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Monday, October 22, 2018
Episode 13,450
1150 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the warehouse Kristen paces. Eric talks redemption and urges her to change her wicked ways. The soap sinner states too much is at stake. Precious cargo. Many ... Nicole goes looking for Eric ... Sami locks Brady in and leaves after he hands her keys he discovered ... Meanwhile Belle is with Mimi, who admits her baby daddy is her former flame Rex ... At the pub Rex and Roman share a man hug ... Brady calls out to Sami and offers to help but she distrusts him and departs ... Nicole has seen the hall of doors with initials of Salemites past - Vivian, Andre, Ava, Rolf ... She keeps going but no door will open so she screams Eric’s name in the hopes he will hear her plea ... Belle had no idea. Mimi was also surprised. Belle wonders why the secrecy. Mimi would rather not say. She remembers her and Rex's crazy love in college. Belle saw it firsthand. Mimi thought he was the one but ... then came the unexpected baby. She assumed he would not want it and ended it. She is still haunted and starts to cry. Belle asks how they reconciled and recalls Lexie saying she would not have more kids so how can she be this baby’s mother ... Roman grins his boy is all Brady ... Nicole finds another door with the initials J.D. ... Brady hears Nicole’s voice and attempts to answer ... Sami bursts in on Kristen and Eric and demands she tell her where EJ is. Kristen refuses so Sami attacks ... In his room, Dr. Rolf has an injection ready for Mr. E.D. ...

Mimi explains there was a one in a million chance and she and Rex beat the odds. She was shocked in the happiest way. Belle asks about Rex. They ran into each other at a private poker game she was helping a friend with. Rex showed up and they drank champagne and made love. Then the next day she flew back home and soon found out she was with child. Rex knows not he is the father ... Rex sarcastically refers to Rolf the freak who created him and his twin Cassie. Roman assures him he is long gone. Rex is relieved. They rehash the Gemini Twin history, how they were Roman’s and not Tony’s as was originally told. Rex reasons Cassie still cannot come back cos last time she was stuffed in a piñata. He, however has big news ... Xander arrives with his gun and Kristen gasps finally. Eric demands to know what he did to Nicole and struggles in his chair ... Brady asks Nicole to help him get out so they can live ... Rolf apologizes to the English patient for his less than perfect formula before. But now with Madam DiMera’s assistance he might be able to bring him back to this land of the living. He injects him ...

Belle cannot believe that Mimi did not tell Rex about the baby. She sighs she called but then heard he was happily engaged ... Back at the pub Rex praises his fiancée, whom he met when they were doing their medical residencies in Chicago. Roman wants a name... Lucas interrupts with baby Bonnie, whose bottle he needs warmed up. He greets Rex and introduces him to his new niece ... Brady updates Nicole on Sami’s search for EJ. She cannot open his door without a key and leaves to look for Eric ... Rolf assures the English patient Samantha is here. The patient jumps up and grabs his collar in a fit of rage. Rolf rejoices he is back ... until his test tubes are knocked to the floor, erupting into flames ... Mimi swears disapproving Belle to secrecy. Belle believes Lucas will find out the truth before long ... Lucas lets Rex hold the pink bundle and he is smitten ... The warehouse shakes and starts to explode. The English patient falls. Rolf cowers ... Eric calls out for Nicole. Her roof caves in ... As Kristen and Xander take off, Sami hastily helps untie Eric ... Brady smells smoke and begs to be let out ... Nicole comforts her crying baby but they are both trapped in a cruel prison of rubble ...

Sami opens Brady’s door and takes off to find EJ. Eric and Brady now hear desperate Nicole, who is trapped behind rubble. The brothers work to make an opening ... Kristen cries for Rolf and orders Xander to find Brady. He knows not where he went. Kristen screams for him and runs, ignoring the flames ... Level headed Brady insists Nicole pass through Holly and promises she will be alright. She does. Brady takes her out to safety but Eric stays behind. Nicole gasps it is hotter. Eric vows they will make it this time. They exchange heartfelt I love yous and he holds her hand. Fate does not seem to be on their side ... Brady gets outside. Kristen comes running. He wants to go back in to save the others. She begs him to be with her. No way! The baby cries and she rages he will regret it. They go their separate ways ... Sami calls out to EJ as a man moans in the inferno ...

Rex is surprised that Lucas is with Chloe and coughs when he hears Bonnie is really the baby mother ... Mimi suspects Rex is far from Salem and he will hear nothing about her baby. She begs Belle to help her mom with the custody case so she can run off with her kid and live happily ever after. Belle feels sorry for her and reluctantly agrees ... Back at the burning warehouse Brady comes back to get Eric, who refuses to abandon Nicole. She notes there is no way out. The tormented hero gasps life without her means nothing! She asks him to look after Holly, who deserves her life. Such is her will. Eric stays regardless. Brady spies a crowbar nearby ... A man emerges. Tis Rolf, who warns Sami not to go in and bolts. Sami now finds the moaning man on the floor and sobs for her EJ as the heat and smoke intensify ... Roman toasts to Lucas, Rex and the beautiful baby girl. Rex smiles softly, feeling strangely drawn to her ... Mimi is eternally grateful to brilliant friend Belle. Belle hopes it will not backfire ... Sami pushes "EJ" out of the burning building in a wheelchair ... Nicole whispers farewell to Holly and Eric as she weeps, hanging onto the necklace he gave to protect her ... Brady has hit Eric on the head with the crowbar and dragged him outside. Eric attacks him but at least they are out, unlike Rolf and Kristen. The woman with the tattoo is not afraid to die and allows the inferno to take her as the place blows to HELL ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 22