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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Episode 13,198
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


JJ and Lani join Hope at the hotel room where Rolf died. She updates JJ, who deduces Will is alive. Hope adds Rolf did not confirm if his revival was a success. And then he offed himself. She asks JJ and Lani to work with CSI and track down Rolf's boss ... At the square Eli is ready to tell his Sheila story. Gabi wonders whether they were involved. Eli replies she was really more than a girlfriend ... Sheila wants her cash from Bonnie at the park. Bonnie threatens to take her down with her ... Steve and Kayla are with the warden, who does not believe his prisoner is not the real Bonnie. Steve snaps the woman they have in here is his innocent sister. The warden wants proof ... Meanwhile Justin hugs sobbing Adrienne and they kiss on the lips. She praises her hero for saving her but here comes the guard to escort her to solitary. Justin protests and threatens to sue. The guard goes to confer with his supervisor. Adrienne hangs onto Justin and he assures her Steve and Kayla will convince the warden. But the warden has just found out that Bonnie escaped. At least, the woman Steve and Kayla claim was Bonnie. Steve offers a firsthand account from Hattie Adams cos she was involved ... JJ, Lani, Hope have white gloves on as they examine Rolf's room. The commissioner gets called away. Lani finds a briefcase with a secret compartment and an ipad inside. Voila ...

Eli sighs Sheila was like a sister, and he was close to her and her brother. His mom was busy working so they all hung out. Good times. But then when they grew older he had trouble with the cops. He admits Sheila was involved ... Sheila talks tough with Bonnie and demands her money or else she will expose her ... Justin has water for Adrienne as they wait. She updates him on her harrowing experience. Justin updates her on Lucas falling off the wagon again. Adrienne cries for him and curses Bonnie. Justin must now update her on the Will drama, which also has Lucas stressed and has far reaching implications for Sonny ... Hattie is brought in to see the warden as Steve and Kayla soap stare. They ask her to tell the warden the truth so she does. It all started with Angelica Deveraux ... She confirms Bonnie and Adrienne were switched. The warden has his doubts and cuts the meeting short when they claim Angelica is no longer alive. Kayla gets an idea ...

Rolf's ipad is password protected. JJ has an idea and works to get on Rolf's cloud. Lani watches and waits ... Bonnie and Sheila continue to bicker. Sheila is broke and desperate. Bonnie has the same problem and suggests she ask a friend for help. Sheila sighs she thought she had a friend but alas she was mistaken ... Eli admits to Gabi that he and his friends committed petty crimes for kicks. Mama Val gave him a talking to and insisted he keep away from the two other kids. He obeyed and then they moved. Gabi asks what happened to his friends. He found out when he went to say goodbye that they were dealing drugs. In the end HE was the one who arrested them. Gabi gets it ... Kayla wants swabs for Dr. Thomson so she can get DNA testing done. Bonnie could not have faked Adrienne's medical history. The warden agrees but even if the tests prove they are right he cannot release the prisoner until the real Bonnie is brought back ... Adrienne weeps that Sonny needs her as well as Lucas, given the situation. Justin knows they have to wait longer and now wonders about that kiss she initiated ... JJ and Lani try to guess Rolf's password based on dates etc. She remembers when they were on the plane in Greece together and made their working stopover feel romantic. She had the pictures and JJ's iphone had the Mediterranean music. They had slow danced. Back to reality. He has been locked out of the account. JJ has another way to crack the code. But he will be needing help from Rolf himself ... Gabi gives Eli the benefit of the doubt. He explains he was undercover and discovered his two old pals were key players in a Chicago drug ring. He betrayed his friends so he would solve the case. He was promoted and his pals ended up in prison ... Sheila tells Bonnie to call daughter Mimi but they are not on speaking terms. Sheila would settle for that pin Bonnie stole from Adrienne as payment ...

Adrienne and Justin conclude the kiss just happened. Steve comes with Kayla and a happy reunion ensues. Family hugs! She brings up Joey and hears he is in prison for offing Ava. Steve updates her and she weeps for them all, for Joey and Lucas and Sonny. For all of them. Kayla consoles her with a hug. So much has happened ... JJ gets in by using Rolf's fingerprint. Alas Dr. Rolf was a man of formulas and codes. Hope is intrigued ... Eli feels like a heel. Gabi points out his friends were not innocent but he remembers their childhood pact of always looking out for one another. Now for Sheila's brother it is tragically too late as he was killed in prison. Gabi gasps. Eli laments he stabbed his friend in the back ... Bonnie believes Mickey wanted her to have the broach. Sheila wants it now so she sniffles and hands it over. Bonnie cries about missing Mickey with nothing to remember him by. Sheila suddenly seems to remember her brother ... Kayla and Steve tell Justin and Adrienne about Bonnie escaping. And the warden will not let them run prints. Still, smart Kayla convinced him to consider the medical records and do DNA swabs to prove Steve and Adrienne are siblings. Justin holds anxious Adrienne and she leans on him. Kayla has the swab bag ready. Now she takes the samples to Dr. Thomson and the lab. Justin is so sorry for what sweetheart went through. They get back to that kiss and agree they were only relieved. He suspects she will reunite with Lucas. Adrienne feels awful for poor Lucas ... Eli apologizes for dumping on Gabi, but she is glad he did. She gives him a pep talk about doing nothing wrong. He regrets not making it right when Sheila recently asked him for help. Gabi wonders why he would not help her. Alas he just joined the Salem P.D. She asks what the boy in Baltimore would have done. Eli realizes he would have helped her. Gabi believes he will be able to make things right again. She calls him a great guy with a great heart and smiles she already knew ... Sheila gives Bonnie her broach back cos the old man meant something to her. Bonnie is touched. She will try and reach Mimi after the cab comes. Sheila hugs her goodbye and says to take care. Then she goes on her own way ...

Gabi and Eli see Sheila as they pass the pub. Gabi withdraws to give them space. Eli is sorry and asks to help. He wants to this time. Sheila accepts his offer ... Bonnie removes her sunglasses and tells the plaque of Tom and Alice she will return one day. Then she shoves her black hood and sunglasses back on and takes her leave ... Justin and Adrienne are dismayed to hear from Kayla that it could take 24 hours for the test results. Steve, however, has a bodyguard ready. Hattie enters and grins she is on the job ... Hope discovers Rolf received large payments monthly into a foreign bank account. Lani notes it would take long to get clearance. JJ concludes they can follow the money and get the answers they are after. Then they will know who Rolf's boss was. Madam Commissioner agrees, adding they will also know whether Will is alive ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 25