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Thursday, October 19, 2017
Episode 13,194
1340 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire and Theo listen to her music as they cuddle on the couch. He missed being with her. She purrs things are perfect and they kiss ... Val had an emergency and misses her lunch date at the square cafe with Kayla. As it turns out Tripp is Kayla's waiter ... Steve is waiting at Statesville to see Hattie and suspiciously approaches a blonde, whose back is to him ... Justin accuses fake Adrienne of being up to something ... At DiMera mansion Sami grabs startled Chad in a brazen kiss on the lips. Abigail walks in just as Sami was anticipating. Chad wonders what that was and so does his wife! Sami congratulates the couple but Abigail believes that was her revenge kiss cos she had a fling with EJ ... The blonde inmate is no one Steve knows. Hattie joins him and acts friendly. He demands she explain what she did to his sister. She acts surprised and he demands to know what she did to Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis. Hattie plays it cool but Steve is after answers ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Bonnie makes light of her sudden love for Victor. Justin suspects Victor does not return the sentiment. When she walks into the living room she rages what the hell for Maggie and Victor are smooching on the sofa ... Sami smugly smiles she has no need for revenge and reminds Abigail she meant nothing to EJ. She was the only love of his life! Chad stops her from continuing but out of respect for Will, he lets Sami stay. He understands she is upset about EJ and now Will. The kiss shall be forgotten by both ... Theo and Claire are kissing up a storm. Tripp is working at the cafe. Claire helped him get the job and Theo jealously wonders why. She coos they can be alone. Theo hopes she and Tripp will not be working together ... Kayla wonders why Tripp is working as a waiter. To help pay the rent. She notes he would not have to worry if he did not give away his inheritance. He feels it was worth it. She assures him that money will be used for good and has something to add. He asks her not to give him a hard time on his first day. She mentions him missing the wedding to avoid making her uncomfortable ... Steve lists all of Adrienne's odd decisions ... Victor pretends he was dumping Maggie and the redhead pretends to cry. He hands her divorce papers and suggests she sign now. Justin watches in silence. Greedy Bonbon waits with bated breath ...

Hattie thinks Adrienne wants the old Greek's dough. Steve knows her better and asks her to tell him what she did. He knows Hattie drugged Marlena to take her place and asks if she also hypnotized Adrienne. She denies it. He asks about their meeting at the Salem Inn and she flashes back to their party. She claims she was only following Angelica's orders regarding therapy. Steve insists she come clean right here right now ... Maggie does not want to sign. Justin calls the notion crazy. Maggie screams she will give him a divorce over her dead body ... Abigail and Chad are sympathetic about the Will lead from Ben, whom they assumed was trying to cause trouble. Then Clyde mentioned Rolf. Sami is relieved Andre has agreed to help Sonny for that will be helping her as well. She looks forward to hearing the latest. Suited Andre sweeps in and quips why the hell would he help the likes of her. The bad blood in the room reaches a boiling point. Sami insults Andre, who does not plan to share anything with the little thief. She notes she used EJ's inheritance for the kids but Andre decides she can find out about Rolf on her own. Sami bites her lip...

Justin looks at the hefty settlement on offer. Bonnie wants to know how much. Maggie asks Justin what to do. He suggests she sign so she does. They play their duplicitous parts to perfection for foolish Bonnie ... Hattie claims she cannot help Steve but he can see she is lying and warns he will make her pay. Then he walks out. Adrienne enters as Steve exits and screams at the guard to let her go after him. Hattie gulps ... Chad urges Andre to do the right thing. Sami scoffs she can find Rolf without him. Abigail appeals to angry Andre ... Claire shares she turned down a shift later today. Theo sulks he hates her working with Tripp. She assures him that he is the one that she wants whereas Tripp is only a friend ... Kayla stands up in her yellow sweater and cannot lie. It was easier for her not to have Tripp at the wedding. However she is determined to accept him in the family again and promises to make it work. He humbly thanks her ... Adrienne is shoved back by a guard. She asks Hattie what Justin said. Hattie updates her on Bonnie's bad behavior. Adrienne implores her to share the details. Hattie admits Bonnie is going after the Greek tycoon. Adrienne cannot believe it and begs Hattie to help her stop the insanity .... Bonnie wants Maggie to move out. Maggie warns her one of these days and storms out. Justin follows. Victor slaps Bonnie's hand off him and she blasts him for all the money he gave Maggie. Victor once again asks why she is so hell bent on ruining the redhead ...

Back at DiMera mansion Abigail reminds Andre that Sami is Will's mother. They all need the truth and she appeals for his help at least for her. Andre agrees and elegantly departs. Sami thanks Chad and Abigail and asks them to call when there is something. She leaves and Chad sighs a pity they did not go on that honeymoon. Abigail looks away ... Hattie refuses to help. Adrienne warns her the clock is already ticking cos brother Steve runs Black Patch Investigations with John Black. Steve will solve the mystery so Hattie better help her before it is too late! Worried Hattie whispers okay she will ... Bonnie orders Victor to marry her today or else he goes to the slammer ... Theo is still on the sofa with Claire. He will try to hide his jealousy and trust her that he is her only for she is his only too. They passionately kiss and he suggests the clothes come off so they can make the most of their privacy ... Tripp tells Kayla to call him when she is ready to order and thanks her for the kind words. Steve sits and she smiles they made progress. He sighs he had none with Hattie, who is hiding the truth. He vows to get to the bottom of things ... Adrienne tries to hug Hattie and wishes she had helped her sooner. Hattie hands her a phone card that will work on the prison payphone so she can call home ... Bonnie excuses herself to pretty herself up. Victor reminds her he was not above trying to kill his own brother. Bonnie could be next! She laughs and does not believe it. Victor grins wickedly ... Out in the foyer Justin angrily asks "Adrienne" why she has changed for the worse. Meanwhile real Adrienne is calling his cell phone ... Back at DiMera mansion, Chad marvels Andre could not say no to Abigail. She hopes they all get their Will miracle. Chad holds her close ... As the birds sing Sami addresses Will's grave. They have kept his memory alive for themselves, for his little girl Arianna, who sometimes sounds like him. She would give anything for Will to be alive for he was the best part of her. If he is here in this grave she sends her love. But if he is somewhere out there he should feel the Horton and Brady and DiMera strength. She swears as God as her witness then she will find him ...



All the drama in Salem on Thursday, October 19