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Friday, October 27, 2017
Episode 13,200
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Justin is on his phone wanting Adrienne out of jail tonight! However, he knows not how Lucas will react ... Meanwhile Adrienne remembers her worry about Sonny when he wed Will though she supported him. Sonny arrives and they emotionally embrace. He assures her they will get her out today and is sorry for not seeing through ... She blames Bonnie and has also heard what he is dealing with. Will could be alive ... At the square Paul sighs on his computer and remembers his conversation with Sonny, when he confessed to trying to dig Will up. John joins his son and he updates him on his clue searching for Rolf's partner in crime. He complains the cops are not forthcoming with the tablet that was found. John ponders ... Sami has been released and assures Marlena she is staying until the Salem PD share the new hot lead ... Brady has been slugged to the floor and jumps up to rumble with brother Eric. Blows are exchanged, expensive furniture knocked over. Brady is about to break a bottle on Eric's handsome head when Victor comes in and bellows to stop ... Mama Marlena understands why Sami is stressed. Sami insists she did nothing wrong, unlike Hope! Madam Commissioner has overheard and closes the door. She lets Sami know she has a department to oversee. Sami wants answers for all Will's loved ones ... Lucas opens his Salem Inn door to visitor Justin and screams to leave him alone, drunk and dismayed he stole Adrienne ... Sonny fills his mother in on the surreal moment when Ben claimed Will was alive. It led to Clyde's claim. She is sorry she was not there. Sonny assumed she was not herself. At first he did not believe Ben but then he wondered what if ... If Will was alive it would change things for them. She whispers Paul too ... John wants to talk feelings with Paul, who is prepared to fight for Sonny though how to win against a memory? ... Victor blasts the bad boys for turning his mansion into a fight club. Eric whispers it is not over and exits. Brady fumes he knows where to find him. Victor blames Nicole. Brady boasts he blackmailed her into leaving town. The Greek grandfather is impressed ...

Eric staggers into his office and tries to tend to his hand, which is bleeding again. He remembers writing Nicole about Brady as her best protector. Jen finds him and gasps at his wound but it is the emotional wound that cuts the deepest. He lost his true love ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady ices his jaw and complains to Victor how Nicole betrayed him with his brother. He rages he even recorded her confession so he could use what she did to Deimos to destroy her happy little romance. Victor says not to feel guilty. He does not but he feels like he let her get away with what she did. The Greek tycoon tells him to expose her anyway ... Justin tries to tell Lucas it has not been the real Adrienne for a while. Lucas screams and speaks in circles. Justin gets a call from Steve about the DNA tests. He sighs he tried to get through to Lucas and leaves. Lucas downs more booze, unable to deal with Frankenstein Rolf's tale about bringing Will back from the dead ... Paul admits to John that he alone is to blame for losing Sonny in the past, as all he cared about was having hetero PR. He has his own ghosts to deal with and understands Sonny's need for time ... Adrienne can relate to Sonny loving two men at the same time. He marvels how much he and Paul share in common but also regrets he never got his second chance at romance with Will ... Hope warns hothead Sami to withdraw. Sami snaps she is wound up and wants an update on who could have hired Rolf. Hope states they seem to have a solid lead. They are waiting to see if it pans out ...

Eric gasps to Jen that he lost it when he found out Brady was responsible for Nicole running. Jen says she was spooked when she left but what did Brady do? ... Victor advises Brady to hand over the amulet and the recording to the cops. Brady considers ... Hope dismisses Sami, who brings up Zack and what she would do. Hope understands and respects why she wants to fight. But she cannot let her become a casualty. Sami protests and asks if she will block her or help her. She appeals to her as one mother to another ... Sonny still remembers Paul his first love. Adrienne admits the pull of a first love is a powerful thing. Sonny also wants his miracle and she asks what if he gets it. Sonny feels for Lucas, who fell apart when he thought he lost her, yet now Justin has to deal with losing her as well. Adrienne admits she has not lost her feelings for Justin her first love. He saved her and she kissed him. Speak of the devil! Suited Justin arrives with wonderful news. She is free at last. They hug for a loooong time and then mother and son hug. She is ready to go home. Justin will be at her side every step of the way for the release process. Sonny happily goes to find Paul. Adrienne asks about Lucas. Justin is sorry to say he was at the Salem Inn, too drunk to listen. He warns her he is in a very bad way ...

Hope curses and counters Sami is facing charges already. She cares not cos she wants her son. Marlena stands by her desperate daughter. Hope scribbles down the lead, the address from which Rolf was sent huge payments. Sami takes off and Marlena goes after her. She and her backup will look after Sami ... Brady cannot bring himself to make Nicole lose Holly. He is no Deimos! Victor suddenly decides that since Deimos was family he deserves a proper burial. Today. Brady gives him a suspicious stare ... Eric declares to devoted Jen he is done with trying to understand what really happened. Brady hurt Nicole but she chose not to confide in him. Jen agrees he needs his peace of mind and he thanks her for being a friend. He plans to pray for Brady and concentrate on helping people at the center ... Victor informs Brady that Commissioner Hope released Deimos' body to him. The private burial will take place soon and everyone besides them is too busy or bothered to put the s.o.b in the ground ... John and Paul will keep working for answers and plan to hound the Salem PD. Sonny appears, followed by Marlena and Sami, who have already chartered a private jet. They all agree to go together. And so Paul, Sonny, John, Marlena and Sami take off to find out the truth. Sami decided not to tell Lucas as he is in no state to join them. They will fill him in when they find answers ...

Adrienne is at Lucas' door, which is open. She gasps oh God when she sees the messy bed and empty bottle but where is Lucas? He storms into Hope's office demanding an update, wanting to know where everyone went ... John, Marlena, Sami, Sonny and Paul arrive at a house filled with strange signs of Halloween. Memphis ... Victor is sitting on Deimos' dark grave and claims he checked the coffin just to be sure. He warns Brady not to be like him and lose his brother because of a woman. Now he spits on the grave, grumbles in Greek, and they start to go. But a woman in black stands in their path, slowly raising her veil. Tis Eve ... The gang in Memphis are suddenly startled to see their unlikely host. They soap stare in unison ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 27