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Friday, October 19, 2018
Episode 13,449
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sami enters the room of E.D. aka the English patient, danger be damned ... Alone in Xander’s makeshift warehouse office Eric gets his hands on the recording of Nicole’s confession for killing Deimos ... Belle and Chloe are catching up at the club. Chloe is happy to hear Marlena is better. They are both appalled Xander and Kristen are on the loose. Here comes Lucas. Chloe asks about their baby girl. Belle is somewhat surprised ... Mimi is still mad at Bonnie in her room. The restraining order means they have to keep away from the baby until the judge decides on custody. Mimi wants to tell the truth now ... Roman leaves Eric a worried message. Meanwhile Xander comes home to horrified Nicole. He suspects she expected a certain someone ... Sami looks around and lets out a sigh. Too late. The room is empty except for Brady ... Eric is down! Kristen leans over to take a look ... Brady urges angry Sami not to shout. She blasts him for being in cahoots with Kristen the crazy beech ... Nicole smiles and flirts but Xander holds up the recording he caught Eric with. He admits he hurt him. Badly ... Kristen remembers the last time she saw Eric conscious and wonders who else is on the premises ... Lucas blurts out to Belle he slept with Bonnie while drunk. Chloe states then she showed up. Belle is stunned that the DNA test indicated Bonnie was telling the truth about the paternity. Lucas wants to fight for full custody. Legal eagle Belle had no idea even Mimi was in town. Chloe is a little cross Belle told her about taking Nicole’s baby. Belle apologizes and gushes both girls are her friends. Chloe would rather not remember her Salem High Days. Belle would rather not be stuck in the middle of the not so friendly fight ...

Mimi wants to tell the judge. Bonnie gasps then she will go back to jail and reminds her she could tell the truth about what she did too ... Kristen ties unconscious Eric to a chair ... Brady hopes Sami will believe he was working undercover to help Sami find EJ. She has her doubts given what he did to her twin ... Eric gasps and opens his eyes. Kristen gushes good morning and taunts him for trying to get the recording. She knows Xander caught him in the act ... Xander assures Nicole that Eric is alive. He notes her bags are packed and calls their relationship personal. He warns until death do they part and wonders whether the time has crept up already. Nicole cringes ... Mimi and Bonnie complain about each other. Mimi believes her mother was unfit. Bonnie cries she loves her baby girl and those were hard times. Mimi hates being away from her own baby. Bonnie begs not to ruin things. Mimi agrees but only for now. Lucas cannot keep her daughter! Bonnie reasons he was a boozer and the judge will hold it against him. Meantime they need the best lawyer against Justin. Mimi knows one ... Belle admires the gurgling baby, wishes Chloe and Lucas happiness with her, and gets going. Outside she gets a call from Mimi, who requests a meeting ... Nicole hopes Xander will not harm her with Holly in the next room. He suggests the three of them go away togetha. After she says her last goodbye to Eric - and then he shall cut his throat ... Kristen has her gun on Eric, who accuses her of working with Xander. She explains Zanimal works for her and complains about Sami. She wonders what he may have overheard about the tied up prisoner and taunts it was Brady ... Sami is against Eric being with Nicole no way no how. Brady hears they are looking for the recording. Brady vows to make it right and help them all. Sami just wants to know where her EJ is ...

At the pub Roman sees Bonnie heading for the door. He suggests she have a seat. He assumes she is Adrienne and agrees to put her order on her tab ... Belle and Mimi hug in her room. They are alone. Belle heard about the baby drama between Bonnie and Lucas. Mimi asks her to be her mom’s lawyer ... Brady admits he did not actually discuss EJ with Kristen. Sami gets upset and assumes he is against her. Brady claims the opposite. Sami saw the door initials and wants to know where he went. Brady shares there was someone in a wheelchair the other day but before he could get a look closely enough to ID him, he was knocked out ... Eric asks whether Kristen and Brady were working together. She becomes agitated. Eric suggests she let Brady go and let himself and Nicole be together with the help of the recording. Then Brady will be forgiven by his family. He fears for Nicole being with betrayed Xander and warns he could turn on Kristen too. She grins not with his gigantic pay and demonically declares Nicole deserves Xander ... Nicole will agree to anything Xander wants but only if he lets Eric live! He doubts she would want him with Eric alive. She gets closer but he holds all the cards and refuses to let Eric live. Matter of fact if she dares to deceive him again he will ruin her life with the recording in his hand ...

Bonnie makes a double order at the pub but Roman realizes who she is and tells her to get da hell out. She scurries away ... Belle would rather not be caught in the middle. Mimi blasts Chloe for playing mommy. Belle says sorry but she does not believe Bonnie should have custody. Mimi confesses it is really HER baby ... At the square Lucas fusses over the baby. Chloe is impressed. Bonnie stomps up. Lucas accuses her of violating the restraining order and pushes the baby stroller away. Bonnie has a word with Chloe ... Sami needs details. Alas Brady did not see the English patient’s face and when he woke up here he was gone. Sami gasps where to? ... Eric implores Kristen to let him go to his soul mate. But he will not support Kristen being with Brady. He tells her to untie him so she can finish her own work. She reasons she risks highly important work if she releases him so Nicole will have to handle Xander herself ... Xander escorts Nicole and the baby to the warehouse to tell Eric goodbye but when he is turned to enter the access code she hits him on the head with the baby’s bottle. Xander goes down!

Nicole steals the recording and goes to find Eric ... Eric the former father talks redemption to Kristen, who admittedly regrets her soap sins. Alas there shall be no salvation today. She simply has to have Xander to help her. Eric wonders why ... Brady gives Sami the keys he came across in the room and suggests they search for EJ together. But before he can leave she locks him in ... Chloe reasons she and Lucas want to do right by his daughter but Bonnie blasts her for being mean to Mimi. Chloe is confused ... Belle is confused. Mimi admits mama Bonnie is holding over her head that she was the one who killed her father as a child. Bonnie took the heat and is now threatening to out her. If Bonnie loses the custody case she loses her baby. Belle now learns Lucas is related to the real father and hopes he is not Phillip the Kiriakis cad ... Bonnie has said to much and walks away ... Mimi denies the father is Phillip. Then who? A different brother to Lucas. Belle laughs then ... Roman laughs about Bonnie and is delighted when Rex appears with a friendly greeting for his dad ... Brady begs to be let out. Sami is sorry but she cannot trust him ... Kristen reveals to Eric that she and Xander have precious cargo to transport before the warehouse is permanently shut down. Eric gasps EJ. Kristen adds there are others ... Nicole is in a secret wing. She sees many locked doors with familiar initials while searching for Eric. They include: A.D. (Andre DiMera). W.R. (Wilhelm Rolf), A.V (Ava Vitali). V.A. (Vivian Alamain) but the clock is ticking ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 19