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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Episode 13,202
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad and Abigail are happy in bed again as she holds her fav love story Jane Eyre. There will be no books about men named Ben. Chad checks his phone and admits he just got news about Ben ... At the station Hope is not scared by Rafe's monster mask. Ben and Lani are transferring Ben today. But they soon arrive with bad news. Ben escaped! Meanwhile a tall young man in scrubs with a mask enters the hospital. Cowboy Steve is with Miss Kitty Kayla. He helped her with the kids party. Steve promised Roman, who is in Chicago, he would check on the pub. Kayla recalls what happened last Halloween with Orpheus. Eerie music plays as Steve promises the dead shall remain dead ... Ben is at the morgue standing over the cold corpse of Dr. Rolf. He has an injection ready to wake the DEAD ... Chad admits to Abigail that Ben is getting transferred to the most max security facility. JJ calls and sighs Big Ben gave them the slip ... Rolf gasps and wakes up wondering who revived him. Clyde's son Ben, whose papa told him where to find the beast needle. Rolf wants water. Ben wants him to relax for there is much to be done tonight. He knows he brought Will Horton back and wants him to bring back his other victims. They now walk out wearing scrubs. Kayla innocently steps into the elevator with them. Oh oh .. Chad has arranged for Abigail and Thomas to leave town with him. Abigail had assumed the nightmare was over ... Rolf is now in a dark coat and hat. He proceeds to dig up Serena in the cemetery. Hard work. He keeps digging ... JJ updates Hope and Lani at the square. Rafe calls Hope that according to some kids there was a disturbance at the cemetery. Hope is on her way ...

At the pub as Steve peers out the window, Kayla comes up behind him and he jumps. The pub is empty and she sits at a table as he gets their beers. They drink to them. Kayla tenderly tells him he is her everything. Always. Steve shares the sentiment and wonders why so wistful. She sadly states one should never waste a day of one's life so she does not blame him about Joey anymore. Steve is the love of her life. It all sounds strangely final and they kiss ... Rolf lurks at the cemetery. Hope and Rafe order him to turn around. He notes his return from the dead is not odd and uses his watch to turn Hope into Princess Gina! Rafe is aghast as she turns her nose up at him and Rolf makes the introductions ... Chad will be taking Kate and Andre on the plane to New York with him. But he is suddenly surprised by the appearance of Serena the siren, wearing the same dress she wore that fateful night. She cannot be real! She admits an old dude called Dr ... He knows Dr. Rolf and asks about Ben. Serena has even brought her elephant but came without Ben so they could keep making out like the night she died. Chad recalls how she slapped him and declares he deserved it. She shakes her head and notes that was not what he said. Chad is still very sorry he was drunk. She accuses him of being to blame for her death cos Ben targeted her to set him up. She warns his wonderful life is about to end ... Lani and JJ discuss the Ben drama. He promises the pretty lady of the law he will keep a cool head if he sees Ben again and kisses her. Then she walks away. JJ woefully remembers Paige and suddenly sees her standing right before his eyes ... Gina is elated to see Rolfi. He presents her with a stolen costume tiara and calls her your highness. Rafe wants her to wake up. Gina is not amused and realizes he is Hope's fiancee. She calls him delicious and adds her own heart belongs to John. Therefore her engagement with Rafe is over. Rafe reasons it was Rolf's watch that made her Gina and tries to escort her away. Gina holds a gun on him and warns him not to tell her what to do. Rolf orders her to shoot the peasant ... Kayla stops kissing Steve for her neck is sore. It is strangely covered with a scarf. He starts to get suspicious. Someone knocks and she repeats she loves him and kisses him. Then he goes to open the door to a cop, who claims Kayla was strangled. Steve laughs she is right here with him and looks back. Alas there is no one there ...

Steve is escorted to the morgue to be alone with his sweetness. He weeps over her lifeless form. Ben appears dressed as a doctor and apologizes. Steve gives him a crazed look ... Paige throws her arms around JJ, who calls it impossible cos he held her when she was gone. She only knows she came back now and cries to hold her. He does and she cries she came back to him. JJ laments they should have had more time! Lani joins them, acting rather possessive. Jealous Paige accuses JJ of cheating on her again and eyes a pitchfork. She grabs it and stabs Lani before JJ can stop her. Lani dies in his arms ... Rolf has tied Rafe to a bench and repeats to Gina to SHOOOOT him or else he will make her Hope again. She claims it would call too much attention. Rolf has poison lipstick ready. Gina needs a compact. Rafe drawls he and Hope shall overcome and reminds her how happy they are. Gina applies the coral lipstick and calls Hope dull. Hope was fortunate to have found him but she is gone. Rafe looks into her eyes and asks Hope to come out. Gina bids him goodnight with a kiss of death. Rafe stops talking altogether ... JJ gasps the girl is dead. Why! Petulant Page says to be faithful. JJ is horrified. She wants to make love now. He stops her and insists she cannot possibly be his Paige. She warns him he will pay and gets Lani's gun. Then she shoots him dead so that they will be together ... Gina closes Rafe's eyes, realizing they were deeply in love. It makes her cry. Rolf wants them to go. Gina can see Hope and Rafe's memories. Hope suddenly comes back and tragically cries what did Rolf do ... Steve grabs Ben and demands to know why. Ben babbles about Rolf and promises to fix what happened to Kayla. Steve howls and chokes the life out of the loon. Then he sobs over sweetness ...

At DiMera mansion Abigail wonders what is going on. Serena smugly states she came to kill Chad cos payback is a beech. Abigail reminds the siren that Ben killed her. Serena promises to get to him too and considers torching the whole mansion. Chad tries to stop her so she hits him on the head with her elephant. Abigail rushes to his side and screams she killed him. Serena hisses she is next. Chad got drunk and led to her death all because Abigail betrayed him with another. She starts to hit her with the elephant statue. Abigail sits up with a start and tells worried Chad her wild Halloween dream. He holds her close in their big bed ... JJ and Lani join Rafe and Hope at the station with the news that Ben is safely locked away again. The transfer went smoothly. They all call it a night ... Steve picks up Kayla at the hospital, who smiles there was nothing strange this Halloween. Rolf is still at the morgue ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad assures Abigail she is alright and she sips her tea in bed. He teases in Jane Eyre the wedding is interrupted and a crazy woman tries to burn down the house like in the dream she just had. Abigail gets embarrassed and he suggests another book next time. She thanks him for making everything better and they kiss in soap bliss. Chad turns out the light and gets back to the love of his life. But through the darkness the outline of Serena’s deadly elephant statue remains on his night table ...!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 31