

Back at the station Abe and Sheila argue. He calls her arrogant and threatens to tow Eli’s car. She scoffs ... Julie admits the club has a lot of holiday bookings and asks about Sheila’s experience. It does not sound impressive especially when Eli admits she was in prison. Julie sighs another jailbird ... Gabi suspects JJ was searching for evidence. He starts to stammer about Abigail. She acts indignant. He reasons his sister is struggling so he wants to help her. She acts even more indignant ... Jen and Chad attempt to calm Abigail down. Kate condescendingly acts concerned. Abigail warns her Chad already chose her over Gabi. Kate insists she has accepted it. Abigail reminds her of Andre and presses her to confess ... Gabby the seductress suggests Stefan is too complacent cos she is having his child, not Abigail. He apologizes. She sadly states she needs Sam and makes him touch her baby bump. She implores him to help her ... unless she is no more than a fading memory. He kisses her to prove she is wrong. In his heart he will never give her up ...

Lani tells Abe not to get Eli towed cos it will cost. He points out Sheila can pay. No funds. Abe tells her to just get a job. She knows she would qualify to be his exec assistant but that will never happen! Abe agrees, grumbles to move the car, and goes ... Eli admits to Julie he has history with Sheila and her brother. They were friends once but then he got them sent to prison, where the brother died. Julie hopes he will not date the girl. However, she will try to help her get a job. Eli hugs her in gratitude ... Abigail assumes Gabi blackmailed Kate to do her bidding. Kate claims she wants to hurt no one. Abigail screams and lunges but Jen holds her back. Jen suggests she see Kayla. Abigail is after answers instead and takes off to find them ... Chad is unable to stop her ... Stefan and Gabby profess their undying love for one another in his dream. She claims she can banish Abigail to the darkness while she lives with him in the light. But they need a plan ... Stefan admits his attorney warned him to avoid trouble until the baby is born. Then he will fight for custody. She disappears and then returns when he calls her name. She woefully asks why he is abandoning them ...

Gabi accuses JJ of betrayal. He is sorry but he is perturbed by Abigail’s predicament. She claims she wants her to get help and get well. Abigail appears and now starts to confront Gabi ... Sheila complains to Lani about Abe. But she apologizes for insulting her. Lani tells her to stop annoying Abe. She sits and waits for Eli. Lani muses it must be crowded at Eli’s cramped place. Sheila wants a place of her own asap. Lani leaves and goes to Abe. She thinks Sheila could use a job. He replies with a resounding no ... Kate stops Chad at the elevator ever so sorry. She then turns to face Jen, who apologizes for Abigail’s behavior. Kate claims both of them are crazy. Jen recounts how rotten Kate was, siding with Gabi before. Kate sneers to get her daughter help ... Abigail keeps confronting Gabi. JJ tries unsuccessfully to stop her. Gabi uses the I word. Insane. Abigail adds she has Kate doing her bidding and reminds her Kate even helped her kill Nick! Gabi even had Mel kidnapped. She demands she confess, cease and desist. Gabi denies it but rages she would be within her rights after all she did to her. She claims this is all the doing of Abigail’s alter. Now the whole world will know. Abigail hopes JJ believes her. He talks truth and gently suggests a stay at the hospital. Abigail will go somewhere else instead and take her son ...

Lani reasons Eli believes in Sheila and claims to feel sorry for her. Abe laughs and calls her a pain in the ... Lani asks him to give the gal the benefit of the doubt ... Eli tells off Sheila for parking his car in Mayor Abe Carver’s spot. She assures him all is well and gets excited when he announces he got her a job with Julie. She assumes she is going to sing at the swanky club. Not quite. She will be a dishwasher ... Abigail is ready to take Thomas. Chad has returned to the Kiriakis mansion and tells her she cannot. Abigail asks to kiss him goodnight. JJ will accompany her. Abigail warns Chad and Gabi she is not going to leave her son here much longer. Gabi whispers to Chad to take action before Abigail does something crazy ...

Back in the DiMera mansion of his mind, Stefan tells Gabby to take his hand and hold on. They must proceed with caution. Gabby is admittedly afraid. Unless his love saves her, she will be locked away with Abigail when her family are done. Stefan swears he will not lose her again and they kiss on the couch. When he wakes up he is alone. But not for long ... Gabi forewarns Chad that Abigail is going to abduct Thomas if he does not do something. Jen calls. Abigail appears and overhears Chad telling her mother unless she goes back to the hospital he will have her committed. Abigail escapes through the front door. She knows exactly where to go in this her desperate hour ... Lani makes Abe approach Sheila and offer her the post of exec assistant. She imagines what it would be like to wash diva Julie’s dishes and accepts his offer ... Jen did not want this outcome. Chad thinks they are out of options. She cries she will find Kayla. Gabi assures him he is doing the right thing. JJ comes downstairs and wonders where his sister went ... Abigail finds Stefan at DiMera mansion having another drink. She declares she is desperate so if he ever loved any part of her ... she needs his help. Stefan pauses. She blinks her baby blues ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 24