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Thursday, October 26, 2017
Episode 13,199
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad spoils smiling Abigail with breakfast in bed. She loves him and the pancakes. He gushes their son helped and promises to keep making their days special. They passionately kiss in the big bed ... Kate leaves Lucas a message asking for an update. Enter serious Jen. She presses record on her iphone and asks Kate about her plans for DiMera. Kate smiles she has no strategy. Jen reminds her Andre was ready for a power struggle. Kate believes the board trusts her but Jen probes, sensing a sordid story ... At the Kiriakis mansion billionaire heir Brady reaches for booze, then takes the coffee instead when Chloe comes in. She came with a check to pay back some of what she borrowed for the club. He calls her a star. She wants to know what happened with Nicole ... Eric the tormented has spent the night at the pub. Roman pours him a cup of coffee and wonders what happened. He heard he was back with Nicole. Eric breathes she is gone ... Rafe confronts Hope in her office for arresting Sami. Hope snaps Sami grabbed her gun but Rafe retorts how could Hope let it happen! ... After the lovin Abigail and Chad are over the moon He watches her slip out of bed with a smile ... Brady bitterly states Eric and Nicole are in love. He knows Chloe knows. She is sympathetic. He leers Nicole and Eric will never be together ... Roman does not understand. Neither does Eric. He suspects brother Brady did something. He vows to find out what ... Brady is bitter about being dumped also by Theresa. Chloe reminds him the addict had issues. Brady believes his pattern as a nice guy is to finish last. Chloe hopes he will not change. Too late!

Roman is surprised when Eric explains as per Nicole, Brady wanted no more to do with her. She even accused Eric of taking advantage. However she said she loved him and it was real! He deduces this was the doing of Brady. Roman gets a call from Marlena and cannot believe Sami's latest stunt ... Hope informs Rafe that Sami was threatening to shoot Rolf and waving a gun around. Rafe gets quiet and she asks if he still thinks she was wrong to arrest her ... Kate refuses to reveal anything to Jen. The snoop wants to follow up on Andre's story. She has to do her job. Kate tries to kick her out. Chad and Abigail appear and Jen refuses her daughter's offer of coffee. Chad would like a word with Kate so Jen agrees to step out with Abigail. Chad laughs when Kate quips his mother-in-law can be a witch. He wonders why she lost her edge doing her usual spin. She mentions her last deal and laments someone seems to be a step ahead acquiring the companies before her. Chad is listening ... At the square Abigail suggests Jen put her personal life first. Jen does not want to date. Abigail notes her last love interest was Eric ... Roman updates astounded Eric on Sami's latest. Eric hopes Will is alive. Roman is happy to hear the twins shared a birthday cake together and is elated his son is staying in Salem. Jen convinced him to stay for the center. He heads off to see Brady but Roman wishes he wouldn't ... Brady gets sarcastic. Chloe worries he might go back to the bottle like Lucas. Brady denies it and agrees to stay on the straight and narrow for the sake of Tate. He has high hopes about being made the permanent CEO of Titan. Chloe thanks him for his support and suggests they take Tate and Parker to a pumpkin patch tomorrow. Tis a date. He hugs her and she goes on her smiling way. But then Brady grabs the bottle ... Rafe scoffs and walks around the room. He feels for Sami and wishes Hope had given her a warning. She did and now Rolf is dead. He swallowed cyanide while Sami was waving around the gun and her threats. Rafe knows Sami regrets it. He suggests the fragile female should not be left in jail. Hope calls him a hypocrite for that so Rafe folds his arms and soap stares ...

Hope sighs. Rafe wonders what she means. She reminds him he said she was not hard enough on JJ. Rafe reasons JJ is a cop whereas Sami is a stressed mother. Hope senses Sami is still a personal matter for Rafe ... Chad mentions the paper trail. Kate notes there is none so they both suspect someone from the inside. They both say ANDRE at the same time ... Jen calls Eric an incredible meeeeeeeaaaaaaan. Abigail suggests her mother help him forget about Nicole ... Brady pours out the drink without taking a single sip. His nerves are like steel. Eric now walks in and the bucks stare each other down. Dangerous drums play ... Rafe denies this being personal and reasons Sami has every right to be stressed right now! He asks what Hope would do if it were about Zack being alive. Hope cannot believe he went there. Rafe apologizes for going too far. Hope starts to cry and calls it her call that Sami was stopped. She wants him to respect it ... Back at DiMera mansion Kate is convinced Andre regrets the past. Chad points out his history of cleverly hiding things. She praises Andre for his support. Chad hates saying it but he is capable of anything. Kate gets it. Chad suggests he speak to him. Kate tells him to keep enjoying his honeymoon and leave Andre to her ...

Jen admits her relationship with Eric felt real despite the drama that surrounded them. Abigail advises her to try again ... Eric breathes 'what did you do to Nicole?' Brady blames him for not doing as ordered. Eric snaps he could not break her heart by firing her. He states how she came to him and begged him to take his job back. Then they gave into their love and she left to get Holly. He demands to know what Brady did to change her mind for they had plans ... Rafe concedes that Madam Commissioner is in charge but she appreciates his honesty. The stress is getting to her and it has only been a week. He believes in her and gives her a hug. They exchange I love yous. Rafe knows Marlena will get Sami out with a good lawyer and laments Rolf died before revealing his boss. It must be someone scary. Hope updates him on the foreign bank account with monthly payments. Rafe realizes that is the next step in finding out the truth about Will ... Kate swears Chad to secrecy, even with Abigail, as she is Jen's daughter and Andre's ally. Chad flat out refuses to lie to his wife. Abigail appears and appreciates it. She now asks Kate to give them a moment ... Jen is daydreaming of Eric when Chloe asks her about Lucas. Alas the intervention did not succeed and the stress of the Will story might make things worse. Chloe wonders whether Will could truly be alive. It may be ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Eric and Brady bicker. Eric blames him for making them both lose. Brady warns if he was aware of what the woman was capable of he would thank him! Pause ... Kate is on a call at DiMera mansion. It is about help she needs with the company. She cuts the call short when Roman arrives with an update on hurricane Sami and Rolf. Kate is desperate for Will to be alive. So is Roman and he holds her close ... Chad offers to tell Abigail all about his conversation with Kate. She smiles and he repeats how much he loves her before carrying her to the bedroom ... Rafe apologizes to Hope. She sighs it is not simple to make this situation work. Remorseful Rafe gives her a kiss. Madam Commissioner gets a call from JJ and turns to Rafe. Those payments Rolf received were coming from ... Eric gasps Nicole is capable of great love. Brady leers he is lucky to be without her and denies making her leave. She leaves every man who loves her. But when he calls her an offensive name Eric explodes and punches him to the floor. This means WAR ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 26