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Monday, October 30, 2017
Episode 13,201
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady and Victor are joined by veiled Eve at the dark cemetery. The ethereal one is here for her husband ... Abigail and Chad are enjoying Halloween fun with Thomas, who is literally a pumpkin. She giggles and eats candy corn as Chad places his son in his stroller. He teases his sweetheart for stealing their son's candy and promises to prevent all her nightmares from candy and more. The moment ends in a kiss ... Kate is at DiMera mansion assuring anxious Lucas on the phone that the Memphis gang will try to get answers. It is best he was not asked along ... At the Memphis address from which Rolf is believed to have been paid an Elvis impersonator wants to know where the hell Sami, Sonny, Paul, Marlena and John came from. Sami gasps there could be an EJ connection. Marlena reminds her they are near Graceland. Sami sighs. John patiently apologizes to Mr. Presley for the intrusion. The impersonator offers an autograph but drops his bowl of candy when Sonny asks about Will Horton. Ooo ... Claire the Halloween wild cat gets a visit from Theo, who is not into Halloween but very into her. He kisses her ... Brady hopes Vic did not marry Eve. Never! Victor asks Brady if he is her husband. Eve suggests they leave her husband's grave and gloats she is Mrs. Deimos Kiriakis ... At the loft tired Tripp comes face with Claire the cat on his way to the shower ... At the square Abigail admits to Chad her life has been Halloweenish and refers to seeing Ben. He hugs her and she smiles she is stronger. They both believe Ben is behind them ...

Kate has summoned Theo for something huge ... Eve gets sarcastic about her welcome to the clan. Victor asks God why another lying crazy woman has to cross his path. She claims she and Deimos were wed months ago in New York. She now produces the document that proves it ... Sonny snaps about Will. Elvis denies knowing him and stays in character. Sami and Paul are irritated. Marlena whispers to John the man is delusional but not dangerous. John deduces he is no DiMera operative. Marlena attempts a friendly approach. Elvis orders them out. Sami refuses so he pulls out a gun. Paul grabs it and fires the toy into the air. Caps. Elvis laughs but still the gang refuse to go. Sami calls 911 to report a crime. Elvis chuckles what crime. John downplays it. Paul points out they are following a money trail. John speaks the name of Dr. Rolf. Sami notes Rolf knew about Will. Elvis grins he does know him and removes his glasses ...

Eve wed Deimos back in April and taunts Victor she met him at the mansion when she came to see Tate. Deimos had complained that Nicole and Brady took Tate and Holly on the run. He asked her to leave. She noted getting dumped by Nicole was low. But she was above gloating ... The Memphis gang soap stare. Sami wonders how Elvis knew Rolf. He hired him to bring a man back from the dead. Sami hyperventilates and assumes it was Will ... Claire and Tripp nervously apologize for bumping and he clears his throat to go take a shower. Claire the cat gasps not to tell jealous Theo she saw him buck nekid ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Kate complains to Theo that someone is stopping their deals before they happen. She suspects they have been hacked. Theo notes that is not possible anymore. Kate sighs then there is a spy on the inside ... Eve offers full disclosure. Victor gets bored while Brady is suspicious. She admits she lost it all and came back to Salem to feel close to deceased daughter Paige. Brady wants to hear more about Deimos. Eve smugly states she took advantage of Deimos' vulnerability ... Eve made Deimos feel a kinship with her about trying to take the high road and feeling betrayed by others. She suggested it did not suit him to wallow in self-pity. Besides he would have been bored with middle class family bliss. It would have been a waste of a dark heart and twisted mind. She seductively called him a nasty s.o.b. and he had toasted and drunk to that ... Sami gasps Elvis got Rolf to bring back Will. Negative. Sonny wonders then who. Elvis grins he got Rolf to bring HIM back. Sonny starts to shout and tries to attack him. Elvis sends him flying and he hits his temple on a table corner before falling to the floor, eyes closed ... Theo has been briefed and Kate swears him to secrecy. However, Theo concludes he cannot agree to her terms ... Claire complains about the candy as Tripp emerges fully dressed. She sighs about Theo not coming back in time to take her to the party. Tripp assumes it could be his autism. Claire gets defensive and declares it only makes him more direct. Tripp now thinks Theo wants him to move out for real ... Chad the pirate loves hearing how the fair maiden Abigail's dreams are all wonderful. She calls him her hero and he holds up his fake sword. She asks for more candy so he kisses her again ...

Brady questions the courtship. Vic quips it is a crock. Eve smiles it was one of those things. The Greek grumbles a financial thing and suggests his brother was not sober. Eve insists he was and boasts they bonded over their mutual of hatred of Victor that fateful day. She remembers Deimos lamenting Nicole looked like a woman he loved and lost but good riddance! Eve asked about his plans and warned him Victor's peace offering could not possibly not real. In time he would make him pay. She whispered to take control before all was lost ... Marlena tends to concussion Sonny. John calls the paramedics. A cop comes to the door within seconds. Sami says to arrest Elvis but Elvis drawls he came to arrest THEM. He acted in self-defense. Sami insists this man knows what happened to her missing son. The cop gets proof from Elvis that he does dwell here and wonders about Sami's son ... Eve gushes she and Deimos got hitched in New York and were on their tropical honeymoon until he left her. He vanished to follow a lead on Nicole. She woefully states when she was notified of his remains being released she just had to come. Brady doubts she is mourning so she suggests the same about him ... Claire tells Tripp please don't go. She regrets asking him to lie to Theo he was in like with her! She admits how she hid his letter from Ciara and it was a while but he forgave her. She thinks he will forgive Tripp in time too ... Theo does not like keeping secrets and getting too close to questionable DiMera machinations. Kate claims Stefano and his destiny are at risk. Theo agrees but sighs he hates secrets ... Paul wants to go in the ambulance with Sonny, who is expected to be alright, but can only follow since he is not next of kin. John goes after them and Marlena remains with Sami, worried what she will do next ...

Elvis is convinced by the cop not to have the gang arrested so he snaps to get out. Sami hisses and argues with the man of the law. Alas Marlena is unable to stop her. When she scratches him accidentally she gets arrested on the spot ... Theo comes home and Claire notes he has no costume. He puts on a cap and quips he is now a ballplayer. Tripp wishes them fun and admits he will be alone. Claire comes close to inviting him along but does not ... Eve provides the name of the honeymoon hotel. Victor and Brady wonder what she really wants. All in good time ... Elvis puts on an album and tells his lady she can come out. It was a close call but hopefully those folks she was avoiding will not be back. Stay tuned for S-U-S-A-N!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 30