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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Episode 13,451
1530 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate drinks her wine. Knock knock! Tis angry Gabi demanding an update. Kate sighs it went well when she lied about Abigail’s alter attacking her. Stefan was happy to hear about the alter he loved but Chad is a different story ... Jen and JJ are at the house, where Chad is sorry to tell them the story of Abigail missing time and attacking Kate. Chad adds only Abigail thinks there are no alters. She appears and insists she is accurate ... Will calls Sonny from the hospital to ask after ... Ari. Sonny gushes she is good and asking for drama lessons. Will thanks him for looking after her and admits he just wanted to hear his voice. He turns and sees Paul now beside him ... Brady and Eric are literally blown away by the explosion. Eric howls like a wounded animal for the woman he loves, the woman he lost. NICOOOOOOOOOOOOLE ... Will ends the call and is surprised to see Paul fully dressed in his wheelchair. He asks him to take him somewhere outside. Done ... Sami pushes her covered patient out of the warehouse. He is burnt beyond recognition. Eric wails he will return for Nicole! Sami cries he cannot! All of a sudden flames consume the warehouse like the apocalypse. Eric lets out another howl. Tis the apocalypse of his noble heart. Sami holds her tragic twin close ...

Abigail faces the family, furious they are discussing her behind her back. Jen is worried. JJ wants to help. She assures them she is alone, there are no alters and Gabi is a liar. Chad reminds her she did lose time, there was a wig and her attack on Kate. She denies the charge and accuses bff Gabi of setting her up ... Gabi hopes Chad believed Kate too cos he is too good for Abigail. Kate asks about her self concussion and sighs Chad believed her hook line and sinker. Gabi wonders about Abigail. She denied it all. Kate hates herself for Chad's heartbreak ... Brady and Sami stop Eric from running in. The firemen arrive and threaten to arrest Eric if he goes into ground zero. Sami suggests he help Holly and take her to hospital. Brady reminds him he promised Nicole he would look after Holly ... Abigail reminds JJ he too suspected Gabi. JJ did say to Chad it is possible the girl set her up. Abigail wishes Chad would believe but he believed Gabi. JJ explains the evidence had Chad finding Gabi with a bump on her head. Abigail talks plan. JJ counters Kate also claimed she attacked her. Abigail calls her a pro-Gabi liar ... Gabi helps herself to wine and toasts they will win. Colorful stylish Kate feels dreadful for deceiving and hurting Chad. Gabi quips but she deceived him for Stefan DiMera. Kate the romantic did not want to break anyone up. Gabi rages Abigail killed Andre ... Will and Paul stop at the town square. Paul tries to be upbeat about his new predicament but Will believes he will walk again. Paul praises him for being there. He is sorry he cannot help him more with his family and asks about Sami. Will has not heard from her. He now has to admit he was speaking to Sonny earlier. Paul soap stares ...

At the hospital Brady is relieved to hear that Holly will recover from the slight smoke inhalation. Eric blasts him for everything bad. Sami assures him Brady wants to do the right thing but Eric warns his brother has blood on his hands if Nicole does not make it ... Paul wonders why Will was speaking with Sonny. Sonny appears and claims he called for Ari. Paul is visibly relieved. Sonny gushes he looks good and was planning to see him. He was uncertain whether he wanted visitors. Paul has high hopes and credits Will for making him fight for the future. Sonny lies he knows Will is totally in love with Paul ... Chad takes a step toward Abigail and explains Kate is aware of how he loves her and their son. She would not lie. Abigail disagrees. JJ the former cop lists the facts, how she was unaware of how she got to DiMera mansion. Still she blames Gabi. Jen doubts Gabi would have driven her unconscious to DiMera mansion ... Gabi acknowledges Abigail is sane but blames her being beaten, becoming barren all because of that girl. She deserves to be locked away and to lose Chad. Gabi would like to have him for herself ... Brady reasons he could not let Eric perish. Eric wishes he had walked away. Brady is sorry for the past. The ex priest snaps too late. Sami sends Brady to check with the police. Eric screams an insult after him. Sami defends Brady for just trying to help. Eric cries he could not get enough time with Nicole and promised her they would get out. Sami hugs him and cries she is happy Brady got him out. He reasons she would not have left without EJ ...

Sami stammers the man she rescued may or may not be EJ. However she has a feeling and even found him with Rolf! Eric is stunned and notes the serum worked well with Will. Sami suspects there could have been complications for this patient. She adds there were other doors leading to the others but her focus was EJ. Eric tells her to go to him. He assures her he will be alright as soon as he hears Nicole made it. She gasps to hang onto his faith for them both and goes. Eric stares darkly ... Kate pours herself more wine and admits she considers Gabi a better match for Chad. Gabi has one more order – to head to the hospital and make sure Chad took Abigail there for observation. Kate refuses until Gabi threatens to expose her dirty dealings with Stefan ... Jen asks Abigail to speak to someone at the hospital now. Abigail is hurt her loves ones do not believe her side of the story. Chad assures her she has nothing to fear if she is alright and asks her to at least see a therapist. She nods with tears in her eyes ...

Sonny amuses Will and Paul with Susan stories. Paul is grateful for this time he gets with Will. Sonny admits Vic is running out of patience and wonders whether there would be room at Marton House for their guest. Paul points out his and Will’s room will be available soon and smiles Will got them a wheelchair accessible apartment. Sonny forces a smile and agrees when Paul offers to have him, Susan and Ari over soon. He shakes his hand and lets him know he is here for him. Paul says not to be a stranger as Will sadly wheels him back. Sonny’s eyes reflect his sorrow ... Abigail quietly agrees to speak with Marlena to prove she has her mental faculties. Once she goes, JJ wonders what if this is a scheme created by Gabi! He asks the family to keep him updated ... Eric begs the Lord to let Nicole live for he and Holly need her. She is his everything and he could not bear to lose her again. Brady pauses at the door and shuts his eyes. Eric begs the Lord to bring her back. He then turns to Brady, who bears news ... Sonny finds Will’s fallen keys at the square. Will returns to search for them. He sits and thanks Sonny for covering for him about the call. Will had considered coming clean about how much he misses him. Sonny misses him more than words can say. Will sighs here they are. Sonny hangs his head and sighs they did the right thing. Paul needs him now. Will shrugs his shoulders and agrees but it is hard. He returns to the hospital with tears in his eyes. Sonny slowly shakes his handsome head ...

Gabi goes to look for aspirin and leaves her bag unattended at the Kiriakis mansion. It still contains the bottle of pills she used to drug Abigail ... Chad has escorted Abigail to the hospital and calls her brave. They exchange I love yous. She wishes he would come home to her ... Kate arrives asking for an update. Abigail demands an explanation for the big lie she told about her ... JJ enters looking for Gabi. He spies her bag and the cop in him takes over. He remembers his sister insisting the girl drugged him and takes a look inside ... Elsewhere ... at the hospital Eric asks about Nicole. Brady explains the firemen got the blaze under control. Eris assumes Nicole made it. Tearful Brady is sorry to say nothing, no one was left. The first responder who found her necklace hands it to weeping Eric, sorry for his loss ... Sami slowly enters the room of the bandaged English patient. He is still breathing. She emotionally informs EJ she is here ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 23