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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Episode 13,197
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Bonnie has been busted. In the women's prison Adrienne is in line to use her calling card. This time she will try to reach someone other than Justin ... At the cemetery Sonny visits Will's grave and sighs about whether he is in there. But he vows to find him if he is alive. Lucas staggers up and orders him away from his resting son... Sami threatens to shoot Rolf ... Steve announces this Adrienne is an imposter called Bonnie Lockhart. Maggie cannot believe it. Justin bellows to come clean. Bonnie does and sneers she was smarter than any of them. She points at Maggie and hisses she had it coming ... Gabi has impressed Eli with her and Ari's baked cookies at the square as they sit outside. They are for his first day of work tomorrow. He teases her, then lets her know he would rather she not meddle by praising him to Hope again ... Kayla accuses Bonnie of not being like Adrienne with Lucas. Steve states and also not with Sonny. Kayla adds Jen said she was no reporter. Steve states her big mistake was going after Victor for his money. Adrienne would never do such a thing. Bonnie accuses Maggie of stealing her Mickey. Maggie rages about all who were hurt by her revenge game ... Someone pushes in front of Adrienne at the phone ...Sonny stands up and assures Lucas he loved Will. He did not want him dug up either. Lucas is losing it. Sonny states Will could be alive. Lucas calls him crazy and cries he and Sami saw his body. Sonny wants to hope. Lucas warns him hope is a cruel and fickle friend. Sonny insists his wish could come true ... Rolf admits he saw Sami when she went to the morgue with Lucas to see Will. She gasps in horror. Hope soap stares. Rolf remains seated on the floor, cool as a cucumber. Sami calls him a liar. Hope wants to hear him out. Sami remembers touching Will's hair and kissing him goodbye. Then Hope came in and Lucas hugged her. Hope announced the arrival of the medical examiner, who was Rolf with a mask, wearing scrubs. They had all exited and he had gone to work with his medical bag. Hope questions his claim. Rolf calmly states he speaks the truth ...

Sheila excuses herself to clean. Bonnie laments she lost Mickey and their happiness, then got locked up. She and Mickey married after he assumed Maggie was gone but then she came back from the dead. Victor gets sarcastic. Maggie notes she did not set out to hurt her. Bonnie growls she was going to ruin her. Brady soap stares, understanding. Steve demands to know where real Adrienne is ... Adrienne dials a wrong number, then concentrates to remember that number she has on speed dial ... Lucas slurs it is not possible. When Sonny mentions Andre agreeing to find Rolf, Lucas calls them slime. He now gets a call from Adrienne, who yelps and announces herself ... Eli believes Gabi stating his case to Rafe could backfire but he sure likes being with her. Sheila shows up needing a word alone with Eli and it is important ... Justin also demands to know where real Adrienne is. Bonnie blames Angelica for everything. Justin hollers for Adrienne. Bonnie declares Angelica drugged her and Hattie hauled her off. Justin wants to know where she took her ... Lucas believes Adrienne dumped him and ignores her begging for help. Sonny wants to speak to her. Lucas assumes this is about his son Will. Adrienne does not understand. Lucas screams until Sonny snatches the phone ... Rolf proves he was present by repeating Sami's touching last words to Will. She screams what did he do! Rolf replies he did what he was paid to do. He revived him with a needle. Hope questions the veracity of his claim. So does Sami with the gun. Hope reminds her he did hear her words so Sami screeches at the now silent scientist. Is her son alive?!

Eli excuses himself with Sheila. She reminds homeboy he owes her and blames him for her getting locked up to begin with. She brings up the r word. Redemption ... Bonnie refuses to reveal where Adrienne is as it is her bargaining power. They ask if it is Bayview. Negative. Maggie notes she was in Statesville. Steve deduces that is where Adrienne must be ... Before Adrienne can inform Sonny what happened to her, the guard hangs up and takes away her card ... As Sami shouts and Hope orders her to give her the gun, Rolf swallows a cyanide pill. He drools, trembles and dies within seconds. Hope gasps and checks his vitals ... Justin addresses Bonnie as an attorney and insists she cooperate or else. She admits Adrienne is in Statesville. They are on their way. Victor gleefully states that is where she is going for good. Brady gets his keys but Bonnie shoves Maggie aside and runs away ... Sonny tries calling the number but now no one answers. He also gets a busy signal and blasts Lucas for being drunk ... Adrienne is now dragged toward solitary ... Hope tells Sami that Rolf swallowed cyanide and is dead. She starts to call it in and tries to stop Sami when she starts to search the room, not listening. Madame Commissioner is now compelled to arrest her ... At the square Eli explains he cannot help Sheila. She suspects it is cos of his princess. He still cannot help her cos he is starting his new job with the Salem PD. Sheila warns Gabi not to trust him cos he stabbed her in the back. She stomps away ... Hope hauls Sami to the station. In a room she lectures her for grabbing her gun and acting out of control. Sami scoffs Hope shot Stefano! She needs a break because Will could be alive. Hope fears if Sami walks free she will bungle the Will investigation. Sami demands her damn call ... Sonny calls Bonnie's cell as she runs away. He is surprised when Sami calls him on Lucas' phone and summons him to the station. She will tell him all about Rolf ... Victor is relieved Maggie is alright. Maggie does not like what he wanted to do to Deimos but agrees he deserved to be punished. At least he was stopped by another. Victor chuckles and she notes they might never know who did it. She now asks how he neutralized Xander and hears how he paid him to go away. He adores his redhead and she hugs him, relieved the wedding was a bust. She suddenly realizes that Bonnie broke up with Lucas and laughs how happy he will be ... Adrienne cries and begs the guard for mercy. Justin enters and barks at the brute to release her. Adrienne cries and looks at her hero ...

Victor suggests Maggie call Lucas later and takes her hands, noting Lucas might not believe her. She has to try and save him, however. Brady returns admitting Bonnie was too fast and gave them the slip. He is sorry ... Not far from the square, Bonnie removes her dark sunglasses and calls for a cab. But then Sheila comes up to her and refuses to let her leave without paying what she owes ... Gabi is curious. Eli decides to confess what happened with Sheila once upon a time ... Hope orders the entire room where Rolf died examined, also for bugging devices. She wants to know whether Rolf was being watched and who his boss was ... Sonny arrives at the station with Lucas and wonders what happened, how Sami got arrested. She explains Will might be alive after all ... Justin hugs Adrienne and tells the guard to take a hike. Adrienne cries on his shoulder about Bonnie stealing her life. They already know. She bawls and he holds her close. He wants to take her home. He gently tells her the nightmare is over and she kisses him in gratitude, feeling safe at long last in his strong arms ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 24