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Thursday, October 18, 2018
Episode 13,448
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad rushes to Gabi, who is on the floor. She gasps alter Gabby attacked her! Chad is stunned into silence ... Abigail is confused on Stefan’s couch. He calls her Gabby and she wonders why. She also wonders how she came to be here. He offers to help. She accuses him of mischief - under the watchful eye of Stefano’s portrait ... Sami hits a dead end as she does not find Kristen as expected. Elsewhere the secret English patient speaks one name. Samantha ... Kristen comes to see tied up Brady to tell him goodbye ... Nicole texts with Eric, reminding him to remain hidden until Xander leaves today. Zanimal emerges in a towel wanting to know what wifey is up to now. She smiles she was texting Sarah about the place. He suspected Eric. She fibs she has not heard from him but remembers the passion they shared. She plays along when Xander points out he could send her to prison for killing Deimos. The cad holds the cards ... Brady asks to be freed. Kristen blasts him for using her to help Sami find EJ. He asks was it really him he saw. She is still mad. He boasts she cannot bring herself to off him as all they have is one another. He calls her baby and flashes his baby blues, assuring her they can work it out ... Sami calls Eric explaining she tailed a woman who was seen leaving a certain motel room. She might have been Kristen. Eric warns her he will leave without her if she does not meet him as planned. She will be there and ends the call but someone surprises her ...

At the Kiriakis mansion Gabi tells Chad a tall tale about Abigail morphing into mad Gabby when she accidentally saw the dark wig. She wanted to go to Stefan and attacked her! Chad wonders how true this story is ... Stefan can see Abigail has no idea that she is in full Gabby costume and urges her to look in the mirror. She gasps in horror at her reflection. Stefan thinks this is not the first time she became Gabby. He assumes the alter is attempting to reach him and tells her to look at him. She snaps to stop. He believes Gabby is in there but Abigail announces Gabi Hernandez has played them both for fools ... Gabi acts indignant and insists dangerous Gabby is back. Chad will wait to talk to Marlena. She shows him the bump she gave her and acts afraid. Chad agrees to find her and walks out. Gabi now summons Kate ... Nicole has steamed Xander’s sweater and he is delighted. She ushers him off to work. Outside the door Eric listens ... Sami asks motel management if he has seen this woman. She shows him Kristen’s picture and he confirms she was here with a guy. Sami shows him her EJ picture. The man was not him but it was definitely her lover. Sami sticks out her chin ... Brady claims he and Kristen click and must be together. She laments they lost what they had when Sami came after her. EJ is her only clan. Brady suggests they take him with them and go on the run. Kristen has other ideas. She is here to bid him farewell forever. Brady now finds out he will never escape from the warehouse with arch enemy Xander watching over him. She gives him a last kiss goodbye and goes. Brady struggles with the ties that bind ...

Sami bribes the man so she can search the room. Brady left his bag behind! Sami is furious he lied and leaves him an angry message ... Eric gets an urgent message from Sami as he listens at Nicole’s door. Inside Nicole assures Xander she would never jeopardize her safe life here with Holly. But he knows she wants anotha. She seductively suggests he stop threatening her. She smiles to get them dinner for today. He asks for a goodbye kiss. Nicole kisses his cheek. The madman melts and goes on his way. Eric pops in for a passionate kiss and then goes after him promising the medal Nicole now wears will protect her. Soon they will be together ... Kristen turns around the English patient's wheelcair and speaks the name Samantha. He has no reaction. She complains he was supposed to be better by now ... Gabi complains to Kate that she hatched a new plan but Chad thinks she lied. Kate quips she is quite a liar ... Abigail argues to Stefan she has her senses so he should let go of the notion of Gabby if he cares at all for this child. Chad appears and seconds the notion ... Kristen curses absentee Rolf for bringing back Will but not doing as good a job with EJ. She urges the English patient to fight and decides desperate times call for desperate measures ... Kate mocks Gabi’s plan and also her for assuming Chad would side with her against Abigail. She warns she will never win the battle for Chad to believe her before Abigail. But Gabi orders her to back her up ... Abigail takes off the wig. Chad wonders why she is dressed like Gabby and explains Gabi insists she attacked her. She sighs she has no idea how they went from having tea to her waking up here. But it is all an illusion! She deduces her frenemy drugged her tea, changed her clothes and dragged her here. Stefan and Chad feel that is farfetched. Nevertheless, Chad gives her the benefit of the doubt and suggests they go see Gabi together. Abigail appreciates the support. Stefan looks dreadfully disappointed ...

Stylish Kate does not want to dirty her manicured hands. Gabi reminds her that girl killed Andre and more. Kate refuses to play. Gabi threatens to expose her double crossing business dealings with Stefan if she does not corroborate her story ... Elusive Eric follows Xander to the warehouse. Sami joins him outside. He whispers he will find Nicole’s recording inside. Sami updates him on finding Brady’s bag in Kristen’s former motel room. They both believe they are working together. Eric curses his brother ... Inside the warehouse Xander warns Brady he would advise Kristen to let him off him if she asked his opinion. He walks away so Brady gets back to struggling, determined to make his great escape ... Abigail suggests Stefan come too so she can prove to him there is no Gabby. Kate sweeps into DiMera mansion with an announcement. She claims she saw Abigail leaving Kiriakis house in a dark wig and assumed she was headed here. Abigail is shocked. Stefan dramatically declares Gabby is back. He is desperate to believe in the alter of his dreams ... Xander joins Kristen but she wants to be alone with the English patient. She orders him to put Brady somewhere she does not see him. He suggests she not trust him again. She rages they are running out of time so just do it. He obeys the boss lady and leaves. Kristen has had enough of waiting for ...

Eric and Sami find a room where a patient was once held, a room with a desk where Xander has a picture of Nicole. Sami takes off to find EJ. Eric urges her to be cautious and wishes her luck. Then he looks for the recording in a locked drawer. Eureka! He plays it and listens to the whole sordid way Brady set Nicole up to implicate herself ... Gabi is smug she got to Kate and everyone will believe her tale. Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Kate confirms to Stefan, Chad and Abigail that it is true. The attacking alter Gabby is back. She begs Abigail to get help. The girl blinks. She cannot believe the depth of Kate’s betrayal ... Nicole has her bags packed. Knock knock! She opens the door, assuming it is Eric with the recording. No such luck. Xander eerily greets her whilst Eric lies on the floor unconscious in the wicked warehouse ... Sleuthing Sami sees the initials E.D. on a door, deduces EJ is being held here, takes a deep breath and gets herself inside. Tis the room of the English patient ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 18