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Monday, October 15, 2018
Episode 13,445
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Nicole with Eric, fearing for his safety from Xander. He worries but she tells him Xander will not win. They are forever ... At the club Lucas lets Bonnie know he wants full custody of the baby. Meantime Mimi tells Chloe in the park to stop singing at a baby who belongs to another. Chloe wonders why she is even here. For her mother - and that happens to be her sister. Chloe counters Lucas is suing for full custody. Mimi calls her a fool ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor grumbles about the latest. Enter angry Eve. He forces a sly smile ... After the lovin Eric assures Nicole he will come back to her. She cannot shake a bad feeling. But he believes they have only just begun and gives her a necklace for protection. They kiss. Knock knock! Nicole opens and gets sprayed in the face by Sami! Eric comes running when she screams about her eyes. He gasps what has Sami done ... Kristen senses something is amiss ... Brady gets into the E.D. room. “EJ,” says he as drums play ... Sami states it was an accident. Brother Eric blasts her for pepper spraying his beloved. Sami explains she was expecting Kristen ... Xander confirms to suspicious Kristen someone broke in ... Brady steps toward the man in the wheelchair whose back is to him ...

Brady gets clocked on the head by Xander and his crowbar ... Sami explains Stefan gave her this address and gets mad at Nicole cos that must mean she is conspiring with Kristen ... Eve unhappily asks after Brady. Victor wonders. She mutters he moved out but now seems missing. The Greek gets smug until she tells him he knows what she did ... Brazen Bonnie believes she and Lucas can work something out. He acts hostile. She taunts him about their time together. Lucas hates hearing about the bodice ripper. She pouts their union was precious. He talks lawyer. She begs. He repeats he is suing to save his baby. He knows she wants to steal the baby and scram. Bonnie flashes back to Mimi reminding her Lucas has no claim on the baby as he is not listed on the birth certificate as the daddy. She swears to Lucas she will stay. Lucas turns her down so she tells him she will see him in court. Until then give her the baby. She needs a nap now ... Chloe questions Mimi’s claim that Bonnie could raise the baby. Mimi notes Lucas is not ... Chloe is all ears ... Bonnie cries fake tears for her fake daughter. No luck. She remembers Mimi again and exclaims Mimi will kill her ... Chloe dares Mimi to elaborate. Mimi notes Lucas has not been sober for long. Chloe hurls insults. Mimi points out the past is the past. She appeals to her as a mother and starts to sound like one. Chloe is sorry but this is about Bonnie’s bad mothering skills. Mimi scoffs she heard from Belle about how she tried to take Nicole’s baby. Chloe cuts the conversation short and leaves with the baby. Mimi growls ghoul girl is not getting her baby and marches behind her ... Eve pours out her heart to Victor about Brady hating her cos she cost him Tate ...

Sami suspects Nicole’s roommate is Kristen. Eric exclaims no it is Xander. Sami's eyes get even wider ... Back at the warehouse, Kristen is upset Xander clobbered her beloved Brady. He explains he caught him close to the patient. There is no love between to Kiriakis two and he tells Kristen they have to take action. She hovers over the unconscious one who stole her heart ... Bonnie claims Mimi came town to meet her baby sister. Lucas will not budge. Bonnie snaps she will get her back and make him pay. She turns to come face to face with Chloe and said baby ... Sami sarcastically congrats Nicole for her creepy romance with Xander. Nicole starts to tell her off until Holly cries and she goes to attend to her. Eric snaps Sami knows not what she is talking about. She thinks Nicole will only hurt him again cos she is a ticking time bomb ... Eve sighs she is now unable to help fix things between Brady and Victor. Victor feels sorry for her and says so. He knows that Brady loves her. He is aware she only wanted to protect him. She laments she loves him. The Greek gets glib about his efforts for loved ones backfiring. He feels for Eve. In fact he forgives her. Eve accepts his offer of a drink. He suggests she get it herself so she does. And another. She now updates him on Eric wanting to find the recording cos Brady does not have it. Victor scowls then someone else stole it from his safe. He knows exactly who that someone is ... Kristen wants to be alone with Brady, who has been tied to a chair by Xander. She throws water in his face to wake him up. He tries to make a joke. She accuses him of playing her cos of EJ. Brady admits it and asks if that man in the wheelchair is him. Kristen pauses ...

Chloe does not let Bonnie have the baby. Lucas supports her. Here comes hurricane Mimi ... Nicole comes out and announces to Sami that Xander made her marry him. Sami thinks she must know he works with Kristen. Eric notes at the wedding he was after him and not Marlena but Sami insists Kristen had this address sooooo ... Kristen thinks Brady’s loyalty to Sami is misguided. He admits he played her and apologizes like he doesn’t mean it. She picks up the gun Xander left her and pouts she too is sorry. Brady starts to sweat ... Mimi wants to take the baby with Bonnie but Lucas stops her. Chloe stands by her man ... Sami starts to call Rafe to arrest Xander when he comes back but Eric worries about Nicole. Nicole reasons giving the cops Xander would ruin any hope Sami has of finding ... Eric explains he is planning to tail Xander tomorrow. He asks Sami to give him the time he needs ... Victor updates Eve on Xander shooting Marlena at her almost marriage. They both suspect he was with Kristen. Victor is glad they are both long gone. Eve gets a bad feeling ...

Kristen feels betrayed. Brady believes part of her loves him and will not kill him. She knocks him unconscious and notes she cannot but she shall make him pay. Xander returns and offers to finish the job for boss lady Kristen. But she hesitates ... Mimi threatens to call the cops. Eli appears on cue. Bonnie informs him she wants to leave with her baby. Eli, however, cannot allow it ... Eve wonders where oh where Brady went. Victor has no clue. She shares that Stefan suspects he went on the run with Kristen. Victor does not believe so. Eve still feels they have unfinished business ... Kristen states she and Xander have more important things, such as - Someone might have tailed Brady and the warehouse could be compromised. She cries their good work will come to an end before anyone else discovers ... Eric implores Sami to let him proceed with his plan. She sighs. Nicole says thanks. Sami insists on accompanying him tomorrow cos if they come across Xander and Kristen together, she knows it will lead her to EJ. She can feel that he is alive. Meanwhile the sad Salem patient utters Samantha’s name, as though he has overheard ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 15