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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Episode 13,446
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben strokes sleeping Ciara and murmurs he forgot ... so she sits up and wonders what. Tender music plays as he tells her thank you for believing in him - and there is more. He has feelings for her. They get closer and she wakes up, touching her lips that he almost kissed in her dream. She tries to forget about it as shirtless Tripp brings her coffee, calling her beautiful. He wonders what has her so rattled ... Waitress Claire is at work and her new hungry customer is Ben ... At the station Rafe smiles at Hope and updates her on nothing new. He points out they are both on the list of wanting evidence that would put Ben behind bars ... JJ visits Abigail all worried as he has heard about what happened. Abigail suspects Gabi told Stefan too and knows she is against her ... At the Kiriakis mansion Chad gets off a call with Jen. Gabi asks about him about his visit to Abigail’s house. He unhappily shows her the dark wig he discovered ... Hope and Rafe both wonder where that planted Ben print really came from. He states Ben’s prints are all at the station and seems to think a cop could have done it ... Ciara pretends to Tripp she does not really remember her dream. He has enjoyed the past couple of days ... Claire assumed Ben was moving away. He laments he lacks the necessary funds to do that or place a decent order. She tells him of the terrible Tripp and Ciara pics online. She hates living under the same roof with the new lovers. Ben snaps to stop ... Gabi pretends to be perturbed. Chad wanted to think Abigail was actually doing well. Gabi the deceiver asks what he intends to do next ..

Claire is done with work and sits with Ben He thanks her for the free breakfast. She would like to know why he moved out. He admits Ciara asked him to so she could feel comfortable with Tripp. Claire suspects she still carries a torch for Ben regardless ... Ciara and Tripp have been in bed for two days and counting. He brings up Ben when she suggests they stay longer ... Chad laments Abigail lost her cool with him when she found him with Jen and they told her to get help. She promised to talk to Marlena but it has not materialized. Gabi questions whether she wants to get better ... JJ reminds Abigail that Gabi saved his life. Perhaps Gabi is not coming between her and Chad on purpose. He would like to know how his sis suspects that wig came to be in her room. Abigail tries to enlighten and alludes to Gabi planting it. But will her brother believe her? ... Claire claims Ciara must be in denial about being drawn to Ben and encourages him. He sighs but he can never have her. Claire looks surprised ... Tripp and Ciara exchange I love yous and another kiss ... Rafe and Hope know that neither planted the proof against Ben. When Rafe brings up JJ the former cop Hope raises an eyebrow. Rafe reasons Ben murdered JJ’s girlfriend Paige. But would he actually plant evidence? ... JJ grills Abigail about her suspicions. She has no headaches and no alter has entered her head. However, she has been sleeping too much, like when she missed her picnic with Chad. But she definitely did not send Stefan a text! JJ realizes she suspects the real Gabi of trying to set her up ... Chad explains Marlena is recovering so Abigail cannot see her yet. Gabi rants about her past transgressions when the alters took over. She tries to convince him to commit her ...

Ben tries to change the subject to Claire's own empty life. She wants him to be truthful. He recounts his time in the cabin with Ciara, how they connected. He was touched by her kindness which continued. And then he fell hard. Claire asks why he gave up. His past prevented him from properly pursuing his princess. Claire suggests he take her away from Salem so he and Ciara can make a fresh start. She believes in dreams coming true... Ciara just sighs in Tripp's arms. They are both ravenous ... JJ informs Abigail that the original wig and wardrobe of Gabby came from Gabi Chic. She knows she did not buy them. JJ listens and asks about the text not to mention the missing time. Besides Gabi would have to be some kind of mastermind ... Chad points out Abigail is pregnant. Gabi acts afraid she could harm Thomas. Chad thinks he is safe with him. Gabi tells him to save his son before it is too late. Chad hangs his head. He could not do anything so drastic and still doubts the alter is even back. She brings up the wig. Chad tells her if the alters are around they will fight it together again. He then excuses himself to Thomas. Gabi holds the wig and decides the time has come to enact her backup plan ... JJ feels Gabi would not go so far. He now gets a summons from Rafe and Hope. He warns Abigail to avoid the black hole of conspiracy theories and adds he has her back. He leaves. Abigail now hears the phone ringing ... tis Gabi trying to call ... Abigail considers ...

At the station JJ is bothered that Hope and Rafe are questioning him about the planted proof against Ben. He swears he is innocent and Hope smiles she believes him. JJ complains now because of the planted evidence killer Ben is in the clear ... Claire is confident she can help Ben get what he wants. He would rather not try. She tells him to fight so he warns he would seem like a predator. Claire argues as a team they can break up Tripp and Ciara and get the one that they want ... Lovers Ciara and Tripp want something to eat. Alas they have neglected the groceries ... Abigail primly asks Gabi what she wants. She snaps to come see her at Sonny’s. Abigail ominously agrees. Gabi gets a glint in her eye ...

Back at the station Rafe suggests he and Hope interview more Salemites. She senses they are missing someone and comes up with the most likely suspect ... Claire gushes Ben has got has nothing to lose. He would rather do the right thing. Claire acts like they would be doing good by preventing Tripp and Ciara from going too far in their relationship. Ben sighs he loves Ciara and therefore agrees he is in. They shake hands just as Tripp and Ciara show up at the square. Ciara demands an explanation ... Outside the pub Chad runs into JJ, who just came from Abigail. Chad believes the bad Gabby is back. JJ mutters they might be wrong. Chad asks him to elaborate ... Gabi hides the dark wig under a chair and panics when she realizes Abigail is already there. She wonders how long she has been standing there. Abigail meets her cold stare ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 16