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Friday, October 12, 2018
Episode 13,444
1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Xander unlocks the door to E.D ... Eric kisses his love and promises she will be free from Xander soon. Nicole fears they will not find the tape. He tells her he will when he tails him. But today is theirs. They passionately kiss ... Chloe and Lucas admire gurgling baby Bonnie at the club. He loves being a dad again as he was hurt when Sami took Ally. He loves his second chance. Meanwhile Mimi rages at mama Bonnie for separating her from her baby. She missed raising one baby and will not lose this one as well ... Lucas calls Kate to the club and gushes he has good news. At the square she spies Sami, who stammers she is going to find EJ cos she has a hot Kristen lead. Kate suggests the cops. Sami gasps she has got no time and takes off ... Kristen leaves Brady another message. Xander wheels in the patient. Kristen hopes that he missed her and says so with sincerity ... Jen calls Kayla from the house to see if she can get anxious Abigail an appointment with Marlena. She sighs a referral would be alright. Maggie now arrives with cookies wanting to talk Eric ... Eric and Nicole cuddle on the couch. She remembers their time at the cabin, how they believed it was their new beginning. He vows to never let her go and they share another heartfelt hug ... The patient cannot speak at the moment. Kristen sweetly praises the progress he has made these last years ...

Kate is annoyed to come across Lucas at the club with Chloe. He introduces her to her granddaughter, his little girl. Chloe adds she is not the mother ... Bonnie begs Mimi not to turn her back on her. Mimi hates the deception. Bonnie insists Lucas can look after her daughter a little longer but Mimi fears Chloe will want her forever. The deception stops now ... Nicole does not want Xander to find them together. Eric notes he said he would not be back until late. He calls him a coward anyway. Eric would do anything for her. This time nothing will separate them. Nicole has a nagging feeling - until he kisses her ... Xander tries to get the patient to take something. Kristen sighs about Sami and the patient moves his hands in a stressed manner ... Brady wakes up outside the warehouse ... Maggie was sorry when she heard about the broken engagement from Eric. Jen comes clean about keeping the truth about Nicole from him. The redhead reasons she was in love. Besides she too lied to Eric about Nicole’s whereabouts until recently. Jen wonders where she is. At her daughter Sarah’s Nashville apartment and Eric knows. Jen believes they must be back together. Meanwhile Nicole and Eric make love like there is no tomorrow ...

Brady remembers the shock he got from the security wire and reaches for his phone. He hears his message from Kristen and vows to get the hell inside ... Kristen concludes the patient was affected by Sami’s name. She says it again and again and gets closer so he grabs her wrists with strength ... Kate does believe the baby is beautiful but hates how she came into being. Lucas complains about Bonnie blackmailing him. Kate suspects it was a scam given Bonnie’s age. Chloe tells her the DNA test confirmed it is hers. Kate wishes her son had come to her sooner. He mocks what her overreaction would have been. He believes this baby is the best thing that happened to him in a while ... Mimi suggests Bonnie stop calling her baby by the wrong name. Bonnie reminds her she covered for her in her dad’s death. Besides the baby is with Lucas, who is family, hence the DNA angle working. Mimi gets testy when she refers to the real father ... Brady finds a crowbar in a box and pries open the door with all his might ... Kristen is pleased the patient is trying to come back. Such is the power of love. Meanwhile nekid Nicole feels like she is in a dream with nekid Eric. He assures her this is real. She sadly remembers when Xander the nightmare came calling. She regrets she had to leave Eric because of Brady’s blackmail. Her heart was always his. He kisses her and she stops. She wishes they could be here together forever but the risk is too high. Xander could come home early! Eric refuses to go and gives her another kiss ...

Lucas teases the baby likes Kate. She can see the similarity to Billie as well as Phillip. Lucas admits he has nothing concrete arranged with Bonnie. Kate blasts him for not doing enough. She now asks how Chloe feels about the baby. Chloe gushes about having the little girl in their lives. Kate brings up Bonnie. Chloe stands by her man. Kate takes it all in ... Mimi would rather not discuss the real baby daddy. But Lucas is not listed as the father on the birth certificate so he will have no claim. She tells Bonnie to go and bring her baby back. Then they can both leave and go their separate ways. Bonne claims she would miss her grandbaby ... Maggie is sorry. Jen is just sorry she broke honorable Eric’s trust. She knew all along he loved Nicole ... Nicole gasps to go. Tomorrow Eric can tail Xander. He adds he will get the tape and she shall finally be free. She sure hopes so and repeats Xander could catch him here! Eric worries said villain will have his way with her if he does depart ... Kristen complains about Brady not getting back to her. Xander tells her not to trust him. The patient is still in the room. Kristen reminds Xander he works for her ... Brady gets into the warehouse ...

Jen has much on her mind. Maggie understands as Abigail is having Stefan’s baby. She has seen the toll it is taking on Chad. Jen adds and Abigail. They can only hope. Maggie now mentions the new drama surrounding Lucas ... Kate excuses herself to go to lawyer Justin’s office to set things in motion. Lucas appreciates it. Chloe smiles and puts a supportive arm around him. She offers to take the baby out for a walk before Bonnie comes ... Mimi loves her mom but feels it best they live far from one another. Time is of the essence so she tells her to go get the baby. Bonnie emotionally thanks her for everything and exits. It all sounds rather final ... Brady slowly opens a door and peers inside. A man in a wheelchair moves his hand slowly. Kristen orders Xander to return him to his room. Brady now remembers Kristen failing to answer whether EJ was really alive. He watches while the man in the wheelchair is taken to his room. When he makes a noise Kristen wonders who is in her midst ... Bonnie flounces into the club to pick up the baby. Lucas warns her the baby is not here and she will not have any rights for much longer ... Chloe sings to the baby in the park. Mimi appears and snaps Chloe is not even her mama ... Jenny puts down her cup and cannot get over Maggie’s news from Lucas. She intends to help him and thanks the redhead for her perspective. Maggie is sorry to see how sad she is over losing Eric. Jenny Rose sighs it seems they were not meant to be ... Eric is dressed and knows he has to leave. Nicole starts to worry. He swears this is their new start and gives her his necklace for protection until he can protect her himself. Knock knock! He hides in the other room. She opens her door to Sami, who suddenly sprays her in the face. Nicole screams. Sami looks surprised to see her ... Brady the son of superspy John Black manages to get all the way to the door of E.D. He opens it and speaks his name. EJ.


All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 12