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Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Episode 13,442
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the station Sami begs Rafe for his help ... Hope has flowers for Marlena at the hospital when she runs into John and offers hearty congrats on their marriage. John is sorry to say she cannot see doc now. Hope is surprised ... At DiMera mansion Stefan obsesses over Abigail’s last summons and snaps at Eve for being late. He shoves papers at her and rages her numbers were inflated and the stock is down. He demands an explanation and also demands to know where Brady is. Eve knows not ... Meanwhile Brady wakes up to Kristen, silently wondering what her game plan is. She stirs and he acts likes he loves being with her ... Eric remembers Nicole’s heartfelt admission of love. Nicole remembers as well. Shirtless macho Xander walks in and wants to know what she was thinking about ... Eric calls Roman with the news he tracked down Nicole. Sami did not shoot Marlena and Nicole loves him! Roman assumes he already saw the news. There is an APB out on dangerous Xander as they speak ... Xander gets sarcastic about Nicole and Eric. She hisses to go to hell. He laughs Eric is already there. Their dreams were dashed to dust. He taunts if she ever wants out of their marriage she will be arrested. That is the only way she will ever be rid of him ... John lies to worried Hope that Marlena is downstairs having tests. He will give her the flowers. Hope is sorry her Sami judgment was clouded cos she was innocent. John gets it. The trouble with Sami ...

Rafe tries unsuccessfully to ignore Sami but she insists Stefan is her key to locating EJ. She suspects he complained about her cos she was getting close. Rafe doubts Kristen trusted Stefan with anything sensitive. Sami suggests Rafe haul him in with fake charges so they can make him talk. Rafe turns her down ... Stefan snaps at Eve to call Brady. She will update him later. He thunders these numbers look like fraud. She snaps they were projections only but his board is not satisfied. She suggests Stefan is to blame for his board’s no confidence. Stefan shouts to call Brady now so she tries ... Kristen gushes about her and Brady’s restart. His phone rings with a call from Eve, which he does not take cos she cost him his son. Kristen smiles she has will make things up to him. He liked last night but she has bigger ideas. She can get him his son back ...

Hope admits they have an APB but no leads on Xander. Victor claimed he had not heard from him. John thinks something seems off ... Roman has no idea why Xander would shoot Marlena. Eric suggests he was aiming for someone else, then stops ... Nicole does not like being blackmailed. Shirtless Xander acts like he was a hero not shooting Eric this time. He also likes Holly and feels like a father figure. He could be a good husband and touches her face, asking when she will be a good wife. She quips when hell freezes over ... Rafe sips his coffee and tries to ignore Sami’s idea. She tells him to just bring Stefan in somehow to make him talk. He talks police protocol and turns her down again. She tries to play the EJ’s kids need him card. Rafe sighs he can only help her if it is legal ... Back at DiMera mansion Eve leaves Brady a message. Stefan realizes these are hard times. However, he has no faith in AWOL Brady and demands the truth. Eve admits he walked out and she has no idea where he went. Stefan starts to wonder whether he went to Kristen ... Brady cannot condone Kristen’s scheme to snatch Tate. He will not do that to Theresa the good mother. Kristen offers a private island in paradise for them to raise Tate. Brady explains his son would resent the isolation when he grew up. Kristen loves that he loves his boy. They kiss again and she gets out of bed to shower, dress, and take care of ... Brady wants to know what. He senses something ... Roman suddenly tells Eric he was texted about a delivery about back. He suggests Eric not let anyone or anything stand between him and his happiness. That’s the plan ... Nicole turns down Xander again. He gets dressed and grumbles she got into bed with almost all the Kiriakis men. She hisses she has a headache. He warns her he will only wait so long and departs. Nicole puts the chain lock on the door. Eric knocks. She opens the door a little and takes a look. This time she likes what she sees ...

Eerie music plays as Kristen smiles she has some unfinished business from the old life. Brady wants no secrets between them. She tells him to trust in her. All will be revealed in time. She kisses him and he humors her ... Eve asks why Stefan suggested Brady is with Kristen. He laughs about her locking Eve in a freezer. Eve quips Brady hates her. Stefan speaks of love and hate being the same thing and suspects his sister could be comforting him. Eve snaps to stay on the subject of business ... Nicole sadly tells Eric to stay away. Xander could kill him! Eric promises they will not let him win. Her hero has an idea on how they can stop him from ever using the tape against her. She lets him in to explain ... Rafe advises Sami to stay legal. Her kids need her. Sami keeps begging and gets closer. Enter Hope. Sami bites her lip. Hope gives her a soap stare. Sami knows she has something to say. Hope apologizes for not seeing she was innocent due to their personal differences. Sami appreciates it. Hope promises they will do all in their power to get Kristen and Xander. Sami thanks her and scurries away. Rafe smiles at Hope ... Stefan has some questions but Eve explains Brady is financial whereas she was marketing and creative. Stefan screams his shares are falling. Eve admits she messed up. Stefan is no stranger to heartbreak himself but urges her to find Brady while he stalls his board. She promises to fix things, thanks him, and walks out. He will be waiting ... Brady calls John and John wonders where he is. Out of town. With Eve? Not exactly. They argued and he wanted some time alone. Kristen slyly listens from the shower. John updates Brady on Xander as the shooter. Brady cannot believe it. John suggests he not stay away for long. Agreed. Kristen comes back explaining her shower needs heating up and kisses Brady. The fact that he did not expose her to John makes her believe she can really trust him ... Nicole thinks the plan is impossible. Eric reminds her they escaped a Greek island before. If they destroy the recording Xander will have no leverage. He feels he knows where to look. Nicole fears it is already too late ...

John is horrified to discover Hattie’s empty bed. Meanwhile Hattie happily enters the pub. Roman is now also horrified ... Kristen gets dressed and tells Brady she has business. He wants to come with so she changes the subject to another shower. He gushes to hurry back. She kisses him and goes. He wipes his mouth, grabs his coat and goes after her ... Xander is sitting like a king at his warehouse listening to the recording he had hidden in a drawer. He listens in delight to Nicole confessing she killed Deimos to Brady. He notes now she can never leave him, regardless of Eric. Then he hears a noise ... Eric refuses to let Xander ever have his way with Nicole. She wonders whether the only way would be to off him ... Hope informs amused Rafe she suspects Sami will not butt out of their investigation regardless of what she said ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Stefan is on the phone promising board heavy Shin that he will cover their losses until Brady is found. He curses. Enter Sami. She smiles it sounds like he has financial problems and holds up her shiny red bag ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 10