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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Episode 13,192
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sami faces Lucas, who wants to think she is not really there just as Will was not. Sami rages she is real and throws his bottle to the ground ... Sonny removes his watch in his room and takes out an old photo of Will. He holds it and wonders if he is alive. Paul stares from the open door ... Nicole is at Eric's door. She has to break his noble heart because of blackmailing Brady. He is happy to see her and holds her close. Nicole sighs. He asks about Holly. She left her with pal Chloe. Eric wants Chloe to know she is always welcome and gushes there is a little girl who could play with Holly around here. Alas Nicole will not be moving in. Eric assumes she wants the city and agrees. They can be anywhere together! How about Salem? She recoils and sadly states she will not be moving in with him anywhere ... Lucas is furious Sami made his bottle fall. She blasts him for falling off the wagon. He babbles about the body in his bed and what Ben said. Sami sighs that is why she came to Salem. For Will ... At the Kiriakis mansion Bonnie orders Victor to drop Maggie today. He loathes her so she reminds him she knows what he did. She orders him to divorce Maggie so they can marry. The Greek warns everyone will sense something is off. The shedevil threatens him with Statesville. Justin and Maggie appear for the family dinner. Justin notes Sonny will not attend as he has much on his mind ... Sonny asks Paul for an update. ISA John has put out feelers amoung his contacts. Paul sighs plus there is more ... Eric assumes Nicole choose Brady. Wrong! She admits his brother is badly off. Eric suggests this is their time. She snaps it is impossible. He whispers but they are in love. Nicole fibs she feels it was too premature to plan a future with Eric. His eyes reflect his hurt ...

At the Kiriakis mansion Justin advises Victor to select the Titan CEO soon, whether Sonny or Brady. All Victor wants is another drink. Bonnie stuffs her face with appetizers and tells Justin to pour the bubbly for Victor has an announcement to make. They wonder. Victor grumbles he and Adrienne are in love. Maggie and Justin shake their heads ... Paul has updated Sonny on Rolf and the fact that the investigation is going to drag on. John worries for Marlena, Paul fears for Sonny, and look at poor Lucas! He reasons they cannot wed. He admits he asked papa John for his assistance. They planned to open Will's grave to put an end to the painful speculation. Sonny soap stares ... Lucas complains to Sami about the crazy Willl theories. She argues Rolf might have been involved and adds Marlena and John seem to think there is a chance. Lucas is listening ... Eric laments Nicole said they would be together. She points out Brady is in pain and their family would fall apart. Eric tells her how happy Marlena was for him. She cries she cannot rip the brothers apart and is leaving town with Holly in tow. It is a done deal! Eric protests. Nicole cries goodbye. He tragically cries he cannot and will not lose her yet again and takes her by the trembling shoulders. They were meant to be and she even told Brady the truth. He believes his brother shall overcome. Nicole begs to differ. He whispers last night their love was real. She remembers Brady's blackmail and his order to break his brother's heart. Then she gasps and calls their night together a mistake. She accuses him of taking advantage of her vulnerability ... Sami reasons Rolf brought John back to life but Lucas remembers they saw their stone cold dead son at the morgue. They both remember seeing Will on the slab and their sadness. So many regrets. Then Lucas remembers teaching him how to dance. Sami wishes they had been better parents. Lucas had reminded her that they loved him and Will found true love. Sami wished he had had more time especially for Arianna. She had stroked his hair and kissed his cold forehead. Then she had sobbed in Lucas' arms. Back to the present. Lucas sobs he wishes it were possible but does not believe. They both miss their son every minute of every day of their lives ...

Eric reminds Nicole she was the one who went after him and made him confess his love to her. He weeps then she said the same to him. She lies it was only the moment and she did not want things to go so far. He takes her face in his hands and cries not to turn away for they made love. She lies there was no love on her part and looks away ... Fake Adrienne aka Bonnie claims she and Victor could not fight the feeling. Justin assures Maggie they must be joking. Victor grumbles it is true. Justin knows they loathe one another. Bonnie argues they were fighting their feelings. Maggie warns Victor that Adrienne is nothing but a serial s*ut and he will need a prenup but Justin won't write it up. Bonnie insists they are in love and orders Victor to say more. He grumbles he wants a divorce to marry Adrienne. Bonnie asks Justin for champagne ... Sonny is furious that Paul secretly tried to dig up Will after Lucas refused. Then he wonders what he found ... Sami feels for Ari and is happy she has Sonny. Lucas scowls he dumped their Will. Sami reminds him Will was not a perfect hubby. Lucas complains about Sonny bringing up the exhumation and gets mad Paul and John showed up to do it. He is relieved Sami stopped them in their tracks. Sami agrees they will track down Rolf. But first they need to tackle Lucas' lack of sobriety ...

Justin needs a good stiff drink. Maggie thinks Victor needs a doctor. Justin thinks Adrienne needs one first. Bonnie sits with the Greek tycoon and tells them they want to be together. He growls in agreement. Maggie storms out and Justin vows to get to the bottom of this. Bonnie is smug the redhead got back what she gave to her. Victor wonders ... Sonny deduces Marlena must have got Sami back to Salem since there is a seed of hope. Paul laments he loves Sonny and he can see he has only Will on his mind, not him. ... Sami asks Lucas to consider Ally. Lucas states she lives with Sami so he has nothing to lose by not being sober. The others have already tried to stop him to no avail. Sami watches him pick up the bottle and take another swig. She wants a drink as well ... Back in the rural house Eric rages he and Nicole belong together. He demands she reveal what Brady did. She screams she does not care but Eric knows better and kisses her. Naturally Nicole cannot resist ... Victor wants to know what Maggie ever did to Adrienne. Bonnie boozes it up and reminds him she is in charge. She tells him not to forget it. The wily Greek grins he forgets no detail ... Sonny gets upset with Paul for being hard on him. Paul has to be honest and fears Will is going to be a part of their lives until they know the truth. Sonny wants to go to bed and forget about it tonight. Paul sadly states the bed is not big enough for three and opts to head home. He will be back in the morning. Sonny blinks ... Sami has helped Lucas finish the bottle and lets him know that will be the last one! He laments he is without a life. He has lost all he loved so there is nothing to live for. She hugs him and cries they will solve this together. He admits he is happy to have her back. And so Lucas is saved ... Nicole pushes Eric away and runs out crying they are over. Eric screams after her. NICOOOOOOOOLE NICOOOOOOOLE NICOOOOOOLE! But she disappears into the evasive night ...



All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, October 17