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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Episode 13,193
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Kayla and Steve laugh about the cleaning people interrupting their earlier lovefest. He kisses her and she kisses him back ... At DiMera mansion Andre asks blushing groom Chad where his blushing bride Abigail is. Preparing breakfast for the baby. Chad now blasts him for what he did to Hattie when he called himself Alfie. Andre says mmmm ... Desperate Adrienne unplugs Hattie's computer in prison and demands she help her ... Bonnie has flowers for Mickey's grave and throws aside what Maggie left. It still stings she lost him to the redhead so now it is time for revenge ... At the Kiriakis mansion Justin leaves Marlena a message about Adrienne acting strangely. Sonny has overheard and wonders ... Sami comes to see Marlena at her office. Mama Marlena hugs her daughter and they both get emotional. It has been a while ... Andre insists he is no Alfie but Chad has seen an online article to the contrary! Andre suggests the madwoman deserves to be locked up. Chad informs him the board now wants him to resign ... Marlena wishes her sweet girl a happy birthday. Sami stops her from speaking her age. Marlena noticed she did not come to the townhouse. She is staying at the Salem Inn given what John and Paul did. Marlena heard. Sami talks turkey. There is no excuse for him and his son plotting to dig up Will! Marlena believes they shall overcome the way they always do. Sami thanks her for the support and cries on her shoulder ... Kayla and Steve still have Joey on their mind. Kayla questions whether they were right to tell him the buzz on Will. Steve knows they were right. He now gets an unexpected call from mama Jo. She insists the woman who is in Adrienne's body cannot possibly be her daughter ...

Tacky Bonnie talks to herself and imagines what could have been. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is re-enacted with Maggie and Bonnie as the main characters ... Sonny knows Justin was referring to his mother. Justin flashes back to her plans with Victor and tries to change the subject. He lies the call was about a client and he cannot discuss a case. He asks what Clyde said about Will to Kate. Sonny updates him on the Rolf mad scientist connection. Justin soap stares as Sonny stresses Rolf has revived the dead before ... Steve agrees to keep mama Jo posted. Adrienne does not seem to be herself. It started when she chose Justin over Lucas. Kayla suggests they speak to Justin. Steve pays the bill and they are on their way ... Justin warns his son that Rolf should not be trusted. Sonny only wants the truth about Will. He already came up with a way to find him ... Chad is hard on Andre for his fraud with Hattie. He warns him he will have to beg the board for another chance but counteracting his bad publicity will not be easy. Andre thinks he can get Jennifer to accompany him and offers to give her the exclusive on his apology to Hattie. But he will be needing the support of brotha ... Adrienne screams at Hattie to help her make a call. She warns her Hope would not approve of her antics ... Sami laments to Marlena that Lucas was drunk when she saw him. Marlena hopes Sami can help him. She will not give up! She blames Adrienne for breaking his heart. Sami now takes out her phone to track down the beech and kill her!

Kayla and Steve arrive at Kiriakis mansion to ask Justin about Adrienne. They are stunned when Justin updates them on her and Victor's wish to wed ... Bonnie boasts to Mickey's grave that she is going to be the lady of the manor. Mommy Dearest is re-enacted with Maggie and Bonnie as key characters. Bonnie now decides having Maggie's money and her man will be enough comeuppance. Then she strokes the tombstone ... Marlena tries to talk Sami out of it although she agrees Adrienne has been acting odd. She tells her to be there for Lucas instead of focusing on his ex. She is so sorry for the pain Sami still feels about Will. Sami admits she does not want to have high hopes of him being alive, only to have her dream dashed. Marlena likens it to what happened with EJ. Sami sobs about that and Marlena hugs her ... Steve and Kayla cannot believe Adrienne and Victor wish to wed. Justin wonders whether the medication made her go mad. Kayla thinks not. Justin and Steve agree it makes no sense. Steve feels she forgot who she is. Justin now mentions Hattie ... Adrienne will not let Hattie call her Bonnie and reminds her how Hope praised Hattie and helped her. Hattie bitterly notes her freedom did not last long. Adrienne argues Hope would be grateful if she helped get her out and begs. Hattie sighs ... Andre argues he only seduced Hattie for the good of the DiMera empire. Chad snaps he stole from the competition. Andre decides to do a good deed in public to change his image. He reminds Chad he saved Kayla and Marlena in the siege of Orpheus. He needs to help someone in need. Sonny appears and suggests he can help HIM if he is serious.

Sami cries about going to all the places that had a clue from EJ's bible. One clue led to another but he was nowhere! She cries about convincing the kids they were on a world adventure but in the end she let them down. Despite dragging them on the wild goose chase, there was no EJ to be found. Marlena warns her not to follow the same path with Will. Sami cries she would give anything for a day with Will. Tis a lie that time heals all wounds! She could not bear to lose Will all over again, hence her initial hesitation. Marlena cradles her crying daughter though there is really no consolation ... Justin wonders whether Adrienne was hypnotized by Hattie when she was pretending to be Marlena. It is odd how Adrienne even wanted to see Hattie after she was arrested and exposed. Steve concludes she has some control over her. Justin asks for his assistance. Steve is IN ... Andre knows not where Dr. Rolf is. Sonny implores him to help for that is his only hope. Andre purses his lips and promises to see what he can do ... Hattie babbles about Sheila and Coco. She is at risk of being considered a rat and is sorry to tell Adrienne she is on her own ... Marlena tells Sami to let Sonny and Paul search for Rolf. Sami sits up and exclaims she wants to find Rolf too! She will not stay out of it since Will is her son! She already know Sonny's plan was to get Andre to draw out Rolf. And so she heads back into the fire ... At the square Steve tells Kayla he is driving to Statesville to speak with Hattie. Meanwhile in Statesville Adrienne prays for divine intervention ... Bonnie enters the Kiriakis mansion pretending to be Adrienne. Justin wonders what happened to the girl he knew ... Sami enters DiMera mansion and looks around as Stefano's portrait silently observes. Memories. She picks up the black queen of the chess set, his queen of the night. Chad arrives and is surprised to see her. She has an even bigger surprise in store and gives him a kiss on the lips. Wild ...



All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, October 18