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Monday, October 23, 2017
Episode 13,196
1380 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve paces at the pub. Kayla wishes he would sit. He wants to stop the wedding baby! Meanwhile Maggie has stormed into the Kiriakis mansion to stop fake Adrienne from marrying Victor. Bonnie lets it slip this time she will not ruin things. Maggie wonders about that comment. Victor and Brady soap stare ... Jen gingerly approaches fallen Eric and asks what happened. He gasps he lost the one that matters and shows a photo of Nicole ... At DiMera mansion Sami rages at Andre, who refers to her as a banshee. Kate sides with Sami for answers about Will. Andre assures them Hope is handling it ... Rolf is stunned to see the woman who shot Stefano in cold blood and says so. She warns he can expect a bad reaction as well unless he tells her the truth about Will ... Bonnie stammers. Sheila watches with worry. Bonnie claims she was talking about several Salem weddings but Maggie begs to differ. She referred to what she did to her already and seeks an explanation. Bonnie tries to kick her out but the redhead is unstoppable. Justin arrives as a reliable reinforcement ... Jen cleans Eric's hand wound and updates him on what Nicole said. He still does not know what happened. Jen notes Nicole did not want to hurt Brady so she decided to leave. She is leaving town with Holly. Eric shakes his handsome holy head. Jen's red earrings dangle as she declares Nicole seemed in a strange hurry to get out of Salem ... Sami snaps Rolf cannot be entrusted to cops who go by the book. Andre agrees and adds Kate suggested otherwise. Sami hyperventilates and demands to know Rolf's current location ... Rolf feigns innocence in the Will story but Hope has a signed statement from Clyde. She will stay until he starts talking ... Back at the pub Steve only agrees to give Kayla 20 minutes to come up with a logical explanation. Then he will crash the wedding ... Justin questions the sanity of fake Adrienne, who wants to get back to the wedding. Adrienne advises Victor to let them know how much he longs to marry her. He quips LIKE HELL. Bonnie starts to sweat in her tacky dress ...

Eric apologizes to Jen for admitting he only wants Nicole. Jenny is here to help and wants to help clean up the mess he made. He sniffles he will do so. Jen is here to listen. Eric sighs he and Nicole finally got it right. Then all of a sudden she changed her mind about them being together. It was after she went to tell Brady. Jen blinks. Eric starts to suspect brother Brady is to blame ... Victor lets fake Adrienne know how he loathes her and lets the maid leave. Maggie snaps the wedding is off and tells Adrienne to stop. Bonnie hits back by announcing Victor took out a hit on his brother. Victor gives her the evil eye ... Back at the pub Kayla suggests to Steve that Adrienne might want to leave the past in the past. Steve suspects they are missing something since she would never have wanted Victor ... Hope implores Rolf for something for Will's family. He politely declines. She threatens to take him to the station. Sami now storms in, grabs Hope's gun and demands the bastard tell them what is going on. Rolf's eyes widen for he is no fool. He knows the hellcat would not hesitate to pull the trigger ...

Steve sips his coffee and notes Adrienne never cared about money. Kayla deduces all the wedding would accomplish would be to hurt Maggie. Steve thinks she is onto something ... As it turns out Maggie, Brady and Justin already know about Deimos. Maggie also knows about her blackmail as Victor told her! Victor was humoring her. The redhead grins she fell for their act ... Andre has a drink and agrees Sami is Will's motha. But she might make a mess. Kate reminds him she has been through much as she lost EJ the love of her life and her beloved firstborn. Andre is amused how his wife is getting along with her former adversary. Kate admits she has missed her and he giggles the old girl has mellowed. Kate also did what she did for DiMera. Andre appreciates her caring about his reputation. Samantha, however, cares not for her already tarnished reputation ... Hope begs Sami to stop. Sami hits Rolf with her gun and he falls to the floor with a moan. Now she tells him to start talking. Hope is utterly horrified. He has a cut over his eye and calls upon the commissioner to do something. Hope calls the station. Sami rages she saw Will's dead body herself so why did he say he was alive! Is this a scam with Stefano? Rolf reminds her that she already is aware some things are not as they seem ... Eric updates Jen on Brady demanding he fire Nicole after Chloe let her friend's feelings slip. Jen spoke with Nicole and notes the decision to depart was hers. But Eric is heartbroken and cannot be consoled. He continues to cry. Jen lets him know she is here for him, as are others. She suggests he come home to Salem with her now and put the painful memories behind him ... Justin and Maggie are pleased to point out the divorce papers were fake. Maggie stands by her man as Bonnie rages. She refuses to keep her mouth shut about that hit on Deimos. Victor notes no one will believe her. She threatens to get Xander. Victor smiles he had his sentence commuted so he up and vanished along with her hold on him ... Steve now suspects Adrienne is out to get Maggie. Kayla is baffled by that. She suddenly recalls Jen's complaint that Adrienne could no longer help at the paper, like she was a different person. Steve gasps OH GOD ...

Eric the tormented tells Jen he is not ready. She brings up Ben's claim that Will lives. Sister Sami and his parents need him at this time. So does the center! He cannot become a hermit. Eric grins and gives her a grateful hug ... Back at DiMera mansion Kate hates the wait. Andre asks about Will. Kate calls him the best baby and a good boy whom she adored. He was also wise and got her. He always accepted her. She wipes away a tear and tells Andre how close they were. He loves hearing about it. She remembers her down and out diner days, when Will was the only one who cared. Andre is sympathetic as she weeps she cannot lose Will again. He holds her close and promises to see to it she is fine ... Rolf boasts he could do the impossible and refers to Stefano's reign of terror as the good old days. He remained a faithful accomplice until the end. Sami suspects Stefano is responsible ... Justin stops Adrienne from leaving and suggests she get help. He suspects Hattie did something to her mind for this is not the Adrienne he knows and loves. Steve walks in. YA GOT THAT RIGHT! He glares at Bonnie ... Eric packs as holy music plays. He picks up Nicole's picture and puts it back in the box with the others. Jen returns, ready. She asks if he has what he needs. He replies he does and departs without the box, looking around the room one last time ... Kate apologizes for the meltdown. Andre smiles that is what husbands are for. She steps away to call Hope and he watches her with his keen eyes ... Rolf confirms Stefano did have him on call but he had nothing to do with the resurrection of Will. Sami now realizes Clyde's claim was true. Hope wants to know who Rolf was working for ... Bonnie innocently asks what Patch and Kayla are doing there. He notes she never calls him Patch and there are other inconsistencies. He and Kayla know the truth. Justin and Maggie wonder. Steve announces this woman is not Adrienne, this woman is Bonnie Lockhart. Maggie dramatically puts her hand on her heart and looks at Victor. Drums play. The jig is up!



All the drama in Salem on Monday, October 23