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Thursday, October 11, 2018
Episode 13,443
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla smiles Marlena the Salem patient is healing well. Marlena is grateful for all who helped her but hopes Hattie will not pose a problem ... At the pub Hattie greets Roman and he gasps what da hell ... At DiMera mansion Stefan sarcastically suggests Sami leave. She stands her ground and refuses to go until he helps her find EJ ... Brady tails Kristen, who has slipped into the secure warehouse ... Nicole notes perhaps Xander needs to die. Eric does not think she means it but she muses she might and waits for him to react ... Sami updates Stefan on her suspicion that Kristen hired Xander as assassin. Stefan quips she could have saved money by hiring Sami instead. She knows he is in financial need and offers a hefty payoff if he shares what he knows about EJ from Kristen. The clock is ticking ... Eric does not approve of Nicole’s murder talk. She reasons she already did it to Deimos and this time she would be able to be with Eric. He gives her an intense look ... Roman takes Hattie aside and chastises her for the chance she is taking. She is supposed to be Marlena so she does her best impression. He reminds her doc just woke up from a coma and kicks her out. She invites him to a movie, He hauls her back to the hospital instead ... Back at DiMera mansion Stefan smirks Sami stole that money which is rightfully his. Sami counters he stole it from Chad and offers to pay him handsomely with half of the 250 million she has left. But he must come clean about what Kristen did with EJ. They negotiate. She offers half of the half in an immediate wire transfer, the other half of the half after he talks. He calls her on her bluff with the necessary numbers so she makes the call ... Brady knows not the access code to the warehouse and is unaware that Xander is inside listening to his tape. Boss lady Kristen comes in asking about his new wife Nicole. She realizes the relationship has not been consummated and pressures him to make progress. He complains their almost wedding bliss was crashed by an unexpected visita ...

Eric murmurs Nicole is no natural born killer. She agrees but fears she will never be free! Tragic music plays as she talks of the torture she feels. Eric vows to find a solution. Holly cries in the other room. Eric would love to see her so Nicole goes to get her with a sweet smile ... Marlena worries what Hattie would do if cornered. Enter John with bad news. Hattie has up and vanished. He now gets a text from Roman, who has returned her to her room ... Roman orders Hattie to stay in bed this time cos the rules be the rules! She invites him to jump in with her. John arrives and threatens to send her back to the slammer if she pulls another stunt. Roman leaves to update Kayla and doc. He drawls not to do it again. Hattie gushes he is hot when angry but assures John she is committed to their marriage. John watches her like a hawk ... Brady tries to come up with the access code and remembers Kristen’s tattoo. Still no luck ... Kristen knows about Eric now but fears he found Nicole too quickly. Xander boasts he threatened to finish wot he started at the Jarlena wedding. Kristen had no idea he was the one who shot Marlena ... Nicole brings out pretty pigtail Holly, who clutches mommy and her pink bottle. Eric just loves the little girl who looks like her mother and has missed the two of them ... Kristen hears how Xander’s real target was Eric. She is livid he left his station but he argues he inadvertently helped her. She doubts it cos if anyone discovered the warehouse it would all go to hell ...

Stefan loves the color of money he made Sami wire him and takes a drink. Sami waits with bated breath so he spills the story. Kristen said that Stefano sent her to the hospital the day EJ died and injected him with a drug as per Stefano’s orders. EJ was whisked away and the ashes sent to Sami were of another. Kristen took the real EJ to Stefano. Sami cries tears of joy and asks where he is now. The son of Stefano raises his dark DiMera eyebrows ... Holly is back in bed. Nicole knows she could feel Eric’s love. He lets her know it is forever for both of them and they kiss. He murmurs he missed them. She cries the same and sadly states she is stuck with Xander as long as he has that tape. She tells him to take Holly away to keep her safe. Eric tenderly holds her face. She begs him to save her daughter and raise her like his own ... Brady keeps struggling with the security code and curses. Then he whips out his Swiss army knife to unscrew the whole thing. Meanwhile inside Xander assures Kristen he is loyal only to her. He loves working with one of Victor’s enemies. She points out this project must be protected with their lives as it is not yet complete ... Stefan states EJ is in a facility. Sami demands the location details. He demands the other half of the money. That was not their deal but Stefan the snake has changed the terms. Will Sami take it or leave it?

Kayla and Roman talk about Hattie and the fact that poor John had to marry her. Roman praises his sister for being so compassionate while she herself is having a hard time. She has spoken to Steve and chooses to believe Shane shall clear him to come home ... Eric refuses to take Holly from the mother who loves her so much. He tells Nicole they are in it together and he shall never leave her. They hug ... Sami snaps at Stefan for double crossing her and warns EJ will be out to get him after she tells him! Stefan seems amused. He would greet EJ with open arms. Chad was the DiMera who plotted against him. Sami tries to appeal to his romantic side. She and their kids are lost without EJ. It has been three long hard years. Stefan admits he has no idea where EJ is at the moment. Sami starts to go so he stops her. There is something. He hands her a paper with a scribbled address that Harold found in Kristen's room after she took off. Sami takes it and her voice shaking with emotion, deduces this is where she will find EJ. She can feel it ... Kristen boasts to Xander about being with Brady. She loves and trusts him ... Outside burglar Brady starts to cut a security wire until ZAP! The soap hero is sent flying ...

John talks tough with Hattie, who reminds him to be respectful or else she could reveal who busted her out of the slammer and brought her here. He warns her she would be sent right back and suggests she start acting like a bona fide Mrs. John Black. Hattie turns her back to him with a sigh ... Eric believes letting Nicole go was the biggest mistake he ever made. But for their future he needs to find the tape. Tomorrow he will tail Xander to his place of business but today .... is theirs. They kiss passionately like there is no tomorrow ... Stefan wants the rest of the money. Sami smiles as soon as she finds EJ, kisses her brother-in-law and flounces out ... Brawny Xander promises boss lady Kristen he will come through for her. She wants to see the patient again. But before Xander brings him she leaves Brady a heartfelt message about seeing him soon. Meanwhile Brady is out cold next to his cell phone ... Xander unlocks a solid door with the intials E.D. at the top. Dangerous drums play. The secret prisoner is inside ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 11