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Friday, October 20, 2017
Episode 13,195
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Nicole has summoned Brady to the neutral park. She broke Eric's noble heart as ordered ... Eric has an unexpected visitor. Tis sister Sami with a cake and a birthday greeting. She makes light of their lousy luck ...Jen has ended a police meeting with Hope and then broaches the subject of the search for Dr. Rolf. Off the record. Hope updates her on Clyde's claim of Rolf reviving Will. No one knows where Rolf is these days ... Adrienne's call to Justin's cell phone is ignored as he confronts Bonnie, aka fake Adrienne ... Sami wants to share the white cake. They can call it their party. She relights the candle. Time to make a wish on something that has to be attainable. Eric woefully glances at his photo of Nicole ... At the Kiriakis mansion Justin helps Maggie take her bags out to the waiting car. Bonnie sees his call was from Statesville and picks up pretending to be Adrienne. Real Adrienne rages like hell ... Sami blows out the candle. Eric assumes she was wishing for Will. She reasons all roads lead to Rolf and Andre is on their side. He is their only chance ... At DiMera mansion Andre flashes a grin to working Kate cos he has good news. About Will. The diva stands up ... Bonnie blows off Adrienne, who warns her that P.I brother Steve is onto her ... Andre announces that retired Rolf made contact. Kate wants more. Andre adds his plane just landed and he is going to meet him at the Salem Inn, where he shall demand the truth about Will. Kate tells him that is not the wisest approach ... Eric wonders what Andre can do. Sami reminds him that Rolf worked for Stefano. Andre will make him believe he was summoned by Stefano himself. Sami now makes a joke about Nicole. Eric lets her knows she is not moving in as she broke up with him. Sami calls her a beech ... Brady lets Nicole know this is his lowest point and he loathes her. That is why he had to destroy her chance at a happy life. He feels like he will never be happy again. Nicole begs him to let her be with Eric. She moans they can leave town together. Brady looks ready to explode ...

Adrienne demands Justin. Bonnie deduces Steve has not done the math and hangs up on the crying real Adrienne. She then lies to returned Justin it was a jailbird wanting a lawyer. She suggests he scoot cos she and Victor will wed soon. He seeks answers. She says she is moving on and he should do the same ... Sami is mad at Nicole treating her twin so badly. And Brady too! She spits out insults and Eric urges her to stop. She can see he still cares. He admits he does not understand why Nicole came back from breaking up with Brady, suddenly deciding to dump him as well. They were going to be together ... Brady believes nice guys finish last. He welcomes Nicole to his loveless world and she lets out a sad sound ... Kate tells Andre to give the case over to the cops. Rolf is a loose cannon. Besides if Andre were spotted with him, it would hurt his image. In addition, Rolf is a master of mind control and drugging. She implores him to let the law deal with him. Andre agrees and warns if the Salem PD do not succeed, she will never reach Will ... Sami excuses herself. Eric has a bad feeling especially when she promises to behave ... Victor's man assures him he knows what to do. Bonnie enters wearing one of Maggie's broaches, which bothers Victor. She fires his so called justice of the peace ... Eerie music plays as Jen exits Hope's office and Andre enters. He hopes he is not wrong in taking Kate's advice ... Nicole runs into Sami at the square. Sami accuses her of behaving badly with both her brothers. She is relieved she will not have her claws in Eric the good. Nicole gasps Sami does not understand the situation. Sami soap stares ...

Bonnie looks at her bloated blonde head in her compact. Victor sends his man away. She vows to make their marriage real and binding. Pal Sheila enters to perform the ceremony ... Sami gets sarcastic. Nicole calls her mean as ever. Sami quips she said that to Eric but about her. Nicole insists she acted in her daughter's best interest. She cannot say more except that Sami would have done the same. Sami haughtily leaves and Jen approaches. Jen can see something has upset Nicole deeply. She gasps it was not Sami that got to her ... Eric holds the pictures he took of Nicole and remembers kissing her, how she cried and left. He throws all the photos to the floor, his eyes reddened ... Sami joins wistful Kate at DiMera mansion. They dramatically embrace. Sami wonders why no one bothered to tell her about Ben's claim. Kate explains they had doubts and still do. Sami understands for she has memories of the morgue, how Will no longer looked alive. They now discuss Lucas. Kate feels he is in danger of drinking himself into oblivion. Sami will try harder to get through to him and questions her marriage to Andre. Kate sighs Andre does have a heart. Sami begs to differ and adds Andre will let them down. Kate shares that as per Andre, Rolf is en route to Salem as they speak ... Hope agrees with Andre that she would be able to get through to Rolf. Andre hands her something to show Rolf, the calling card of the phoenix ... Brady gets home and wonders what is going on. Victor invites him to stay as a silent witness while the maid marries him to Adrienne ...

Nicole tells Jen she did not intend to hurt either brother. She does care for Eric and that will never change. Jen asks about her plans. She will leave Salem with Holly. Jen is sorry to hear it. Nicole weeps and asks her to check on sad soul Eric at the farmhouse. Then she takes off in tears ... Meanwhile Eric is trashing said farmhouse with fury. The last victim is the birthday cake. Then he breaks down and cries, blood on his hand ... Sheila begins the wedding, with trouble pronouncing "institution." She rushes and accidentally calls Adrienne BON ... Victor does not look surprised. Enter Maggie, to crash the fiasco once and for all ... Kate explains to suspicious Sami that Chad did not know about Rolf's arrival. Andre just told her about it. Andre appears and Sami wants to know where Rolf is ... Dr. Rolf is alone at his room in the Salem Inn. The card of the phoenix is slipped under his door so he opens it, stunned to see Hope. Madam Commisisoner quips was he counting on someone else ... Jen enters the trashed farmhouse and finds Eric sitting alone on the floor with his bloodied hand ... Nicole is at the square with her suitcases and Holly. She cries there is no place like home and promises they will not leave forever. Nicole did not give up on her miracle baby, nor will she give up on the man she loves. As God as her witness she vows they will be back. But for now it is time to go ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, October 20