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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Episode 13,447
1255 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope gasps to Rafe she finally gets it! Ben planted the proof ... Claire and Ben shake on breaking up Tripp and Ciara at the square. Ciara arrives with Tripp and wants to know what they are up to ... Stefan refuses to leave Jen’s doorstep as he is worried about Abigail. She hisses to leave her and Chad alone ... Outside the pub JJ states it is possible his sister is being set up to solemn Chad ... Gabi pours more drug into a cup she has reserved for Abigail and hides the wig under a chair. Enter Abigail, who wonders why she seems so nervous ... Stefan argues he has Abigail’s best interest at heart. Jen agrees to answer any questions if he leaves her daughter alone! He agrees and enters. He asks why Abigail did not meet with Marlena. Jen replies she was not well and Abigail wanted to wait for her. Stefan suggests she get a fast diagnosis. Jen implies he should butt out. Stefan starts to suspect Gabby could be back ... Gabi pours her former friend a cup of tea. Abigail prefers coffee and warns she will not fall for this ... Rafe is bewildered. But energized Hope believes Ben might have been trying to make her look bad, thus compromising the investigation! Rafe agrees he is that clever and hates how he played into his hands. Hope kisses him and gushes they get to nail him now since the fact that the proof was planted ended the original investigation. They can start anew ... Claire lies that she was discussing helping Ben get a job at the café cos he is both broke and innocent. She adds but Ciara booted him out. Ciara felt she had to. Tripp is confused ... Chad sighs about Abigail suspecting she was set up. JJ the former cop covers all the angles. Chad wonders who would want her to believe she was losing it. JJ replies Stefan though his sister seems to suspect the real Gabi ... Abigail gets annoyed with Gabi for telling Chad about the text. Gabi points the finger at Stefan but Abigail senses she is not on her side as she sips more tea. Gabi reasons her resentment is gone and swears she wants to help her against any alters. Abigail gets more groggy by the Salem second ...

Rafe wants a confession. Hope has another idea ... Claire gets Ben to confirm he wants a fresh start. Ciara wishes him the best and hopes he gets the job. The cafe food is good. Tripp suggests they eat elsewhere. Ciara smiles they can stay. Claire goes to pack up the rest of the food ... Stefan questions whether Abigail’s alters returned. Jen moans it is too hard to talk about. He mentions the lapses and the text. Jenny blasts him for wanting wicked Gabby back. Stefan simply seeks an answer to his question and insists she share. Jen weeps Chad discovered the black Gabby wig in her room ... JJ updates Chad on Gabi and Abigail making peace. However, Abigail thinks she is trying to deceive her. Chad thinks that would be cruel. JJ recalls Gabi was also cruel when she hired creepy Andrew to abduct Mel. Chad considers ... Abigail airily states Gabi is not being straight. Gabi warns her not to trust Stefan. She can believe in her best friend who would never wish her harm. Abigail slurs she does not believe her and falls onto the sofa. Gabi stands up and gets to work. She begins with the black wig ...

Hope needs to get something solid on Ben. Rafe asks about their new plan. She points out only two of them will know they are giving Ben the upper hand. But when he least expects it, he will be blindsided ... Ciara apologizes for asking Ben to leave. He assures her it is alright and makes light of the shelter making him wait long for a shower. Ciara giggles when he states she showers for an hour. He gushes but when she gets out what a beauty. She smiles. Tripp comes back and they leave together. Claire gives Ben a smug glance ... Stefan believes Gabby is back and takes out his telephone. That alter trusts only him! Jen tells him off for trying to take advantage again ... Gabi gets Abigail in the black outfit with the black wig. Abigail is so drugged she does not even blink ... Tripp and Ciara eat on the bed and she points out she would have preferred the café. He brings up Ben. She thinks he deserves a chance. Tripp notes he was the necktie killer and would rather keep his distance. Ciara believes in Ben’s benevolence and brings up Bo’s bike. Even Claire can see the good in him ... As Ben fills out his application form Claire finds out he used to work at the former Club TBD. He suggests Claire not lie to Ciara cos she is special. Their relationship is honest and pure. Claire quips she is sleeping with Tripp and tells him they will make them see that she really belongs with Tripp and he belongs with Ciara. Is he in?

Stefan hates that Jen acted like he was a monster. He wants to be there for Abigail as she is having his child. Jen urges him to stay away. He replies he will be a presence for his child. Jen says the same of herself and kicks him out of her house and her daughter’s life ... Chad wishes Abigail would go to a doctor. JJ thinks they should keep an open mind on her theory. Chad alludes to making sure she does see a doctor since sounds like she needs one ... Abigail is dressed like femme fatale Gabby as she sleeps on the sofa. Gabi sneers the game is getting started ...

Tripp is glad Ben is gone from the apartment. He teases Ciara about her snoring so she gets food on his shirt, which he removes. One thing leads to another with a frisky food fight ... Claire begs Ben to go along with her vague plan. Hope and Rafe arrive. Hope fake apologizes to Ben ... Jenny sighs at home. JJ comes in so she complains about Stefan going on about Gabby. She knows not where Abigail went. JJ does not either. Jen gasps she has got to be alright ... Abigail wakes up on a different sofa alone, no Gabi in sight. Gabi is busy knocking over furniture in the Kiriakis mansion. She picks up a silver tray and hits herself in the face ... Ciara giggles as Tripp asks for a kiss. They smooch up a storm and he carries her to the bed ... Ben eyes Hope. Claire excuses herself to hand in his application. Hope officially apologizes for arresting him based on planted evidence. She really regrets it. Ben would rather move forward. She shakes his hand and calls him gracious. He says the same about her. Rafe escorts Madam Commissioner away. She raises a sly eyebrow and vows to catch the creep off guard ... JJ assures Jen that Abigail was open to considering another doctor. He wants to believe the best ... Abigail wonders how she got here on the DiMera sofa. Stefan walks in and calls her Gabby ... Chad finds Gabi on the floor with a gash on her head. She fake cries Abigail came after her ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 17